Friday, February 17, 2017

Donald Trump Astrology

I have had many requests for "What the 'heck' is going on with this President?" astrology! And after yesterday's bizarre "press conference," I knew I needed to make the time: below is Donald Trump's birth horoscope. He has Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius. Gem-Sedge oppose each other, so Sun-Moon oppose each other, meaning Trump was born on a Full Moon (explains a lot, doesn't it?). Astrologers often call Full Moon babies, well, Full Moon babies, because born-on-full-moon tends towards drama. In Trump's case though, he takes the "Full Moon BABY" part way too literally.
See the red circled symbol at left of chart? That's Mars. And that's the Ascendant or Rising Sign--Trump has Mars Rising. The war god's planet--when we have Mars Rising we like a fight ... positively, this can be fighting for a cause; negatively, it can be a bully. It's frequently an attraction to quarreling, or getting into frequent quarrels even if we don't actually intend that.

See the blue circled symbols above Mars Rising (red circle)? That's Venus and Saturn. When Trump was born, Venus was aligned with Saturn in the sky. Venus is love and/or money (as well as our values)--Saturn is cold, hard materialism. It is also the planet that "denies." Venus aligned with Saturn is someone who didn't feel loved as a child, or who had a strict or cold parent, or who absorbed the message that love=money. It's a person who (often) hungers for love, is even needy for it, but doesn't know how to get it, and often doesn't "feel" loved even when they are. They tend to need very visible displays to "feel" loved.

Trump was not only born on a Full Moon but it was a Full Moon Eclipse, exact to the day. Full Moon Eclipse babies are like Full Moon babies on steroids--ramp up the drama, and as eclipses represent sudden, erratic, unpredictable energy/changes--Full Moon Eclipse people can create chaos wherever they go (and they rather like it ... they were born "into" chaos and feel comfortable there). Eclipse people are here to "shake up" the status quo, and Trump certainly has done that. More worrisome, Eclipse born people are often connected to "big" beginnings or endings. Prince William of Great Britain was born on an Eclipse, and some astrologers have speculated that he will be the last English monarch, or at least usher in some big change or "ending" in the style of monarchy. Let's hope that Eclipse-born President Trump doesn't usher in the end of US democracy, but the way things are going I'm beginning to be glad I live near the Canadian border (and have relatives there ...). Now I need a drink!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Equine Astrology for "Between Eclipses"

German riding master Ludwig Hünersdorf said that "All objects placed in balance are easy to move." This is why riding our horses "in balance" is such a big deal to equestrians--achieve balance and movement is easier for horse and rider. Stellar aspects have been in a pattern of tension (and we don't mean the good kind), but this will shift to a more productive tension in this and upcoming weeks. Getting ourselves and horses in balance while riding should prove easier. Getting our hands on a good bottle of wine if riding proves insufficient to deal with all this tension should also prove easier. So, yay. 

Everything is not an emergency

It just seems that way right now. The good news is that the extremely tense energy that's dominated the ethers for the past month (and especially past two weeks) reached a peak with Friday's Lunar Eclipse. The bad news is ... things will still be fairly tense through the upcoming Solar Eclipse (Feb 26). It will be a generally more productive sort of tenseness though. So we can breath a small sigh of relief, and maybe get some sleep for a change.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tues Feb 7 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip Of the Day for TUES, Feb 7th: We're in a period of very erratic energy (have you felt it?!). Nerves and schedules will be stressed so spending relaxing time with our horses is recommended. Then again, if it's our horse stressing us out (or vice versa!) maybe letting the horse spend time with a relaxing flake of good hay while we enjoy a relaxing glass of good wine is the better plan.