Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Afghan Astrology

Last night upon leaving a local pub happily content in the contemplation of how good the vegetarian burrito had been, the night sky confronted us with a different contemplation. Gracing the sky as we stepped out the south facing door was a waxing crescent Moon, with Jupiter hanging like a jewel directly below it.

McChrystal is going to get the troops he wants, Karzai is going to be happy, Obama's going to face criticism from Left and Right for the decision (what Barnam said about pleasing people).

And if you're thinking we had too many martinis with that veggy burrito if we're seeing answers in the sky this easily, let me tell you--all we had was coffee.

But--pictures are worth a thousand words. In this planetary picture Jupiter (a crown prince) sits beneath the Moon. Moon rising over a planet is power being taken away. In the first week of December, the Moon will then pass underneath Mars (a warrior). Power is being given to a warrior. The Moon continues on to then pass underneath Saturn (a king). Karzai is an elected president, but also essentially a king and certainly presents a more Saturnian figure (old, traditional, power hungry) than princely Obama (c'mon, admit it ... sometimes we can almost hear all the little animals break into song when Obama appears, just like in the Disney movies).

Today I turn on CNN during lunch break just to make sure no one's reported a meteor hurtling toward Earth (because if they did, I'm not going to bother finishing the laundry) and hear that Obama is promising a decision on Afghanistan soon.

Will McChrystal and Karzai get their desires fulfilled? I think that the Moon thinks so. How will it take power from Obama?--see note above about whose going to be unhappy.

Too bad the President doesn't have a horse. Horses are great therapy (or escape). Look at Reagan--he had a horse, and he was happy no matter what happened. (If Bush had had a horse, Cheney would've probably shot it--accidentally of course, so good thing Bush didn't. Besides, the former president, despite his fondness for cowboy diplomacy, was scared of horses. Don't believe me? Google it.)

And yes, website's horoscopes haven't yet been updated--sometimes doing astrology (for people) gets in the way of doing astrology! If you know what I mean ...
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Monday, November 2, 2009

November Full Moon Haiku


lines are gonna be crossed;

can words get passports?

"It sure is quiet out here," I thought while watching a brilliant Full Moon rise--then the astrologer brain kicked in and replied, "Are you kidding? Who can hear any quiet through all this shouting?!" November's Full Moon rises into conflict as aspects favor mental and verbal warfare ... this in addition to the usual Full Moon lune-i-ness.

The Full Moon opposes Mercury, a difficult position as the Moon is considered an enemy of Mercury; Merc is the planet of pure thought and verbal clarity while the Moon is emotions and personal preferences. "Pure thought and verbal clarity" are in short supply when people are emotional and taking everything personally. And foo on anyone who disagrees, so there.

Mars, god of war, is intimately mixed up with the Full Moon as well. Mars is anything that's got a keen edge (Mars=war=weapons=sharp objects), Mercury is communication, Moon is instinct and security needs. Mix them all together and we've got sharpened tongues driven by instinctive defensive behavior. That'll liven up a party any day. (Shorten it too, usually). Of course there are productive ways to use every aspect--we could sharpen our minds or pencils for instance. Resisting the urge to channel our inner two year old will be easier said than done under this Full Moon energy, but then in the end, everything is easier said than done unless we're speaking Welsh and short on vowels.

Mercury feeling picked upon by Mars and Moon can indicate that our communication equipment, electronics, and schedules are feeling picked upon too. A martini or two will help, unless our computer takes things as personally as HAL did in the movie 2001.

Did the events of Halloween weekend surprise us? If so, we may have forgotten to check our weekly horoscopes at Trish Marie Astrology.

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