Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wed-Thur Aug 30-31 Equine Astrology TOD

Wed-Thur August 30-31 Equine Astrology Tip of the Day: The stars give free rein and aid in accomplishing just about anything we wish Wed and Thursday, even if it's taking a shower with our horses like these guys are. One caveat: communication and local travel may encounter temporary obstacles. Stay home and play with horses I say. 

TMAstrology for Wed-Thur Aug 30-31

TMAstrology for Wed-Thur, August 30-31st: The next couple of days we're aided in accomplishing just about anything we wish (see, astrology isn't all bad news!); one caveat--communication and maybe local travel does not go as smoothly as the rest of our life, as Mercury, still traveling backwards (retrograde) backs through the 29th degree of Leo. 29 degrees of any sign indicates obstacles. (Now you're saying, see, there's still some bad news! ... eh, what can I say?)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tues August 29 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology TOD for Tues, August 29: Sensitivity is high today, in a way that feels more stressful than enlightening. So keep our aids light and no mixed signals!--they'll be especially confusing under these aspects. (We can apply this across the board--horse, spouse, kids, dog, etc--equal opportunity aspects!)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Leo Solar Eclipse and the Fall of Statues

Tomorrow, Monday, August 21st a Solar Eclipse will cross the continental United States. This eclipse is in Leo (sign of the king) and such an event traditional portends the fall of kings. While it's true that Donald Trump (affected by this eclipse) certainly has managed to create even more controversy than usual, the only thing that seems to be falling is statues.

Of all the predictions myself and other astrologers might've made about this eclipse, a brouhaha centered on statues wasn't one of them. While musing about this over a glass of Pinot Grigio I was struck, as if by a chunk of falling statue, with this sudden thought: Leo isn't just kings, it also represents anyone in position of high authority or visibility--like a celebrity, say,--or a statue. The controversial statues represent men who occupied positions of power and command. Confederate generals were also often wealthy plantation owners, "kings" of their own estates (so much so that they thought it was okay if they owned people).

Mars, the god of war and also currently in the sign of Leo, is tied into this eclipse, so "fall of kings," and "war" are eclipse themes. We all thought it might be North Korea, but instead we seem to be refighting the Civil war (with a bit of revisiting Nazi Germany thrown in). Well--Mercury is retrograde, no wonder we're "going back" to something!

What's the eclipse mean for each of us, personally? For Leos (and to a lesser extent, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius), risk brought about by hasty words or actions, "too much heat," higher risk of inflammation, accidents, muscle sprains. My advice? Take care of yourself and stay away from other Leos (why double the risk?). For the rest of us, staying grounded while speaking our mind is advised. Because, you know, anyone up on a  pedestal might get mistaken for a statue that needs to come down.

I prefer my equestrian statues to be free of humans--they only muck up the beauty of the horse. The Statue of Liberty in the background was supposed to celebrate our great, inclusive, diverse nation--but is kind of channeling the last scene from the original "Planet of the Apes," instead. Where's a toy gorilla when you need one?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

You can't trump a Solar Eclipse

My day: A text from my daughter saying she thinks she needs to go to Emergency (severe leg/back pain). A bat (the flying, squeaking kind) flies by my desk. Yes, in the house. Then a sparrow loose in the house (brought in by one of the cats). Am I feeling the disruptive Solar Eclipse+ Mercury Retrograde energy? Yes I am. Word from my clients is--they are too. 

Anyone who has paid any attention to the news lately knows, Trump is too. In the attached chart, we can see the August 21st (that's this Monday folks) Solar Eclipse sitting right on Trump's natal Ascendant/Mars. (Yes, Trump has Mars Rising in his chart. When the God of War was the planet sitting on the Ascendant--that is, Eastern horizon--at the day, place, moment of our birth, we are inclined to be, shall we say, pugnacious?--Positively, this aspect can inspire us to be a warrior for justice. Negatively, we're just a bully.)

Because this is a North Node Eclipse (note the horseshoe shaped symbol just above the red circled Sun/Moon at left of the chart ... that's the North Node of the Moon), I've read some predictions that this is a "good" eclipse. That's because the North Node of the Moon tends to be where we gain (as opposed to the South Node--directly opposite the North in a chart--where we "lose.").

