Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 15 Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse

April 15, 2014 Lunar Eclipse

We’re less than one week away from the April 15 Lunar Eclipse, and thoroughly in the “eclipse shadow.” A Full Moon heightens emotional reactions. An eclipse is a “super” Full Moon. An eclipse one can actually see from their location is a super-dooper Full Moon. An Eclipse that also triggers already existing difficult patterns--as this one does--is a golly, gee, wow super-dooper Full Moon. (Why do I suddenly feel like I’m in a 1950’s sitcom?).
Eclipses also shed light on what was formerly hidden. I noted in a March 26th post that this particular eclipse speaks loudly of sudden disasters and we’d see a breakthrough in the disappearance of the Malaysian plane at or near this time. 
Mars, planet of war sits unhappy in sign-of-peace Libra near the eclipse Moon and though this heightens the desire to socialize (and strategize,) differences of opinion are apparent. Playing chess is a perfect way to productively direct current energies, it being a peaceful game of war that involves strategy (and exercises our gray matter to boot). The economy being what it is, hopefully we haven’t pawned our chess set.
Mercury aligns with Uranus near the eclipse Sun which heightens intuition and sudden insight (“bolts from the blue,”) but also heightens the risk that we’re going to misplace the napkin we wrote the insight down on amongst piles of similar notes. 
The eclipse triggers the on-going Cardinal Grand Cross (the big red “square” and “cross” in the inner ring of the Eclipse
horoscope, shown). Violence and assault are classic negative manifestations of such a pattern but that always brings to mind the old joke that streets were quiet today in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Rome, but elsewhere fighting continued. Still, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto is a nasty mix and accident or violence involving weapons, knives, brute force are a known manifestation. For most of us it simply means don’t force the screws or spark plugs when readying the lawnmower for spring, or we’re risking long grass by summer.  Avoiding problematic people is always a good idea, and if we have to ask ourselves “should I say it?,” under these stars the answer is no--but we probably will anyway.

Eclipse advice Cliff Notes version: Breakdowns and breakthroughs in our personal life are highlighted.  A change of direction or letting go is required. All suffering comes from clinging, as the Buddha says. We’re reminded of the Zen teacher who was asked that if he could be granted any wish, what would he wish for? “To stop wishing,” he replied. Where do we feel inspired? Propitiate our personal muse--easier to do these days in Colorado than elsewhere--and actively pursue our genius. Hopefully it has slowed down by now and we can catch the sucker this time.  

This eclipse targets favors: writers, mathematicians, scientists, logical nerdy types. 
Disfavored: impulsive, emotional, obsessive types (particularly if female); critics.  Recommendation: don’t be a nag.