Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fri, March 27 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology TOD for FRIDAY, March 27: Stars incline us to want something excessively today riders. If we and our partner both want the same thing, great! If not, don't make it a contest. After all, there's a reason no one puts "I beat my horse today," bumper stickers on their trailer. Myth: Don't Quit or the Horse Wins

Monday, March 9, 2015

Equine Astrology TOD for Tuesday, March 10

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for TUESDAY, March 10: Productive work, including athletic endeavors are favored today and tomorrow (Tues, March 10) but wrap it up by Tues evening. Wednesday favors sudden separations and the love affair between our tushy and saddle could be part of that.

Horoscopes Full Moon March 5-New Moon April 4

March Full Moon (March 5, 2015) to March New Moon Eclipse (March 20, 2015)
Last week’s Full Moon on Michigan’s snow covered landscape was beautiful. Sadly, I was too tired to enjoy it. Gladly—it was bat shit cold out there so I likely saved myself frostbite. Lovely to look at but what’s it mean? ….this was a relatively “average” Full Moon, meaning that we felt conflicted but didn’t know it.  Other’s felt conflicted, but didn’t know it. We’re uneasy at full moons because inner security is being challenged by something becoming revealed or understood. It’s no wonder over reactions about at Full Moons. Maybe next life we should all just be born as werewolves and go with it.
We won’t need a Full Moon for over reactions in the upcoming week! The stars tell us freaking out will be the norm. Practice patience and mindfulness to get through it, though faking craziness might work too as long as we’re doing it well enough to keep the true loonies at bay.
MONDAY, March 9TH and TUESDAY, March 10TH, a productive couple of days even if the Moon is in obsessive Scorpio. We need to stop picking on the Scorpions—Scorp is the most creative sign in the Zodiac when they’re not exhausted from burying bodies.
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11TH is a RED ALERT day! Skip it if possible. If not possible, be aware that “explosive” energy is favored. Which probably means we should avoid bean-heavy meals.
THURSDAY, March 12th, Mercury enters Pisces, there to stay for the rest of the month. Mercury in Pisces is a time when we have lots of ideas that we tend to never quite get to acting on. (For some of us, that’s probably a good thing.)
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, March 14th and 15th we’ll feel like we have one foot on the gas pedal, one on the brake. Maybe stick with walking or biking this weekend or let someone else drive so it can be their car repair bill, not ours.
MONDAY, March 16th, We’re pushed, or maybe pulled in two different directions, freedom, independence and plain old stubbornness challenged by security, need, and obsession. At least we won’t be bored.
Late TUESDAY, through THURSDAY March 17-19th; We’re sensitive, impressionable, and darned well better not believe everything we hear.  Imagination, art, photography are favored. Honesty is not. Small items are more susceptible to loss and directions are likely to lead us astray. Stay home and paint.
HOROSCOPES for Full Moon March 5 to New Moon March 20:
PISCES (Feb 20-March 19): You’re upset about an issue involving love or money. Pisces handle confusion great but anger very poorly. Talk, like, Captain Kirk for, the next two, weeks and, it’ll, get your mind, off troubles. Or was that tribbles?
ARIES (March 20-April 19): You’re your own best friend for the next couple of weeks and it is exhausting.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): There’s a Buddhist story about a man galloping down a road until stopped by a monk. “Where are you going in such a hurry?” asks the monk. “Ask my horse,” replies the man. You’re feeling rushed and lost at the same time. Slow down.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You’d like to go on a trip with friends Gemini. Just don’t go with other Geminis because someone has to be able to get a word in edgewise.
CANCER (June 21st to July 21): People seem really pushy right now Cancer (and if there’s anything a Cancer hates, it’s feeling pushed). Stars say, stay away from subway tracks and cliff edges.  
LEO (July 22 to August 22): Ringling Brothers recently declared they’ll free their elephants from performing in Circuses. You’re waiting for someone to do the same for the big cats Leo. Like them you’re really tired of putting on an act.
VIRGO (August 23-Sept 22): You know when you take a great packed lunch onto a crowded plane, and your seatmates aren’t similarly prepared (really, can’t anyone else plan ahead?), and the refreshment cart is late, and you really want to break into your lunch but feel awkward because you don’t want to share but don’t want to eat in front of them?  That’s the kind of energy happening at this time Virgo.
LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22):  When an elephant clans matriarch dies, the next oldest female becomes the new leader—though how the elephants know who is oldest is a mystery. You know something about someone without knowing how you know it Libra. Stars say don’t trumpet the news just yet.
SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21): Children and pets demand extra attention at this time Scorpio, and that’s one demand you can’t ignore. Well, maybe two. Or three. You know, it all depends on how many children and pets you have.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 20): Your horoscope is a lot like Scorpio’s except the house is insisting on attention too. It’s a good thing you’re gifted at ignoring even demands that can’t be ignored or you’d be overscheduled right now for sure.
CAPRICORN (Dec 21-Jan 19): We feel like we’re living life a little vicariously these days Cappy. But what the heck, Facebook has over one billion active users, so we’ve got a lot of company.
AQUARIUS (January 20-Feb 17): A message you’ve been waiting for is likely to arrive soon Aquarius. Stars say expect a surprise, but of course now that you’re expecting it it won’t be surprising.