Well, everyone likes to gain, as opposed to lose, right? Then again, itdepends on what's being gained or lost ...if we're selling our house, or trying to ditch an annoying partner, we WANT to lose something. If we're a loud mouthed, impulsive, 71 year old rich white bigot whose never known a day of privation in our life, we might gain public high fives and kudos from, oh, I don't know--neo-Nazi KKK clan leaders?--the kind of gain any prominent person tends to lose by. There's irony for you. And an Eclipse in action. When I tell someone an eclipse is hitting their chart in such a way that it might be a good eclipse with good effects, I do add the caution that the chaotic, unpredictable nature of eclipses must be appreciated as well. Otherwise we may fail to see that the earthquake rearranging our life is actually improving the overall design.

I'm skeptical that this is a "nice" eclipse for Trump due to another factor: Saturn, Lord Karma, stationing on his natal Moon (circled in blue, lower right-ish). Saturn on our Moon represents a time when we're feeling emotional stress, or isolated, or lonely ... can be, we're simply working very hard (doubt Trump knows what "working very hard" means). The last time Saturn sat on Trump's Moon was at and just after the Presidential election. It's one of the reasons so many astrologers predicted a Hillary victory--Saturn to Moon is not considered a "good" transit. We forgot that sometimes, winning a big election (especially the Presidential election) can actually be the worst thing that could happen to a politician. Think of JFK (and no, I am not predicting an assassination!), or Nixon--disgraced forever after. 

So Saturn first crossed Trump's Moon in Nov/December 2016. This is "the beginning," the opening event of the Saturn-Moon transit. Now, August and September, is the 2nd and 3rd pass (very close to each other), bringing "the conclusion, result, ending, outcome." Right now, the result isn't looking so good for Trump ... the figures you see slowly (and some not so slow) backing away from him are the last of his supporters. Those who don't comprise his base base that is, or don't belong to, say, the KKK. 

Summation: Eclipse on Trump's Ascendant/Mars seems to have triggered him to defend himself in a very shocking and disruptive manner ("shocking" and "disruptive" are words that belong to eclipses), while Saturn on Trump's Moon through August/September brings a "conclusion/result/outcome/possibly ending" to what began under the first Saturn-Moon transit in his chart in Nov/Dec 2016.  Ultimate result? Trump's support takes a big hit. Well, you don't need to be an astrologer to predict that. It helps to be an astrologer to predict that Trump is going to need all the support he can get, come Dec/January. He may be looking for his friends in vain at that time. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7 Lunar Eclipse

Today (Monday, August 7) is a Lunar eclipse and a prequel of sorts to the strong August 21 Solar Eclipse that will bring traffic jams to the US, everyone trying to get there to see. Lunar eclipses are like spotlights (the full Moon illuminates), suddenly shining light on people, places, or events in a way that creates excitement or (more usually) upset. Being Full Moons, they can ramp up and destabilize our emotions--under Full Moons, people tend to be more reactive.

Eclipses are also gateways--if the eclipse connects with our chart, we're more likely to experience significant entries or (more usually) exits from our life. There was a comedian whose name I forget, but quip I do not: "I didn't buy life insurance because when I die, I want it to be a real tragedy." He's safe at this eclipse because exits, if they occur, are likely to be of the nature of a "fortunate separation." A sense of relief, even freedom, may accompany them.

Astrology is a visual art and if we can't see a lunar eclipse, it manifests more as a very strong Full Moon. Whether the eclipse is visible at the rising or setting Moon matters. This eclipse is visible across Asia, Australia, Africa, a bit of South America. If an eclipse is visible as the Moon is rising, it signals ill fortune for one's enemies. If visible at the Moon's set, ill fortune for oneself. Eclipse is visible at Moonrise in North Korea (ill fortune for oneself). Given what's going on in Trump's chart at the upcoming Solar Eclipse, North Korea may be in the news in ways they'd prefer not to be.

This is an eclipse that crosses the signs of Aquarius and Leo ... the collective and the leaders. Aquarius also represents stubborn or immoveable people or situations, as well as rebelliousness or uprisings, surprising or sudden changes in alliances (like the West Virginia governor switching parties) and the like will prove upsetting or entertaining.

My advise? Follow the French proverb, "Praise the God of all, drink the wine, and let the world be the world." At least for a day or two. By Wednesday, if we still want to freak out, go right ahead.