Thursday, December 20, 2018

December Full Moon (and Nov, January, Feb and March's too).

The night landscape has been so bright that even we here in relentlessly cloudy Michigan know a Full Moon is coming. This Saturday 12-22. Standout feature of this Moon is that it occurs at 00 degrees of Cancer.  In and of itself this isn't so special ... except, the November 23 Full Moon occurred at zero degrees of Gemini. The January 20, 2019 Super-Full Moon eclipse occurs at zero degrees Leo, February 19 Super Full Moon occurs at zero degrees Virgo, and the March 20 Full Moon (occurring the day of the Vernal Equinox) is 00 degrees Libra.

That's Five Full Moons in a row, all at one of the "critical degrees" of the zodiac (zero degree), several of them also are SuperMoons and/or Eclipses and/or occurring on or just after a Solstice or Equinox. So what's it all mean?

In a nutshell: the period of November 2018 though March 2019 full of many significant new beginnings, but before we get to excited, all we need to is ask any woman who has birthed a baby and she can tell us "new beginnings" can be a messy process. It's okay though, even if messy, change is good (though I'm often happy I'm safely on the other end of a phone line when I tell clients in the midst of change that, hey!--good!).

The signs Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra will be especially affected by this line up of zero degree Moons, during the months of November (just passed), December, January, February, and March respectively. If you've any of these as your Sun, Ascendant or (to a lesser degree) Moon signs, find your favorite quote about change and make it your meditation mantra for the next several months.

My current favorite quote on change comes from the character "Don West" (played wonderfully by Ignacio Serrichio) on Netflix's remake of "Lost in Space:" "I don't believe in looking back. That's how you crash into things."  True that ... so, forward into, who knows what? But we do know, it'll be different. Yay.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wed Dec 12th Equine Astrology Tod

Equine Astrology TOD for Wed, Dec 12: Mercury is in the last degree of Scorpio today, which heightens the odds of encountering difficult mental work and increases observational abilities. Sounds like a day for the Clever Hans effect!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Equine Astrology TOD

I've heard of NaNoRiMo, but this is the first I've heard of No-Stirrup November.  Great idea I say! As long as we're not hanging on the reins in compensation of course. Stars say balance is difficult to find for the next several days at least, which means our No-StirrupNovember should go really well ... or not.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Scorpio New Moon

It's the dark of the Moon (just before New Moon) and ass we know, this is the best time to hide things or take action whose results we wish to remain hidden. This is never more true than at a Scorpio New Moon. You know what this means ... the time to hide all that discounted Halloween candy you bought from the kiddies (or spouse) is now.via GIPHY

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 24th, Taurus Full Moon

Did you see the full moon last night? There'll be one tonight too. Beautiful but difficult! This particular Full Moon aligns with Uranus, which equals emotional stubbornness and is in stressed aspect to the Nodes of the Moon which means people are stressing us out--particularly family members in most cases. As the saying goes, putting the "fun" in dysfunction; current energy will do it! There is an up side to this energy--it favors changing direction, particularly in relation to people and/or domestic situations in our life. This could be anything from painting the walls a new color to packing up our stuff and getting the heck out of there. If we want things to stay the same, too bad. But if we want change then stars say, we've got it and they'll help. Yay! (I think). 

Monday, October 15, 2018

TMAstrology for Oct 14-Oct 17

I write little reviews of books I read at the back of my personal diary. For Michael Pollan's book "A Place of My Own," about building a "writer's hut" on his property I wrote: "This guy is putting a ridiculous amount of emotional investment into what is essentially a hut in the woods." Stars this week (Oct 14-Oct 17) align in patterns that incline us to some version of the same. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to guide this energy into something that helps us gain ground on a personal project yet keep it all in perspective. After all, Henry David Thoreau didn't take his cabin on Walden pond overly seriously and 170 years later the world still remembers that one. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tues Oct 2nd Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Tuesday, October 2nd: Stars say stay out of bars this evening riders. Aspects favor excessive drama, and even a spilled drink or two. 

Tues Oct 2 TMAstrology

TMAstrology for Tues, Oct 2: Stars say staying home with a book or tv show is recommended this evening. Aspects encourage criticism and judgmental behavior. Maybe this is why I had to talk myself down from writing a negative review of the disappointing book I just finished ... hmmm, well, maybe staying home with a book isn't such a great idea after all ...

