Saturday, March 14, 2009

Madoff Astrology

Thursday, as ponzi scheme financier Bernie Made-off was being sentenced this astrologer happened to be working on some astrology and just happened to notice that Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter were exactly aligned in a pattern that COSI (Combination of Stellar Influences), a classic text on planetary interpretation, describes this way: "A powerful imagination, being well inspired, the tendency to bamboozle or mislead other people; a person successful in deception or in speculation."

Earlier this week the Virgo Full Moon aligned with and thus triggered the Saturn (structure)-Uranus (breakdown) opposition giving a great number of us the opportunity to practice our "grace under pressure" mode. That, or practice freaking out. These two energies are polar opposites, with Saturn seeking order and form, and Uranus seeking chaos. Every time they oppose one another "structures" that support our lives are challenged and remade. Last time Saturn and Uranus were at opposition was 1965-67 and the talk of the coffee shops was ill-conceived, expensive wars as well as the turmoil in the financial markets. History repeats itself (in timing with these cycles) and here Saturn and Uranus are opposed again, with once again arguments about ill-conceived, expensive wars and turmoil in the financial markets. Good news is that this time around while the turmoil is similar we at least have much better coffee. (I mean, who knew what a latté was in 1966?)

Saturn and Uranus keep making faces at one another through the summer of 2010 and if our idea of grand entertainment is hanging out at demolition sites, we're going to love the next year and a half. With that cheerful thought in mind, on to the Voids! Remember that all times are given in Eastern and Pacific Daylight Saving time, so if you're elsewhere, adjust accordingly!

FRIDAY THE 13th isn't nearly as scary as beginning an important project or buying an important item during a Void-of-Course Moon, and the Libra Moon will enter the Void at 6:39 pm EDT (3:39 pm PDT). She leaves the Void a few hours later at 8:22 pm EDT (5:22 pm PDT) when she sneaks into suspicious SCORPIO.

The MOON IS IN SCORPIO on SATURDAY, MARCH 14th and she is not Void. Mars entering Pisces today will put four planets there (Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Mars). Pisces is a rather self-deluding sign, so we can all make up our own reality, at least through the weekend.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, MARCH 15th at 8:43 pm EDT (5:43 pm PDT). There to stay for the rest of the evening. Who says Void Moons aren't good for anything?--if we remove hair under a waning Void Moon in Scorpio, the hair will stay gone longer. Try it and see!

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on MONDAY, MARCH 16th at 5:21 am EDT (2:21 am PDT) when she trots into horsey SAGITTARIUS. The entire upcoming week is dominated by squares of the Moon. There's the old saying that if we always keep doing what we've always done, we'll always keep getting what we've always got. Moon squares trigger stress that inclines us to fall back on habitual behaviors, but they're also opportune times to break patterns. Many of us may want to use the challenges of the week to consider ways we could do things differently. If however we're a multi-millionaire married to our soul-mate and all our kids are above average, by all means just carry on.

THE MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS ON TUESDAY, MARCH 17th. There are no Voids on this SAINT PATRICK'S DAY, which is almost a pity as getting sloshed goes quite well during a Void.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18th at 1:47 pm EDT (10:47 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 5:19 pm EDT (2:19 pm PDT) when she climbs into influence-seeking CAPRICORN. Luna is at her last quarter phase. Sir Winston Churchill said that however beautiful our strategy, we should occasionally look at the results. Last Quarter Moons favor doing exactly that.

The MOON IS IN CAPRICORN on THURSDAY, MARCH 19th and she is not Void. Emotional Luna feels uncomfortable in the cool, calculating sign of Capricorn and we may not be feeling the love today. Astrologers get a lot of questions about love. "Today, if you go to the animal shelter," is this astrologers' response whenever anyone asks me to tell them when the stars say they'll find true love.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, MARCH 20th at 4:06 pm EDT (1:06 pm PDT). She's VOID the rest of the night. This is also the day of the VERNAL EQUINOX, when day and night are equal lengths and the season shifts to spring or fall (depending on which hemisphere we reside in). This day is also known as the ARIES INGRESS, when the Sun enters Aries. Aspects at this time give a clue as to what we can expect for the upcoming quarter year (until the Summer Solstice). The stars are suggesting a whole lot of fiddling going on while Rome burns but that's business as usual in the halls of most governments anyway. (I've always wondered how Nero managed to play the fiddle while Rome burned, as it would be another thousand years before the instrument was even invented.).

