Saturday, January 31, 2009

Voids through the February Lunar Eclipse

If I had a dollar for every e-mail I've received noting that Barack Obama did a "do-over" of the Inaugural Oath I could take myself out for dinner and have change to spare for the tip. Lots of folks asking if this "avoids the Void" because the second oath was done with a Moon not afflicted by a Void.

We wish it were so but it's the first oath that counts. Besides, it wasn't the Void responsible for Justice Roberts' flubbing the words of the first oath. That can be chalked up to karma (Senator Obama voted against Justice Robert's appointment) and more than karma, to Mercury's retrograde. Mercury Retrograde shreds schedules (Inaugural events got under way late and the lag grew throughout the day to the point where the Inaugural parade concluded in the dark) and inspires communication glitches. Things begun when Mercury is retrograde also frequently require a redo soon after--especially anything involving a schedule, paperwork, or communication. Obama, born when the Moon was in Gemini (Mercury rules the sign of Gemini) is more strongly influenced by Mercury than you're average Joe (or average Barack for that matter).

Now that we know we can throw out that second Inaugural chart (clutter control is so important) and stick with the good old, born on a Void Moon first Inaugural, on to the Voids!


Did we get to see the January 25th/26th Solar Eclipse? If we live in Capetown, India, Indonesia, or Australia we did. Maybe the whale warriors of the Sea Shepherd got to see it. Wouldn't you just love to be a Japanese whaler? Outside of Japan one wouldn't dare mention what they do for a living and expect a polite reception, although baby-seal clubbers and the person who shot Bambi's mother might be okay with it.

There's a LUNAR ECLIPSE on FEBRUARY 9th that can shake our emotional world if the Solar Eclipse failed to shake our physical one--Leos and Aquarians will be particularly susceptible.

The MOON IS IN ARIES on SATURDAY, JANUARY 31st. She is not Void. Mercury (communication) is standing still in the sky and hanging out with Mars (knives, war), so "sharp words" may be a risk; best we pick really roundy type fonts when typing today. Why take chances?

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1st at 1:08 pm EST (10:08 am PST). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 5:09 pm EST (2:09 pm PST) when she plods into steady Taurus. Mercury stations direct (resumes forward motion) and schedules are less likely to be shredded. If we've lost anything under this Mercury retrograde period (Jan. 11th to Feb. 2nd) and we're meant to find it, we'll probably do so under the next Mercury retrograde in May.

The MOON IS IN TAURUS on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd and she is not Void. Although we in North America know this as GROUNDHOG DAY, when the groundhog emerges from hibernation to check for his shadow (if he can see it, six more weeks of winter is forecast) this day is actually one of the astronomical cross-quarter days, when Sun and Earth are poised in relationship halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. The Celts of the British Isles called this day Candlemas. "Candlemas be fair and clear, there'll be twa winters in the year," an old Scottish saying went. So much for the wisdom of groundhogs--they stole the idea from the Celts!

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd at 8:27 pm EST (5:27 pm PST). She LEAVES THE VOID at 9:14 pm EST (6:14 pm PST) when she rolls on into restless GEMINI. Luna in Grand Earth trine with Mercury, Mars, and Saturn encourages resistant behavior and today's challenge will be to figure out if our perseverance is getting us out of, or merely deeper into a rut.

The MOON IS IN GEMINI on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4th. She is not Void. The second Saturn-Uranus opposition (exact on Thursday) continues the showdown between the force that wants things to stay the same (Saturn) verses the force that wants irrevocable change (Uranus). The 1st Saturn-Uranus showdown was exact on November 4th (election day) and so far Uranus seems to be winning.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5th at 12:45 pm EST (9:45 am PST). She LEAVES THE VOID at 11:06 pm EST (8:06 pm PST) when she glides into sensitive CANCER. We should always live the transits, I always say (otherwise there's no living with them!); Saturn vs Uranus is the status quo battling the force of change, but it's also tremendous tension suddenly released: if we secretly shoot rubber bands at our coworkers we can direct the need for tension release into productive directions. Or at least amusing ones.

