Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thur, May 17 Equine Astrology TOD

So get a call from a client--the pricey horse they just bought won't jump! Or won't jump as high as the rider wishes to jump. Look at the chart and .. everything is in Earth signs! You know, Earth sign folks (and horses) like to keep their feet on the ground. And while you can of course find exceptions, if we want a jumper, we're looking ponies with lots of air and fire in the chart. Todays equine tip is, better to call the astrologer before the purchase, rather than after. Because, you know, we can't change the chart--we can only read it. 


Khutulan said...

Hi, Trish!! Hey, I fully understand the horse not wanting to jump. You know, they either love it or they hate it. My neighbors across the road had this drop dead gorgeous Appaloosa gelding hunter...who had the shape and mindset of a warmblood, just one with a mohawk mane and dinner plate sized red roan spots)...and Tuffy ("Color Me Tough") LOVED to jump. In fact, when his hocks just wouldn't take chasing the doggies anymore, they would leave him home and he would throw tantrums. He KNEW they were going hunting WITHOUT HIM.
Yet my ex'es Appaloosa gelding..who was half TB absolutely refused to jump. For that matter, my Arab hated it too. And no matter...the last time I took a jump on a horse (yet another Appaloosa) he went left and I went right. I thought Oh how wierd the world looks...and then landed on my back. That was the last time I ever tried to jump.

Trish Marie said...

I don't blame the horses either Michelle! ... I hate to jump as well. Makes me pee my pants, among other things. LOL.