Friday, August 31, 2018

Sat Sept 1st Equine Astrology TOD

Saturday, Sept 1st, the first day of Labor Day Weekend sees stubbornness rein (haha) as the Moon in earthy Taurus squares Mercury in fiery Leo. "Earthy" activities continue to be favored, but if we do ride, take the trail where we tend to agree with our ride on speed, direction and other particulars. Avoid the trails that inspire argument. Or just go hiking (because it's easier to win an argument with your own feet than someone else's). 

Labor Day Weekend astrology

So, how's the Labor Day weekend shaping up astrologically? Eh, you know what ... after August, with all the backwards energy of the multiple retrogrades, who cares? August is over, that's all I need to know. Yay. But ... okay ... Saturday, September 1st, stubbornness rules, as Moon in earthy Taurus squares Mercury in fiery Leo. Eh, shut up Leo, earth will smother fire every time. Sunday and Monday the energies have shifted, and we're all more open to compromise. Maybe you *will* be able to talk the relatives into trying the veggie burgers and dogs at the Labor Day picnic after all ...

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Thursday, Aug 30 Equine Astrology TOD

Head's up riders! Tomorrow (Thursday, August 30) in the afternoon-evening odds of accident is higher, especially as regards "ground or earth." If we don't want to hit the earth we'll ride with especial care. Or maybe just stay on the ground and shovel s**t. Digging is actually favored! (Do it with care though ... not like I do, wearing flip flops!).

Thursday, July 26, 2018

July Lunar Eclipse

Holy Full Moon energy Batman! Can you feel the tension? Lord knows I can ... already two "emergency" astrology calls today (yes, there is such a thing). Tomorrow's Full Moon eclipse features the Moon (emotions, security) aligned with retrograde Mars (too much energy) and the South Node of the Moon (the past, family, foundations). This mess is in stressful aspect to most of the rest of the planets, particularly Uranus ...a high energy, disruptive pattern that encourages material or emotional breakdowns. Nerves, heart, digestion particularly stressed. "Too much heat," a serious risk (metaphorically or actually).

What to do about it all? This is best summarized in the French proverb, "Praise the God of all, drink the wine, and let the world be the world." Oh ... and be patient. Haste makes waste, especially under aspects like these.

Negative potentials: accidents, breakdowns, anger, violence, upsets, emotional meltdowns, nerve and heart issues.

Postive (productive) uses: sudden breakthroughs, unusual availability of energy, courage, flashes of insight ... if we have something we need broken, such as tearing down before remodeling, here's our sign. (Do proceed with care).

Monday, July 16, 2018

Between Eclipses! Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology TOD (or is that TOLT?) for current eclipse season: Right now we're smack dab between a solar and a lunar eclipse (July 12-July 27 respectively). This can make us feel like we have to dance a whole lot faster than the situation would seem to call for. While jumping to the eclipse energy's tune, do take safety precautions (notice the riders are wearing helmets!) as we're in an accident inclined period through the rest of July.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Jupiter Direct

Jupiter stations direct (moves "forward" in apparent motion) tomorrow, Tues July 10th. Jupiter does this in trine to Sun and Neptune. This pattern can either smooth the path to our goals or make it easier for us to feel optimistic on the basis of false information. Advice? Keep the faith, but if it sounds too good to be true, it's very too good to be true.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wed, June 20,Equine Astrology TOD

Aspects Wednesday, June 20, favor smooth escapes and quick getaways ... assuming that's what we're looking for. We advise remembering to close the gates. (Easy for equestrians, right?--but after 34 years of being married to a horsewoman, hubby still has to be reminded ... it's why I see so much advantage in bicycles).

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Equine Astrology TOD for Thursday June 7

Stars say co-operation may be difficult to come by Thursday and Friday (June 7-8) riders. This is especially true of we or our horse is an Aquarius or Leo (or, to a lesser extent, Taurus or Scorpio). It's days like these we remember that god invented bicycles for a reason.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thur, May 17 Equine Astrology TOD

So get a call from a client--the pricey horse they just bought won't jump! Or won't jump as high as the rider wishes to jump. Look at the chart and .. everything is in Earth signs! You know, Earth sign folks (and horses) like to keep their feet on the ground. And while you can of course find exceptions, if we want a jumper, we're looking ponies with lots of air and fire in the chart. Todays equine tip is, better to call the astrologer before the purchase, rather than after. Because, you know, we can't change the chart--we can only read it. 

