Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Full Moon Haiku

Next time we wish for
a break from routine we'll be
much more specific.

This Full Moon pits Sun in Taurus (money, material resources) against Moon in Scorpio (joint or shared resources, survival issues, sex). Intense issues of sharing and trust are stirred, as are survival needs. Whatever happens, it'll be the other guy's fault. (All Full Moons inspire projection, this one more so).

Bigger problems in the sky than that ol' devil Moon though--Saturn, the force of entrenched, established form is exactly in face off with Uranus, the force of unstoppable change. Uranus rules earthquakes, just try and stop one.

Well, a mountain might. That's Saturn. But even if the mountain can contain the quake, the mountain will be irrevocably changed.

This energy is a long term cycle, lasting from summer 2008 into fall 2010. The very first exact Saturn-Uranus opposition occurred November 4th, 2008 (you can't make this stuff up) when the force of irrevocable change met the force of entrenched interests head on, and expressed itself visibly on the US political stage.

The second exact Saturn-Uranus face off was Monday (April 26th), and the last will be July 26th, 2010. Great tension will be felt in established forms throughout the period. Even this old Earth feels more volatile lately with earthquakes and volcanoes making the news. It's not that the Earth is getting more active--but it is that the inner tension felt by the transit energy is expressed through what we focus on in news and media. Right now, "ground breaking" energy is in the sky--and in the news. (This, by the way, gives us a clue as to how to productively channel the earthquakes in our own lives).

If we think we're feeling pressure on established areas of life now, just wait until July and August, when gosh-darn-Lord-of-the-Underworld Pluto (change inspired by crisis, obsession, sex; sounds kind of fun, really, especially if we've got martini ingredients on hand) joins Saturn and Uranus's little sparring match. One thing for sure; we won't be bored.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,