Saturday, September 19, 2009

September New Moon Haiku

Renunciate means

we no longer let our stuff

lord it over us.

We've just passed the New Moon (Fri 9/18) and Saturn, planet of renunciation and separation, exactly aligns with Sun and Moon with backwards tracking Mercury hovering nearby.

New Moons are usually about new beginnings, but this New Moon is more about endings--new endings, I guess we could say. At the New Moon, Sun and Moon align together--that's what a New Moon is ... (if they are in a direct line together from perspective of Earth we have an eclipse). But along with Sun and Moon, at the same exact degree is Saturn, planet of endings, separations, and crystallization. By crystallization I mean things get very hard and real under Saturnian influence. And as if that wasn't enough, retrograde Mercury was backing into the bunch just a few degrees away. This combined influence can make for things seeming too hard and real, or life just a bit more depressing than it ought to be. This energy can be countered by concentrating on tasks that require discipline and hard work. What--we expected our astrologer to say the energy can be countered with martinis? Sorry, gotta wait for a Neptune transit for that.

New Moon influence will extend to the next Full Moon (2 weeks away) and in some regards, to the next New Moon. If we've anything we want to get rid of or classify (Saturn's influence is cold and dry--which means, discriminating), this period is a great time to do it! If the couch happens to be underneath what we want to be rid of, hey, drag them both to the curb.

New weekly horoscopes now up on my website: These horoscopes are based on the position of the New Moon in relation to the different zodiac signs and generalized insight into how the New Moon will affect you can be gleaned from the information. If we know our Rising Sign as well as our Sun sign, read that too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fanatical Last Quarter Moon Haiku

Fanatics may get

attention but who wants to

have a beer with them?

It's the energy of this last quarter Moon. Too bad no one thought to warn Congressman Joe Wilson. Concentrated--you could say "fanatical"--energy working towards productive goals is another way this Quarter Moon energy can be channeled. Or we could just drink an excess of martinis and watch all the drama from the sidelines.

This energy will last through the weekend. We can't say we haven't been warn ..., er, I mean, given a head's up. (The sky is always talking).

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Samoa switches at Mercury Retrograde

Today in the island nation of Samoa automobile traffic switches from driving on the right to driving on the left, bringing traffic rules there more in sync with Australia and New Zealand.

Today up in the sky from the perspective of the island nation of Samoa (and anyplace else on Earth) Mercury, the planet that rules short distance trips, travel, cars, and general traffic rules, begins retrograde motion--that is, backs up. Mercury retrogrades are often believed to indicate periods of time when travel accidents are more likely and many in the astro blogosphere are predicting mass chaos and a plethora of accidents in Samoa, what with the new traffic rules and Mercury Retrograde.

This astrologer? Me thinks Samoa will record far fewer accidents than normal.

On September 3rd, 1967 Sweden also switched driving sides (from left to right). Mercury had also just turned retrograde. Forecasters of all types, not just the star-obsessed, also predicted mass chaos and many accidents. And what happened? Swedish roads became remarkably safer. They were safer on September 3rd, they were safer the rest of the month, in fact--it wasn't until a YEAR later that accident rates returned to the level they had been before the switch.

The reason why Swedish roads were suddenly safer is simple: nervous about the change, drivers suddenly began driving more cautiously and paying more attention to what they were doing. Who could have guessed that simply keeping our mind on the road makes travel safer for everyone? Swedish drivers kept driving with increased awareness until the novelty of the switch began to wear off--approximately one year after the switch. Then it was back to driving as if no lives depended on it and the body count returned to normal.

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap.

Every Merc Retro stargazer's get asked if it's safe to travel (I've had people call who were ready to cancel prepaid trips because they discovered Mercury would be retrograde). Planes do not drop out of the sky in unusual numbers during Mercury retrograde--if they did, someone other than astrologers would have made the connection. Accident stats don't go up. Cruise ships don't sink in unusual numbers, bicycles don't get more flat tires, horses don't throw more shoes, and walkers and runners don't lose their footwear. (Ever notice a single tennis shoe or sandal laying in or along side the road? What's up with that? Did the runner lose a shoe and just not notice? Or socks? It's always one. One foot suddenly get sweaty? Strange.)

What Mercury retrograde essentially means is that Mercury things get emphasized. Communication, travel, schedules, organizing/compartmentalizing things, business and contracts. All Mercury things and all up for emphasis when Merc goes retro. We talk on our phones every day and don't think much about it--unless the phone doesn't work. Use our computers every day and don't think about it--until the computer balks. Drive and don't think about it (a scary thought when you think about it!) until we have an accident or get lost.

So it can seem like Mercury retrogrades cause problems in these areas; all Mercury retrograde portends though is that problems in these areas are more probable. The likelihood is increased that communication will be a stand out issue because we've just pitched our computer out the door as blood pressure therapy. BUY a computer or other communication or electronic or travel equipment under Merc retro, or sign a contract under Merc retro and the likelihood is increased that the equipment or contract will demand more than the usual attention. Which is usually not a good thing (hassle to take the computer back for repair, redo the contract, reschedule the doctor's appointment, etc). But it's also usually not a life changing event. It's usually not, in the grand scheme of things, any big deal. And sometimes it can even be a good thing.

In Samoa, at this Mercury Retrograde, driving is taking up more than the usual amount of attention, accident rates will go down, and Mercury won't get any thanks even though he gets all the blame when stuff goes wrong at the retro. Weather forecasters can probably relate.

Mercury will be in Retrograde from today through September 29th. Lost items and old friends often reappear under Mercury Retrogrades, and the retro loves to shred schedules so do leave wiggle room in our planner. If we don't need it, we can use the space to draw doodles later.

Pisces Full Moon Haiku

This Pisces Full Moon

brings strange undoings. Maybe

Gordian knots slip.

Full Moon ruler Jupiter in alignment with Neptune, planet of sacrifice and disappearance. Chiron, the maverick bringer of wounds and healings also in the mix. Look for the hidden luck.