Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Libra Full Moon Haiku

Would Poe's raven have
made a better pet if it
kept saying, "Perhaps?"

The Libran Full Moon sits on the back of Corvus the crow (or raven), and Moon and Saturn appear spilled from overturned Crater, the Celestial Cup. Constellation Hydra (the water-serpent) links them all, as Corvus and Crater ride Hydra's back.

Crater is the cup in which Dionysus (Bacchus) mixed the first wine and is linked to the idea of carrying something precious. It's also connected with prophecy, as it is the prophetic well of Apollo, the Cauldron of Bran and the Holy Grail of Christian myth. Makes sense: drink enough wine, and most people think they see the future, and lots of other things besides.

Crows and Ravens too are connected with prophecy--and procrastination. Apollo's raven tarried in his task of bringing a cup of water to the thirsty god (the raven blamed a water snake--why is it always a snake getting the blame?), and Odin's pair of magic ravens were named Hugin ("Thoughtful") and Munin ("Remembrance").

Thus crows and ravens are perched between the past and the future, procrastination and prophecy, and if we can see the future coming it's no wonder we might want to crawl back into our jammies and stay stuck in the past. Then again, looking back at the past can be enough to scare one right into the future, (except for certain segments of the Republican Party who seem stuck in the 1950's--and that's when they're not stuck in the 1850's).

Perhaps what crows are really saying is carpe diem, seize the day and live in the moment. Though there are some who've told me what crows are saying is, "Caw, caw, caw!"

A Full Moon is a culmination, a completion, a "mission accomplished," (for real we mean) or (sometimes) mission failed, and now new directions are at hand. Full Moon spilling from sacred cup Crater and riding the back of Corvus speaks of completions that straddle the past and future along with much controversy (the crow is associated with news, gossip, debate--Odin's ravens brought him all the news of the day, a feathery CNN ... but what we want to know is did his ravens also Twitter?).

Other alignments at this Full Moon speak of strong, strange longings and being prone to seductions. Quick adaptations to new circumstances as well as potential disappointments with groups of people. This energy strong until near the New Moon on April 14th.

Moon and Saturn align also with Diadem (Alpha Corona Berenices), the star of thoughtful sacrifice (Queen Berenice sacrificed her glorious hair to assure her husband's safe return from war). Fixed Star expert Bernadette Brady says the combination of Moon with Diadem represents a time when humanitarian acts are favored, a willingness to give for the needs of others. Which means we probably should eat the last piece of cake in the fridge; why let our honey or the kid's risk the excess calories?

Sun and Rising sign entries at Trish Marie Astrology's Weekly Horoscopes secion provide clues as to how this Full Moon may impact you.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mars Direct Haiku

We push each other's
buttons because psyches are
not on touch screen yet.

Mars stations direct today, after sliding backwards since December 20th. Mars direct is a stronger Mars, a crabby Mars, a Mars who hasn't had his nap--and as Mars represents how we channel our inner hero or inner two year old, there's going to be a lot of action saying, "I need my nappie," out there right now--and we're not talking about the toddlers.

Our cars may need a nap, or our life's events in general--Mars at station brings glitches in forward (and rearward) motion. At least the starting gate is open again, and once our pony wakes up we'll be on our way.

The Moon opposes Mars soon after station. If our idea of nirvana is picking a fight with a sleep deprived toddler (or adults channeling the same) tonight's the night. Directing that energy into goal setting will be less stimulating but more productive, and of course we can always just ignore the danged old planets and read a good book.

Venus recently shed her hippie costume (Venus in Pisces) for Xena the Warrior Princess wardrobe (Venus in Aries). After Wednesday evening's Moon-Mars stare down, Venus-Xena triggers the Saturn-Pluto square and what we stand to gain verses what we're putting out (or putting up with) becomes Thursday's theme. Restructuring is favored, but try not to do it with any large, sharp-edged objects. That method may have worked for Xena, but that's only 'cause it was in the script.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
Trish Marie

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