LUNA IS IN CANCER on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6th. She is not Void. Sensitivity as well as obsessiveness are strong today, touchy pride and paranoia float in the ethers too. This energy will last through Monday's eclipse at least. Reasonable astrological advice might include the suggestion to stay home with our teddy bear and Netflix, but where's the fun in that? I'd rather hang out at the local coffee shop and peek over the top of my journal at other customers, then pretend to scribble frantically in the book while giggling.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SATURDY, FEBRUARY 7th at 2:07 pm EST (11:07 am PST). She LEAVES THE VOID at 11:43 pm EST (8:43 pm PST) when she strides into proud LEO. We're in the shadow of an eclipse and the Moon is void all afternoon. If we begin any important projects during these hours we should either fire our astrologer for being incompetent--or, start listening to their advice.

LUNA is in LEO on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8th and she is not Void. Over the next two days the Moon in Leo will oppose Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, the North Node, Chiron, and Neptune all in Aquarius. When the Moon makes oppositions folks tend to be more emotional, we tend to project our issues on to others, we find real or imagined obstacles to our plans and we often find we have to make more decisions. What I want to know is who invented this crazy system where people are impelled to make more decisions at the same time as we're emotionally projecting our issues on to others? (It does explain the state of the world however). If we can cultivate objectivity and detach from our personal feelings under these aspects, life proceeds more smoothly.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9th at 2:29 pm EST (11:29 pm PST). SHE'S VOID THE REST OF THE DAY EASTERN TIME (Leaves the Void at 9:38 pm PST). But the Void is not the headline story today, as a LUNAR ECLIPSE takes center stage. Leo Eclipses (Lunar or Solar) highlight those in leadership positions. The eclipse takes place in the degree of the Fixed Star Algenubi (Epsilon Leo), a star in the mouth of the Celestial Lion. This star is given the title "He who rends." Well, what else would we expect from a star sparking amongst lion's fangs? It's connected to people who are artistic (Leo is creative) and good with language (it's in the Lion's mouth), but may also be heartless and cruel (especially if we're the zebra in the wildlife film). Sounds like a description of Ayn Rand to me.
How to best channel this eclipse energy? If we're not a vegetarian a rare steak dinner might do it Can't use a knife and fork though--"He who rends," remember? Just drop your face onto your plate and start gnawing--give the other patrons something to talk about on their trip home. If gnawing on raw meat isn't our cup of tea, then the release of outdated beliefs, attitudes, or habit patterns will foster personal growth (and keep the wait staff calmer besides).
Leo and Aquarius are particularly affected by this eclipse, so drama levels may be particularly high.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
Trish Marie
In America anyone can become President.
That's one of the risks you take.
-the Sage of Ludington-
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Beautiful Saturn

Here's a beautiful picture of always beautiful Saturn:

I've always loved Debbi Kempton-Smith's musing in Secrets From a Stargazer's Notebook, "Oh, slow beauty of preternatural mysteries, you spin, serene, gliding your sure, measured orbit round the Sun. It takes you twenty nine years to go round once, yet I could gladly gaze at you forever ... why are you such a pain in the ass?"

Saturn is like Phillip Dick's description of reality: "that which when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Better Barack with a Void than a Bush without

The Inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama occurs on Tuesday, January and astrologers the world over are hoping that the current Mercury retrograde delays the proceedings for a half hour or so. The reason being that the Moon is VOID OF COURSE at until 12:30 pm Eastern time on Tuesday.

I wrote in a previous newsletter:

Speaking of that Inauguration--on January 20th, 2009, at Noon in Washington D.C., (the time and place for the Presidential Inauguration) the Moon will be Void of Course. The Moon will be in Scorpio, a sign she dislikes. The Moon will be at the 29th degree of Scorpio (the most difficult of all the zodiac degrees). Presidents within living memory who were inaugurated under Void Moons are Franklin D. Roosevelt (died in office April 12, 1945); John F. Kennedy (died in office November 22, 1963); Richard Nixon's second Inauguration occurred under a VoC (Void of Course) Moon, as did that of his VP, Gerald R. Ford who took over when Nixon resigned. Nothing happened to Ford (thankfully!) but nothing much came of his presidency either (the author of The Zen of Zombie suggests that Mr. Ford was actually an unusually animate Zombie, which explains a lot when you think about it ...). Bill Clinton's 2nd Inauguration also occurred while the Moon was VoC, and along came Monica.

