Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lovesick Moon Haiku

Regarding puppy

love, adults over twenty

will have allergies.

Tonight's Full Moon could well be named the Lovesick Moon--Moon is both at Perigee (closest orbital approach to Earth) and at it's loony Fullest. Jupiter hidden in the beams of the Sun inspires us to target happiness blindly. Venus flirts with the twinned fishes (Pisces), a realm of illusion and dissolution. In mythology, Aphrodite (Venus) and her baby son Eros (Cupid), fleeing the monster Typhon (Typhoon) and were saved by climbing on to the backs of two fishes who swam away with them. It may be the ancients actually meant dolphins when they said fishes--but we call Orcas whales, when actually they're dolphins, so it's not just the ancients who are confused by Piscean things.

A lot of fishy business is going on, with love and desire blended into the mix. Aspects favor illusions in love, delusions in love, love-sickness, longing for love, happiness that proves ephemeral, love-regrets, a misplaced sense of reality (especially where it concerns desire) ... in other words, a romance novelist's dream.

If we had a holodeck, like they do in Star-Trek we'd be all set, because "reveling in an illusion," is what this Moon is all about. Lacking holo-technology, we can go see a play, movie, sack out in front of the tube, work on our romance novel--or any other artistic endeavor that requires stepping outside the bounds of reality for entertainment's sake.

But take action in regards to love--be it falling in or staggering out--under this Moon, only if we enjoy the feeling of being swept out to sea. If we decide to proceed, do expect odd looks from the new love or divorce attorney when we show up wearing a life jacket.

Info on how this Full Moon might affect our Sign is available under "Weekly horoscopes," at Trish Marie Astrology ; the 'scope for our Rising Sign may offer insight too as Sun Sign horoscopes are written assuming the Sun Sign is also the rising sign.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Astrological Haiku

Moon with Mars in sky

will have more than Toyota

wanting better brakes.

We've the choice between channeling our inner hero or inner two year old over the next several days. Also, avoid food we tend to wolf--Moon passing by Mars inclines towards faster eating. Fast food restaurants should do good business!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

February New Moon Haiku

Friction's not so bad
we realize, encountering
a space without it.

New Moons represent new beginnings. They represent beginnings so new that we can't even see what we've got yet--a New Moon is prenatal energy; is it a boy? is it a girl? (Pretend there's no such thing as ultrasounds), will it grow up to be a surgeon, or maybe a butcher? Hey, the horoscope charts for both look very much the same ... skill with a knife is skill with a knife, whether we're creating a new hip or expertly trimmed sirloin filet.

Right before a New Moon, the darkening Balsamic Moon is releasing energy, stuff flowing out of our lives. From the Last Quarter Moon to the New is a great time to get rid of things such as habits, attitudes, old couches, and Facebook friends.

This past Balsamic Moon though has held energy favoring stalling more than release though. With retrograde Mars (directed energy) crawling backward in the sky, Saturn (an immovable object) at loggerheads with Pluto (an irresistible force), and waning crescent Moon slipping into invisibility, no one is going anywhere.

Record numbers of flight cancellations, cars snow-bound, mud slides, everyone stuck--even in Vancouver, where the Olympic games are stalled for *lack* of snow. Health care legislation is stalled and, last we heard, ONE senator from Alabama (why is it always Alabama? can someone please vote that state off the island), is holding up all of Obama's appointees.

But now it's the New Moon, and everything will get moving again, right? Well--maybe. Depends on what kind of movement we mean. At this New Moon Sun and Moon are aligned with nebulous Neptune, and "slippage" is favored. That and dissolutions, seductions, strange underminings. Not a good time to ski avalanche prone slopes or take hikes in mudslide prone hills, that is, unless we *want* to be featured on Discovery Channel's "I Shouldn't Be Alive."

Neptune at the New Moon brings a longing for distant places (Jupiter is things that are far away, Neptune, a higher and looser expression of Jupiter, is things that are far, far, faar away ... or as the late singer John Denver, born with a Neptune-ruled Moon used to say, "Far Out."). It brings deception, including self-deception, it brings fantasy--which is fine, as long as we understand it IS fantasy. It's when we start talking to our blow up doll and wondering if we've said something wrong because she seems to be ignoring us that we run into trouble.

New Moon occurs exactly opposite former President Bill Clinton's birth Sun. Sun is vitality and represents the heart specifically, Neptune (with New Moon) is dissolution, a weakening of vitality. Similar alignments will occur next October and November, and those months may represent a period of crisis for the former President so hopefully someone will tell him to rest up in September so as to go into that period as strong as possible. (Being a brave Leo with action loving Mars rising, "resting up" isn't exactly Clinton's strong point).

The best use of this New Moon energy is found in the words of Ludwig Börne, "Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding the truth."

How this New Moon might affect each of the Sun Signs can be found in the Weekly Horoscopes on my web site (do a bit of reading between the lines folks) at Trish Marie Astrology and do check the Horoscope for your Rising Sign as well as Sun Sign. Both are valid.

Void Moon times (and info on why they're important) can be found at the website as well.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last Quarter Moon Haiku

If there were Richter

Scales for feelings we could be

called a fault zone.

Rapid intensification of or changes in feelings. Stay away from places where hot young (or old) things appeal to us or we may have to change our relationship statuses. This goes for our horsies too so we might start out riding one horse and come home riding another (temperamentally speaking).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day Astrology Haiku

What began as a

garden party now feels like

lunch at Donner pass.

Frustration levels high today but "change seems closer and less scary (or less unreachable) if we don't look down.