Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cardinal Cross Haiku I

"It's not the heat, it's
the humidity," is still
saying we're sweating.

Did you know the words "sweat," and "star," are cousins? Both come from the Indo-European root " sweid which means to shine. Both the right and wrong patterns in the sky can make us sweat, especially if we're not paying attention. Consider that the word consider also comes from sweid, through sidus, a star of constellation of stars. To consider means, literally, to look at the stars carefully, checking to see if we're heading for disaster (dis=against, aster-star; to be against the stars) or about to achieve our desire (literally; from the stars--de=from + sidus, a star).

If what we desire is interesting times, then we're about to meet the right pattern in the sky: an alignment called the Cardinal Cross is about to scare the shi ... er, I mean, entertain us all. This rare pattern indicates enormous tension that disrupts stability, leading to break down or break through moments. Peaks occur at the Full Moon of July 25th, and New Moon of August 9th. In between, the Moon's alignment with Jupiter on July 30th should also keep boredom at bay.

Combine the quality of endurance with an appreciation for the value of change, and we get the perfect approach to this volatile period. That, or learn how to mix a mean martini.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moon with Pleiades

Early risers tomorrow earn a vision of the moon in elegant waning crescent sitting beneath the Pleiades. This cluster of stars in Taurus is associated with prophecy but and judgement, blindness in fact or outlook, and face wounds. They're deemed either very good or very bad for love, but then isn't everything? The Subaru car company is named for the Pleiades, which are called "Subaru" in Japan (what are the odds?) and the company logo is an image of this star cluster.

Hey, if someone offered us money to get up early we'd get up, wouldn't we? The Moon with Pleaides offers us insight--especially insight into the darker side of human nature. If we want to tell our evil twin to straighten up, here's our sign. That's better than money anyday, except for those days the bills are due. Pleiades favor gardening too, so if the neighbors have some perennials that need dividing and would look good in our yard--the alignment does happen in the dark.