Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Full Moon Haiku

You say you want a

revolution, goes the song.

A mirror grants it.

Not only do we have the usual Full Lunar Moon lunacy to deal with under Luna's full gaze this December, but Uranus, great god of chaos stations direct. This means that Uranus changes gears from reverse to forward motion. If we've been wondering where all the hippies went, we may spot a few now.

Too many messages, too many ideas, and too much (trivial) news are portended by the Gemini Full Moon. Chaotic events may come through contact with family or the past; old issues can be cleared--but if we do that, we risk a less stressful holiday.

At this Full Moon Sun aligns with the great star Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion. Moon aligns with Aldebaran in the Eye of the Celestial Bull. The line between these two stars is an axis of polarity, seeing issues in black and white, and also an axis of war and peace. We can channel this energy by imitating Henry David Thoreau when he said that the true reform can be taken any morning before one opens their door--and that by doing so, we can reform two thirds of the world ourselves.

But if we really want to embrace the Uranian spirit of chaos we'll channel it by stopping by our local coffee shop and making polarizing political statements out loud into our cell phone (whether its an actual call or not).

Horoscopes for the Full Moon week are up at Trish Marie Astrology.

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Trish Marie

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