In our personal lives, the trick will be to not go looking for as-yet-to-be-invented distractions in the midst of change or even crisis. (Far better to stick with distractions close at hand. That is if we'd rather do that than muster the will to deal with reality).

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on SATURDAY, MARCH 21st at 6:06 am EDT (3:06 am PDT) when she glides into the cool, calm clarity of Aquarius. Some of the astrology books say Aquarius is supposed to be cool and clarity-seeking anyway. Point of fact is that many Aquarians feel borderline hysterical much of the time, but that's only because they never got the memo that there's no such thing as "normal." Once they stop trying to either be normal or be anything but normal an Aquarian will calm down quite a bit (which will probably frighten all their friends).

The MOON IS IN AQUARIUS on SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd and she's not Void. If we get up before sunrise and the sky is clear we'll be gifted with the sight of the waning crescent Moon offset by bright Jupiter in the Eastern sky. If we get up before sunrise and the sky is not clear, we'll wonder why we listen to lunatic astrologers when we could have done the reasonable thing and slept in on Sunday morning.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Astrological Haiku

Don't stress they tell us
Hard not to when Sun and great
Uranus collide.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Voids for the 1st Week of March

Everyone new to this list; Welcome! Everyone not new to the list, no I haven't died nor run away to a desert isle (though the last is always tempting--hey, if it worked for Gilligan ...). This newsletter covers daily astrological phenomena, with a focus on the Void of Course Moon. A "Void Moon" occurs when the Moon makes her last aspect in whatever astrological sign she's currently transiting and ends when she enters the next sign. As the Moon "carries the light" or energy of all the other planets (their energy must cross the lunar boundary to reach earth), and as this energy is best directed when it has a "goal" (when the Moon is moving from an aspect with one planet to an aspect with another), Void Moon periods are times when actions taken for a purpose often fail of that purpose.

It is better to avoid beginning an important new project or buying an important or expensive item when the Moon is "in the Void." It's fine to continue working on projects that have already been started during Voids--it is the beginning (birth) of the project that counts. I use the analogy of the postal service. If we put a letter in the mailbox the postal service picks it up, reads the address (considers our "intent") and sends the letter on its way; the postal service has a goal, it has a direction, it knows where it is going and knows how to get our letter to its destination.

But what if, instead of putting our letter in the mailbox, we saw a somewhat out of touch with reality street person wandering buy, and ran our letter out to him instead? Have we increased, or decreased the odds that the letter will get to its destination? Astrology is all about probabilities; what are the odds events are going to proceed in a particular fashion? Astrology helps us determine the odds. Taking action under a Void Moon, or buying a product under it, greatly decreases the odds that the action or item will accomplish the purpose we had in mind. The street person may open our letter, find a check and personal information and suddenly we have identity theft! We sure didn't intend that! Or (most likely) the street person will toss the letter, and nothing will happen. We'll have to repay the bill after being informed the check never arrived, we'll have to rewrite the letter after being told that Aunt Sally never got her thank you note, etc.

Taking action or buying something under a Void Moon is like giving a letter to that street person. It *may* get to where we wanted it to go, but odds are against it. Now, it's true that sometimes very fortunate unexpected events occur when action is taken under Void Moons; the street person could be an eccentric billionaire, and our letter a note venting to a friend about our dire financial straights; the billionaire decides to pay all our debts and leave his fortune to our dog. Could happen (but odds are against that, too).

Void Moon periods are best used as a "time out" from reality, to rest, play, read, research (hey, for some of us that's relaxing) or to take action that if we don't wish anything to come of the action; sending in tax forms (less chance of an audit), sending in jury duty forms (less chance of getting picked), telling our boss we think they're an idiot (less chance they'll pay any attention to us). As the Moon is NOT currently Void, this astrologer can say that she accepts no responsibility for any loss of employment that occurs due to advice given in this column.