So what's gonna happen?! Well if you want specifics, that's why they make Ouija boards. But I can say this--worse case scenario, the election and inauguration charts suggest that the person elected may not be the person inaugurated. Let's not focus on worse case scenarios though, because, number one, they rarely happen (best case scenarios rarely happen too, so all you Pollyannas out there, just slap yourselves out of your giggling), and number two, in dire times it helps to be optimistic; save the morbid pessimism as a treat to doll out periodically to the Capricorns in our life during jolly eras--too much cheerfulness depresses them. The charts suggest to me that what we see is not what we'll get. As we knew exactly what we were getting in 2004, and a majority voted for Bush anyway, this can only be a good thing.

So there's room for optimism, even if the Inauguration proceeds on time. But we astrologers can't help hoping that Mercury retrograde (known to shred schedules and bring delays) helps Obama overcome his subconscious fondness for doing things under Void of Course Moons. Astrologers will tell you that this is because the stellar alignments after 12:30 pm that day are just so much more supportive of untroubled success than the Noon stars. What we're really thinking though, is that we're tired of folks saying "I thought you said the Void was bad?" and then having to explain Obama's meteoric success ...

(Note; it's not that the Void is bad, it's that it works against concrete results if we begin projects or buy important items during Voids. Already begun projects can proceed as usual, and if we wish "nothing to come" of an action, doing it during a Void Moon is all to our favor.)

On to the Voids! All times given in Eastern or Pacific standard time:
The MOON (currently in Scorpio) ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, JANUARY 19th at 10:37 pm EST (7:37 pm PST). She's Void the rest of the evening.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on TUESDAY, JANUARY 20th at 12:30 pm EST (9:30 am PST) when she trots into horsey SAGITTARIUS. While not all Sagittarian-influenced people will be horse lovers, it's very rare to find one who doesn't enjoy looking at the sky, watching clouds move across the blue and stars spangle the nighttime vault. Sagittarius is the sign of far-vision, more interested in what's on the horizon than what's immediately underfoot. Which is why so many Sadgies trip a lot. Sadge doesn't mind--if we're tripping, Sadge figures, at least it's proof we're moving forward. Speaking of watching the sky, Bernadette Brady has a terrific article about the stars of the US Presidency on her Visual Astrology Newsletter.

The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21st and she is not Void. Mercury, planet of mind, is currently moving backwards in the sky (retrograde) and today she moves from forward looking Aquarius back into melancholy Capricorn. If we wake up from a nightmare in which it's the day after the election and Bush is still president, relax--it's just a temporary conservative (Capricorn rules the concept) regression.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, JANUARY 22nd at 11:24 am EST (8:24 am PST). She there the rest of the day Eastern time, LEAVES THE VOID when she enters CAPRICORN at 10:18 pm PST.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on FRIDAY, JANUARY 23rd at 1:18 am EST when she enters CAPRICORN. If we're feeling crazier than usual it's not because we need to up our meds, it's because we're well within the shadow of an upcoming SOLAR ECLIPSE (January 26th). So, what to do (other than get those meds refilled)? A Solar Eclipse is a "super" New Moon. New Moons are powerful seeds that represent new beginnings, and a Solar Eclipse even more so. But a New Moon is also "invisible"--the Moon rises and sets with the Sun and thus is lost to the Sun's glare. Astrology is a visual art and what we can see (and what we can't) has meaning: while New Moon's are good times to consider new paths, traditional astrology warned not to begin anything at this time unless we wished it to remain invisible. Yet a Solar Eclipse throws a moonkey wrench into this traditional caution; actions taken at a Solar Eclipse may bring us MORE attention than what we really wanted, or attention in different places. Events begun under this North Node Solar Eclipse have the potential for great success (if "getting attention" helps bring success) but the eclipse also holds dynamic wild card energy. If we're the type whose willing to climb tall trees during lightning storms in order to get our message on the nightly news, by all means--act away.

Apologies for the briefness of this post (she says whilst her readers are in fact thanking their lucky stars to not be subjected to the usual tome),
More voids and eclipse info to come soon,

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
I bet a fun thing would be to go way back in time to where there was going to be an eclipse and tell the cave men, "If I have come to destroy you, may the sun be blotted out from the sky." Just then the eclipse would start, and they'd probably try to kill you or something, but then you could explain about the rotation of the moon and all, and everyone would get a good laugh.
-Jack Handy-
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included ('cause even we star struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).Copyright © 2009, Trish MarieAll right reserved