Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Day Haiku

Finding no "like" links
by candidate names, Farmville
wins the election.

Republicans, still stunned Obama won his election, hope two years of less hope and change than some expected and more than others did leads to donkey slaughter at the polls. Despite the Humane Society standing by, many pundits say Republicans will get their wish.

Stars say--not so fast. Horoscope for opening moment of polls has retrograde Venus backing away from the Sun (the President, the party in power). Goddess of love and money withdrawing shows a lack of love and support, certainly. But Saturn in the chart (party out of power) is in the 12th house of exile. Two years ago the US public grounded that bunch to their rooms and voters may not be ready to let the kids out yet.

Mercury, ruler of congress, House of Representatives, and state legislatures is so positioned as to favor Republican gain by early voters, out of district voters (mail), and suburban populations but Republican losses when it comes time for people with high ideals, those born far away (immigrants), the compassionate, ill, overlooked, ignored, and people smoking marijuana to vote.

Mercury also aligns with Zuben Elshamali (Beta Libra). Like many of the stars in Libra, this one is connected with social reform but Zuben Elshamali represents the shadowy side of social reform--reform instituted primarily for personal gain. There's got to be something wrong with the stars, because this can't describe our House and Senate! Ahem.

President Obama's inauguration happened under a Void of Course Moon (nothing will come of it). Less has come of the promise of his presidency than many hoped. Health care reform is a significant achievement but will that Void Moon see it all undone? Hate to go back to the drawing board on that one because it'd mean another round of commercials for and against. That's enough to make one ill. (Though better wait to see if we'll be covered first).

Transit (in sky now) Neptune has been passing over the United State's chart's Moon for the past two years. Neptune on Moon's positive manifestations are high ideals, hopes, dreams, and visions, compassion, empathy. It's negative manifestations are disappointment, illusion and disillusion, unrealistic expectations as well as forgetting what the heck we came into the room for.

Neptune involved with Moon is also liquid intoxicants (er, like oil ... we're all addicted; we need only ask the wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico, who, like BP executives, would probably like their life back). Celebrate today's wins, console today's losses at dinner with friends or family and an adult beverage of our choice.

Then we can all awake tomorrow fresh and ready for the start of the 2012 Presidential campaign! (No?)