Now that all that's out of the way--On to the Voids! All times given in Eastern or Pacific Standard time (the rest of you have to convert, because your astrologer can only handle so much math).

THE MOON IS IN TAURUS on SUNDAY, MARCH 1st and she is not Void. Mercury, god of communication aligns with Mars, god of war--"fighting words" or critical speech is the hallmark of this combination. The energy of the transits must be expressed, that is not an option!--but how that energy gets expressed can be directed by us. If we feel like we're just dying to tell someone off, write a letter to a congressman, editor, or bank-that's-just-handed-out-megabonuses-to-already-rich-executives instead. Road rage is encouraged under these alignments as well, so just don't go there (and watch out for the idiots who have).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, MARCH 2nd at 5:43 pm EST (2:43 pm PST). She's Void the rest of the night.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on TUESDAY, MARCH 3rd at 2:59 am EST (11:59 pm previous evening PST) when she chats her way into ever-curious Gemini. It's a First Quarter Moon; at the first quarter moon we should do something we've never done before, at the last quarter quit doing things we've always done. In other words, both quarters are good for a change of focus and the first quarter particularly favors bold action. If we end up going to the hospital, especially if we've never done that before, it's an indication that our action was perhaps a bit too bold; next 1st quarter, tone it down a bit.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th at 9:11 pm EST (6:11 pm PST). Luna is a social butterfly today, talking with every planet she sees and some she only imagines (I know people who do this). Lots of folks will be feeling this restless energy so if we don't want to be bothered, locking ourselves in our rooms is recommended. This won't keep the imaginary people out, but it will reduce the crowd.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on THURSDAY, MARCH 5th at 6:07 am EST (3:07 am PST) when she slips into sensitive CANCER. Moon-in-Cancer needs no help in exhibiting hyper-sensitivity but this Cancer Moon is opposed by Pluto, heightening the drama. If we know any adults who can't seem to stop channeling their inner two-year old keep a camera handy; youtube always needs fresh stuff and today's alignments can provide it.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON FRIDAY, MARCH 6th at 7:29 pm EST (4:29 pm PST). Venus, goddess of love and money, stations retrograde (begins moving backwards in apparent direction). Venus will be retrograde until Mid March, bringing a re-view of issues of love and money into all our lives. This is a plucking the petals off a daisy kind of energy; he loves me, he loves me not (or I love him, I love him not). Maybe the area where we're not feeling the love is in realms of finance; if so never fear--re-financing is favored by Venus retrograde. Re-decorating as well (if we spend all of our refinancing money on redecorating though, we're probably missing a message somewhere).

LUNA leaves the VOID on SATURDAY, MARCH 7th at 8:24 am EST (5:24 am PST) when she strides into proud LEO. Venus is love and money, but she's ultimately about Values (nothing demonstrates as person's values as clearly as what they'll spend their money on, and where they're willing to spend it). This includes how much or little we value ourselves. Venus now in retrograde can bring doubts on many fronts, self-worth being one of those. In addition to Venus retrograde Saturn (restriction) and the Sun (being/ego) are about to face off across the cosmos and if we've been waiting for something to knock some melancholy into the perpetually cheerful folks out there, this weekend's alignments may do that. If, on the other hand, we're doubting ourselves, our sweeties, our pocketbook, not to worry--our energy is just following all these backwards and facing off planets. Give it some time and perspective will be restored.

The MOON IS IN LEO on SUNDAY, MARCH 8th and she is not VOID. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME BEGINS and you can expect myself (and many other astrologers) to be bitching and moaning about it, because really, can't we just pick a time and stick with it? Besides, with Venus retrograde and Saturn opposite the Sun bitching and moaning is favored.

More to come (I'm determined to get this entire month's Voids done folks ...)

Never give your birthdate to an Astrologer,
If you desire glory, you may envy Napoleon. But Napoleon envied Caesar, Caesar envied Alexander, and Alexander, I daresay, envied Hercules, who never existed.
-Bertrand Russell

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