Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scorpio Horses

Name your Scorpio

horse "Lassie," and she still won't

want to lick your face.

So now the Sun has entered Scorpio (Fri. Oct 23-Sat Nov. 21st). Once upon a time it marked that stage of the year when people began spending more time indoors than out, huddled by a cheerful fire.

Nowadays we huddle round the television sets. I always love those hokey horse-lover westerns where the hero or heroine is about to be done in by the Bad Guy, when suddenly hero's faithful steed clatters into the barn, and the last thing we see is Bad Guy falling backwards into the stall, while faithful horse rears up and down with sounds of trampling and righteous nickers. These movies are written by the Walt Disney school of animal behavior, but hey, if we wanted reality we'd go muck out a barn.

I know horse people who swear their horse *would* rush to their defense should it ever be required. These people usually have a healthy dose of Cancer in their charts--Cancerians tend towards a "Timmy & Lassie," view of the world, which is why they're so devastated when other people in their life prove to have more complex motives than television collies. (If we're in a relationship with a Cancerian, channeling Lassie every now and then will help keep the home fires burning warmly; just keep the panting to a minimum or our efforts may be misconstrued).

If a horse were to gallop in and trample the Bad Guy, that horse may well be one born between (approximately) October 24th and November 22nd, when Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio's do not like it when others mess with their stuff! A Scorpio horse is territorial. They don't usually need to get out the heavy artillery though. Scorpio horses, like Scorpio people, get the point across by freezing the opposition with one cold, hard glare.

When not playing Medusa a Scorpio's eyes are among the most beautiful in the zodiac; deep wells of inscrutable passion. It's not a passion like the Aries horses' passion though, flung all over the place willy-nilly and for any reason; Scorpio is stoic. Best not to reveal strengths or weaknesses so as to keep the advantage.

Scorpio horses don't request respect, they demand it, and this horse requires a confident rider who doesn't mind being tested--because the Scorpio horse will test you. They want a rider they can respect, so be willing to meet the challenge. And don't go baby talking and kissy-kissying your Scorpio horse in public unless you want her to dump you on the way home.

Scorpio horses make spectacular endurance and event horses; they enjoy having their mettle fully tested and like activities that let them use their bravery (okay, their desire for domination) to openly defeat rivals.

In 2009 Scorpio horses experienced many changes on the home front and may have had some trouble maintaining their position in the herd. Better news in 2010 though, as the stars favor accomplishment in competitive games as well as finishing up some significant realm of training. And while it's no more true that Scorpio horses spend all their time thinking about sex than it is true of Scorpio people (both also spend significant time thinking up ways of manipulating themselves into positions of greater power in the herd), foals will be a more prominent part of the Scorp horse's life in 2010 as well.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New to First Quarter Moon Haiku

Thin lines between love

and war makes it easy to

keep feet in both camps.

Once upon a time Native Americans of the western United States thought that gold's chief value lay in it's softness--it could be molded into bullets without having to be heated first. When natives discovered that using gold in this manner inspired some whites to try and get themselves shot at (so they could collect any bullets that missed) the tribes were certain ... there was something intrinsic to gold that made white men crazier than white men were already deemed to be.

The stellar energy between the Libra New Moon (Oct 18) and the First Quarter (October 25) inspires modern versions of wanting something so badly we're willing to get shot at to get a chance to have it. Just ask "Balloon boy's" father--it doesn't take a wise old tribal elder to see that he is one crazy dude, and we don't mean in a good way.

Passion runs high, and we may love, hate, or want with a vengeance. This energy can also be channeled into impassioned creativity but love, hate, and desire get more movies devoted to them.

Through this period, if we want something so badly we're willing to do crazy things to get it we might want to stop and think how our actions would be perceived if played out on television. If we like the picture presented, by all means, loose that arrow.

We could also channel the energy towards constructive creativity but the only person who writes movie scripts about authors diligently working on their novels is Stephen King, and we know how those stories always turn out. Why take chances?

New weekly horoscopes are up on my website as well as Void Moon times and an explanation of what the heck a Void Moon is and why we should care.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Full Moon Haiku

If Moon and Sun are

lovers, like the mystics say,

who's their therapist?

"If love is the answer," quipped Lily Tomlin, "can you rephrase the question?" The October Full Moon is usually one of the "looniest" of the year, as the opposition of Sun and Moon across Libra and Aries pits the part of us that wants to watch a happily-ever-after ending romance against the part that wants to watch, "Rambo VII."

Although there are many Libran's who would rather chew off their right arm than sing "Going to the Chapel," and certainly there's plenty of Arians who like nothing better than walking hand in hand with a significant other, in general Libra describes our social, and especially partnering needs while Aries seeks independence.

At the time of the Full Moon, Mars rises with the Fixed Star Pollux (beta Gemini). Twins in mythology embody the polarity between good and evil (Cain and Abel are a classic illustration of this, although I've always thought Abel hired lobbyists to swing things his way ...). Pollux is the "bad" twin in the Gemini pair, and when we team bad boy Mars with pugnacious Pollux, it's like sitting two class troublemakers next to each other. It's possible they channel their abundant energy towards healthy competition; teaming up to beat everyone else in the science project for example. It's more likely that they come up with mutual ideas for causing trouble.

Mix a Sun in Libra singing "I want to hold your hand," opposing Full Moon in Aries getting ready to bite whichever of its own hands is tempted into taking Libra up on the offer, add Mars rising with Pollux and the course of true love, as well as relationships in general, may run anything but smoothly.

We can channel this energy productively, as it favors hard work, athletics, and flexing mental as well as physical muscles, but projecting our issues onto our partner and fighting over the result is so much more entertaining for the neighbors.

Full Moon Sun is at 11 degrees of Libra, Full Moon Moon is 11 degrees of Aries; People born between OCTOBER 3-6th or LATE MARCH/EARLY APRIL may* be able to skip buying a diary this year, as we won't easily forget the year's events.

*If born within the date range, our birth Sun will be on or near 11° Libra or 11°Aries-the closer natal Sun is to these degrees, the more likely the odds we experience the effects. Check with your friendly, neighborhood astrologer for more details.

On to the Voids!--which are now posted through Mid November on my website, along with an explanation of what the heck a Void Moon is, as well as weekly horoscopes for all signs (can we stand the excitement?):

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