Monday, July 6, 2009

What Eclipse?

Tonight we get treated to a Lunar Eclipse, except this eclipse will look like a plain old ordinary Full Moon, it being a prenumbral eclipse (meaning the Moon will only graze the Earth's shadow). Sometimes with prenumbral eclipses someone, somewhere gets to see at least a partial darkening of the Moon, but this grazing will be so off center that were the Moon a car, we'd not even need to report the matter to our insurance company; no where will the Moon be seen to darken.

The ancients believed that if an eclipse didn't look like an eclipse then essentially no eclipse happened. Thus, "eclipse effects" should be light with this lunation, the Universe saving its cards for the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

"Light" is a relative term though, as any airport baggage handler can tell us. Eclipses bring about sudden endings, and sudden changes of direction. Governor-soon-to-be-ex-Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is a good example of a sudden endings and/or change of direction although it doesn't take an eclipse for a person given to erratic behavior to exhibit erratic behavior.

This eclipse, visible or not, is still a Full Moon: emotions are stirred and secrets revealed. The Moon is in relationship with the Fixed Star Vega (Wega, alpha Lyra). Associated with art, mystery, and magic Vega also is said to foretell of trouble caused by forgery or writing. My advice? Don't plagiarize magic spells and everything will be A-okay.

It is considered unwise to begin important projects or initiate important actions within several days of either side of an eclipse, but then it's considered unwise to chat on one's cell-phone while driving too and that doesn't stop very many folks from doing so.

The Moon is not Void until WEDNESDAY, JULY 8th when the MOON WILL ENTER THE VOID AT 5:43 am EDT, 2:43 am PDT. She'll LEAVE THE VOID at 11:03 am EDT, 8:03 am PDT when she enters AQUARIUS.

The Moon carries the light (transfers energy) from Mars to Venus on Wednesday as well, which favors taking action to beautify or harmonize, and can also literally represent something being transferred from a man to a woman. The energy occurring within the shadow of an eclipse guarantees that surprises remain in store, no matter how well laid the plans.

THE MOON IS IN AQUARIUS on THURSDAY, JULY 9th and she is not void. A second exact alignment of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction is immanent (Friday) and the loss of a dream is confronted. Before we get too depressed remember that sometimes Old Yeller's got to die if we're going to get a memorable story out of the thing, and it sure worked out for Disney. In the ending of an illusion comes the potential to make use of a reality we've been just sitting on.

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON FRIDAY, JULY 10th at 10:17 pm EDT, 7:17 pm PDT. She LEAVES THE VOID at 11:44 pm EDT, 8:44 pm PDT when she slips into nebulous PISCES. The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction is exact for the second time and dreams die hard, but ankles break easily (other injuries happen easily too). Haven't learned how to hang glide yet? Today is NOT the day to begin that quest.

Trish Marie

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly horoscopes, sample below, the rest available at my website:

Virgo: Remember that scene in the Kubrick movie The Shining where the wife of tormented writer Jack Torrance sneaks a look at the novel he's been writing only to discover he's typed "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," over and over and over? When an opportunity to goof off arises this week Virgo, accept the invitation--or get typing.

July 4th Astrology

To all who've asked about the Void Moon newsletter, know that this astrologer has been looking for it (it's somewhere up there in my brain I'm sure). Until I find it I'm taking a page from the "Twitter" notebook and sending out shorter updates. If you enjoy them and/or find them useful great, if you'd rather not get these please do let me know (preferably by writing the request on the back of a $50 bill and mailing it my address ...).

Luna is in Sagittarius on through most of the Holiday weekend (July 3, 4, most of 5th). She is not Void Friday or Saturday.

Mercury, the chatty Kathy of planets is making faces at control-freak Pluto. Tendency to obsess will be strong, tendency to obsess will be strong, tendency to obsess will be ... WHACK! (Slapping herself out of it). The word obsess comes from Latin roots that mean "to sit on," like when we can't get our butt out of the chair that's in front of the computer. Lewis Thomas says that "obsess" looks like a word with its mind on something else. Maybe even obsessed by something else.

This energy strong through Saturday and we can waste time grinding over every torturous detail of (insert theme of choice) OR we can use the energy more productively for this transit also favors research, transforming unhelpful attitudes, and is also frankly a pretty good transit under which to write one's governmental officials and tell them what idiots they are (nicely, of course).

Writing/communication should go well but there is a risk of sudden endings where communication is concerned. Which seems like a good place to end this one.

Moon enters the Void on Sunday, July 4th at 3:17 pm EDT, 12:17 pm PDT. Leaves Void at 10:07 pm EDT, 7:07 pm PDT when she enters sensible Capricorn. Reality rules.