Uranus in Taurus

Did you feel a shift in the Force this week? Maybe near Tuesday's New Moon? ... No? Eh, me either. But if we were Sun or Ascendant or even Moon Taurus folks, we may have as Uranus, god of sudden change has now entered this sign (there to stay until 2025!). Taurus, and to a lesser extent Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius may feel the whispers of big changes to come. Or maybe it's actually a shout because sometimes these fixed signs hear rather selectively. (Friends and family of fixed sign folks will say, "sometimes?!")

Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday, April 23 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Monday, April 23: Hey equestrians! the Moon in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio this afternoon/evening, a pattern that inclines us to be both opinionated and over confident. Best *know* our horse can do it, and (as important) WILL, before taking on that oxer in the exercise ring this afternoon. Moon square Jupiter is a good aspect for pleasure too, so me, I'd set up with lemonade and a book in a chair outside the ring, and watch the show.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Equine Astrology TOD for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (April) Equine Astrology TOD: Things actually look fairly good for Friday the 13th, primary caution being the Moon void all day (7:27 am-11:26 pm EDT; 4:27 am-8:26 pm PDT). Moon Void means, don't sign (important documents) don't buy (important items), don't begin important projects, a good excuse to just go ride our horse! (Don't sweat the small stuff though). Moon void in Pisces, the sign of the ocean ... if we have a "dolphin proof" horse, that might be the one to take!

Friday the 13th TMAstrology

I'd promised last week I'd get astrological updates out more frequently--but Mercury retrograde had other ideas! Caught up now (sound of clapping in distance)-(so watch someone contact me and say, wait ... you forgot my chart ...) so hopefully, more regular updates. Astro for FRIDAY THE 13TH (of April) looks ... you know, not too bad. Other than the Moon being Void of Course from 7:27 am EDT to 11:26 pm EDT (don't buy important or expensive items or begin important new projects), and Mercury moving very slow in the sky (continuing transportation delays and communication flub-ups) everything else should proceed great!--except for the things that don't. There, aren't you glad you have an astrologer here to help you plan?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday, April 2 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Monday, April 2nd: Today, Monday April 2nd, stars favor patient and controlled release of energy. Just remember that if we're off to ride any bouncy young greenlings this afternoon, they may have not gotten the notice, so wear that helmet even if it'll mess up your hair.

Easter and astrology

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Today most people know Easter as a Christian holiday with pagan roots. And some people know that the reason Easter jumps around the calendar (unlike Christmas, which is always reliably on Dec 25) is because Easter Sunday is set as the first Sunday after the Full Moon following the Vernal Equinox. This date varies from year to year, because the first full moon after the vernal equinox varies from year to year. But here's some more detail to complete the picture: the reason WHY the fourth century Council of Nicaea determined the date for Easter would be so set is that in the era before electricity, pilgrims traveling to celebrate the Holy Week needed light to travel by--thus, Easter was set as the Sunday nearest to the spring Full Moon. Because astrology is essentially the art of giving meaning to astronomical phenomena, you could say that Easter is an astrology-based holiday. Share this with your Christian conservative friends and get the conversation going! (on second thought ... better not ...).

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lions and Tigers and Mercury Retrograde

Tomorrow, Thur March 22, Mercury goes retrograde! (sound of distant screaming). And it will remain retrograde until April 15th. You know what that means--schedules get shredded, communication gets wonky (well, wonkier ... we do live in the era of Fake News after all), and risk of needing to "re-do" anything we begin under that period is higher. My advice; don't fight what the Universe wants, it's bigger than we are. Re-do, re-think, re-write, re-read and leave some wiggle room in your planner. Might want to write in pencil, rather than ink too.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1st Full Moon

The astrologer returns! Apologies; hard at work on writing projects, and of course your astrology charts. So, tonight we have a Full Moon!--all Full Moons heighten emotions and reactivity, but this Full Moon may be weepier than most. It pits the Sun in super-sensitive Pisces agains the Moon in "god, the world is so messed up" Virgo. If people burst out crying around you, give them a pat on the back and then point them in the direction of an animal shelter, wildlife advocacy group, or other compassionate cause because the best response to the sorrows of the world is to, you know, roll up our sleeves and do something about them. And that's the Buddha talking, not moi.

