Tuesday, May 31, 2016

JUNE 1-2 TM Astrology

TMAstrology for Wed, June 1st: Wed and to a lesser extent Thursday, we've an aspect that always makes me think of the author Barbara Ehrenreich. In her (fantastic) book "Bright Sided," which is about the negative side of positive thinking, she points out that "Delusion is always a mistake." We're more prone to deluding ourselves about something these next two days, or at the very least, not seeing a situation clearly. We'll come out best if we DON'T jump to conclusions, and if we DO focus on activities where something being other than what it seems is a good thing (art, music, meditation, toenail gazing). If you're like me, your house's windows desperately need cleaning and this pattern is good for restoring clarity there, too. (Off to find my my all-natural, organic, gluten free and non-GMO window cleaner ...)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Equine Astrology TOD for Friday, May 27

Friday, May 27 Equine Astrology TOD: Sometimes as an astrologer you look at a chart and focus on all the convoluted details, and end up not able to answer the question--when it hits you, Basics also Count! Sun sign, Moon sign, Ascendent, all the ABC stuff first learned. Ditto with our horses ... it's easy to get caught up in advanced-type details when maybe just a review of foundational stuff is all that's needed. With Mars (action, goals) still hauling himself ass-backwards in the sky (through June), review is "in the stars," and assisted!

Jupiter square Saturn: Want to vs have to

We're in the middle of the second square between Jupiter (vision) and Saturn (responsibility). What this means in English is that there's friction between what we want to accomplish and what we have to get done. For me this means a struggle between writing and astrology! Or maybe it's the struggle between the latest book I want to read and a bathroom that's getting scary, I dunno. This conflict will begin to ease by the early June, and by July we'll manage to prioritize or just say heck with it and take a vacation.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Equine Astrology at the May Full Moon

Tonight's Full Moon has the Moon in earliest degrees of Sagittarius (the centaur) aligned with warrior Mars (also god of fire) and also aligned with hard-working Saturn. This can be "here comes trouble,", but it's also a "the bigger the problem, the more energetically we engage" pattern. Hopefully neither we nor our horses will ever face a problem as big as this awe inspiring horsewoman did!

May Full Moon and it's a biggy!

So last night on my weekly Thursday night bicycle ride with Flint's Social Cycling group, I'm watching the near full Moon rise with Mars and Saturn sitting in the arms of the Celestial Scorpion. Everyone else is, "Oh, how pretty!" ... I'm thinking, uh oh, this spells trouble. Perhaps you've noticed extra persnicketiness on the part of friends, family, groups, acquaintances?

During Full Moons our wants (Sun) is in opposition to our needs (Moon). This upcoming Full Moon (tonight-tomorrow) will have the Moon aligned with warrior Mars, so we may feel in need of a good fight. Best to channel that into productive action (write letters to the editor; take action for a cause we care about; engage in a good workout to the point that we're too tired to care about fighting anyone over anything). I like to use Moons that involve Mars to "go to battle" (politely, if possible--hey, I'm a Libra) for animals or the environment ... things that can't battle for themselves. That is, when I'm not fielding calls from clients asking how many bottles of wine do I think it will take to safely get through this current Moon ... (I dunno but I bought a half dozen a few days ago ... "Be Prepared." Boy Scouts.)

This is also a "True" Blue Moon. That is, it's the third Full Moon in a four Full Moon season (most astronomical seasons have only 3 Full Moons, for 12 in a year ... a True Blue Moon makes a 13th Moon in the year). This verses the usual description of a Blue Moon being the second Full Moon in a month, a phenomenon that is not all that rare. What's it mean astrologically? Not much as far as I've ever been able to tell. That Mars and Saturn with the Moon, now that'll make you sit up and pay attention (unless we're too busy arguing, which under these aspects is likely ...)

Image courtesy of Stellarium; look at Mars (war) and Saturn (bad news in general) in the claws of Scorpio and aligned with the Moon (an emotional trigger)!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11-12th, Couch change

TMAstrology for WED & THUR, May 11-12: The next couple of days are excellent for research, ferreting out secrets, investigation ... especially in realms of finance. This could mean that it's a great time to go over our checkbooks, but if you're like me, all you have to do is scrounge the couch and you'll find that missing $3.46.

Also, we still have an ongoing Kite pattern so instability in relationships is in the stars (maybe check the couch together, foster unity ...)

Monday, May 2, 2016

TMAstrology word for May 1-7

TMAstrology word of the week is--"unstable." See the kite pattern in the attached horoscope for May 3rd (tomorrow)? (Please tell me you see the kite, lol!). In a kite pattern, there is great stress on the point representing the "tail" of the kite. Just like a real kite, the tail can offer stability that helps the kite fly high, or instability that brings about a crash. In this chart for Tuesday, May 3rd, the tail is pointed to a horse shoe shaped symbol that is the North Node of the Moon. The Nodes are relationship points, with the North Node being "people who are not family,"--outer world associations. This pattern says that our adaptability in relationships with other people (esp those not family) will help us fly or bring instability this week, esp early in the week. (Quick, someone alert Bernie that it's time to be flexible, not entrenched).