The Full Moon aligns with the fixed star Zosma, a star associated with victims and saviors. When it is active in a personal chart or in the sky, issues of feeling victimized and/or helping others comes to the fore. I have found this star is frequently a feature in the horoscopes of animal activists and environmentalist (for the environment itself is often a victim at the hands of man). This star is also connected with fear of poisoning; interesting given that right now euthanasia drugs contaminating our pet foods are in the news. It's been said that the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it. It's good advice for all times but especially under a Moon like this.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fri, Feb 9 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Friday, February 9th; Stars say that phone calls, messages, general business interferes with plans today horse lovers. So if we want uninterrupted time with the ponies, leave the phone at home. (Like that's going to happen ...)

Monday, January 8, 2018

TMAstrology for January 7-January 14

TMAstrology for Jan 7-Jan 14: The astrological news of the moment is Venus's superior conjunction with the Sun. Venus is exactly opposite Earth, on the far side of the Sun (thus, the "superior" body--the Sun--between us and Venus, so, "superior" conjunction). At Superior conjunction, Venus is thought to have ascended to the heavens and thus her more spiritual qualities are emphasized. Higher love, beauty, art, grace under pressure. Venus's Earthly emphasis on carnal attraction and filthy lucre are de-emphasized. At least, that's how this conjunction is supposed to work. I say, with all the Capricorn energy going on right now--Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn, and Mars aligned with Jupiter in obsessive Scorpio--don't bet on it. Venus may have joined with the Sun god but we still have to keep body and soul together the old fashioned way. Plus hope we're not driven mad either by our significant other or by obsessing on the lack of one.
Perhaps the trick at this time is to balance Venus's higher aims and her lower. Look for ways to love and create while also keeping the cats' litter box cleaned, getting the utility bill check out on time, and appreciating our partner or independence from one. If that sounds exhausting, well, Venus rules indulgence too, after all. Keeping our favorite evening treat on hand for the unwinding hour should prove especially soothing at this time. (Fantastic photo by Gratisography--check them out!)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Capricorn weather

Thinking about the crazy cold gripping much of the nation: the Solstice chart has Sun in Capricorn exactly aligned with Saturn in Capricorn at zero degrees Cappy (as noted in a previous post). Saturn is a cold, dry planet. Capricorn is a cold, dry sign. The Sun is hot and dry, but in Capricorn its fires are cooled. A weather astrologer would tell us that Sun with Saturn in Capricorn at the solstice chart indicates unusually cold and dry weather ... and that's exactly what we're getting. Boo. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tues Jan 2 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Tues January 2: In her wonderful short story "Peppy the Wonder Horse," Vicki Hearne writes, "I got his chart done by a horse astrologer. She called me back in a state of high alarm. She said, 'You know he's an Aquarian? Well, that's *all* he is. Everything in his chart is air signs. That horse is no good. The only thing he'll ever understand is about for feet of air under him.'" This kind of energy is very strong right now riders. Be prepared for unexpected changes of direction and try to stay grounded. Yes, even if this means keeping our feet ON the ground. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 1 Full Moon

A full moon on New Year's Day must mean something right? Especially since it's a super Moon (closer to the Earth than most full moons). Yes, it means astrologers are busy being asked what's it all mean? Good god, don't ask us--our lives are as messy as yours. That said, this Full Moon holds two primary messages. First there's serious thinking, thoughts of separation or farewell. Second, it enhances influential speech. Positively, this is good news for anyone whose career involves communication. Negatively, it's expressed as a propaganda campaign. Combine the two and maybe we're trying to talk something into leaving our life. Good luck with that--the Full Moon is in Cancer, sign of the crab. Crabs have claws and they do not let go easily. We can always leave a can of Old Bay Seasoning out and see if the unwanted person, place or thing takes the hint.