Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 10th through 17th

My barn
Having burned to the ground
I can now see the Moon.

Perhaps the leaders of Detroit's Big Three and the United Auto Workers should write haiku. Give them some perspective, because if one of the definitions of a leader is the ability to hide your panic from others, these guys are failing. Some of them looked as freaked out as a bicycle commuter on a road full of Hummers. Thing is, the stars are bigger even than the steel behemoths Detroit has been churning out and the stars, for quite some time now, have been saying, "embrace Change, because Change is about to embrace you." The embrace happens strong and swift this week with a turbulent Full Moon and if we hate to be bored we'll be happy with the current alignments.

On to the Voids! All times given in Eastern or Pacific Standard times--everyone else, convert!

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 5:23 pm EST (2:23 pm PST). She leaves the Void on the West Coast at 11:33 pm PST when she glides into GEMINI.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11th at 2:33 am EST. Italian automobile manufacturer and race car driver Enzo Ferrari, responding to complaints that the brakes on his cars were less than ideal, said "What do I say to complaints that my brakes are no good? I'll tell you this: Anyone can stop. But it takes a genius to go fast." We may need some of that attitude as the energy of tomorrow's Full Moon breaks over our heads--although I wouldn't imitate Ferrari and drive too fast; a highly accident-prone energy is part of the lunar line up.

The MOON IS FULL in GEMINI on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12th. This is a SUPER MOON. No, the Moon won't be wearing a cape (although masquerading as a mild-mannered something it isn't is possible); a Super Moon is a Full (or New) Moon that is both at perigee (at closest approach to Earth) and syzygy (directly aligned with the Sun and the Earth). The Moon is also locked into a Grand Cross as well as a Grand Square.

Back in the '60's the Beatles were talking about a revolution (and got it, when Yoko showed up). Then as now Saturn, the planet that represents the status quo opposed Uranus, the Great Breaker, the lopsided planet that loves to shake things up and change them. Sudden breaks (from routine, people, places, things) are possible--and the Moon is involved, so our emotions will be shaken up and our sense of security likewise. Mercury is hanging out with Pluto, an aspect that says persuade or be persuaded. We can state our case under aspects like this, or be mesmerized by someone else stating theirs so write those letters to the editor and congressman but change the television channel fast if any "But wait! There's more!" style infomercials come on. Collective anxiety has its virtues (just ask any pharmaceutical salesman) but rather than succumbing to the nail-biting energy of these alignments far more productive to take Captain Jean-Luc Picard's advice and engage. Embrace change! (Because if we embrace enough of it, you know, that can add up to a lot of money--).

The MOON ALSO ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY (yes, same day as the full Moon), DECEMBER 12th at 1:01 pm EST (10:01 am PST). LUNA LEAVES THE VOID at 10:40 pm PST when she sidles her way into CANCER.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th at 1:40 am EST (already left, PST) when she enters CANCER. Astrologer Michael Lutin says that sugar is the drug with which Cancer's coat their inner rage, but it won't just be the Cancerians feeding pent up emotions in this Full Moon's wake. A lot of folks may feel the urge to stock up on comfort foods like dairy and starches, which is fine and dandy as far as it goes--but rather than cart home frigid cartons of ice cream and cumbersome bags of potatoes, it can be quicker and more convenient to kick back a few White Russians. (Vodka being such a clever way of packaging potatoes ...)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th at 5:27 pm EST (2:27 pm PST). The Moon's major aspect today is an opposition to Jupiter--an aspect that can cause us to question or doubt some aspect of our faith. More than one youngster tonight is going to do the math and realize that the whole Santa story just doesn't add up. The MOON LEAVES THE VOID at 10:22 pm PST when she strides into proud LEO.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on MONDAY, DECEMBER 15TH at 1:22 am EST when she strides into proud LEO. (Is there an echo in here?) Mars, planet of go, go, go squares Saturn, planet of stop! Stop! Stop! Road rage is more likely under aspects like these and we could try and avoid it by just not going out. The energy of the transits will not be denied however, and if Mars square Saturn can't manifest in road rage it may just come out as wrap rage--the impotence we all feel when confronted with an item we want that's buried inside packaging we can't get through. Of course, we could use this energy constructively--patiently working towards a goal and dealing with dealing with obstacles as the lessons in mastery that they actually are, but you know, sometimes it's just more satisfying to let the blood pressure skyrocket as we teach a piece of plastic to never get between us and our new (software, CD, ballpoint pen, etc.) ever again.

LUNA ENTERS THE VOID on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16th at 7:45 pm EST (4:45 pm PST). She's there the rest of the evening. Void Moons can be annoying in our impatient, consumer driven culture because Void times are better used for introspection and activities that bring non-materialistic gains. But the Voids do have very practical, real world uses--cutting anything we wish to stay cut goes especially well if #1, the Moon is decreasing in light; #2. the Moon is in a Fixed sign, and #3. the Moon is Void of Course. Now if it were only safe to shave one's legs whilst also meditating we could use the Void for multitasking ...

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17th at 3:36 am EST (0:36 am PST) when she moves into dedicated VIRGO. This Virgo Moon links Mercury with Pluto, and if we like to write, here's our sign. If we have any nagging little health problems that have been eluding diagnosis this day's energy could facilitate one as well. Whenever I have nagging little health problems I simply drink more water. Not because water is good for us (though they say it is) but because with all the residual drugs that are ending up in our aquifers anymore, I figure at least one of them has got to help.

More to come ...
Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac.
The zodiac is well worth flirting with.
-D.H. Lawrence-

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1 through 8th

Venus, Jupiter and the waxing crescent Moon have been putting on quite the show in the western sky just after sunset. Tonight (Monday, December 1st) is their encore so get outside and enjoy it. If all we see is slate gray covering the sky we're advised to stop straining our eyes--our stellar show finished early due to clouds. (If all the world were as cloudy as Michigan, there'd be no astrology--folks here tend to freak out rather than wax philosophic whenever we see an unobstructed sky, the event being so rare ...).

ON to the Voids. All times are given in Eastern and Pacific Standard time--all other zones convert!

The MOON IS IN THE VOID now, frankly--MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st. She entered the Void at 10:44 am EST (7:44 am PST). Moon, Venus and Jupiter all together in the sunset sky suggests a sharing of power between a crown prince and an important woman and President-Elect Obama announced his intention to nominate Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. He announced this under today's Void Moon and events are unlikely to turn out as expected. For the rest of us, sharing our power--or at least showing appreciation for those who aid our efforts--could pay great dividends (but unlike the President Elect, I wouldn't go announcing any promotions until after the Void unless we are really comfortable with uncertainty). Luna LEAVES THE VOID at 10:45 pm PST when she enters AQUARIUS.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd at 1:45 am EST when she enters AQUARIUS. The Moon joined yesterday's Venus-Jupiter party as a baton-passer in North America (the Moon was part of the alignment), but in Europe Luna stole part of the show, actually occulting (passing in front of and obscuring) Venus. This suggests power given and then suddenly taken away and if we've ever marveled at the power our computers grant us--only to have our awe replaced with frustration at an error message that refuses to go away--we will be able to empathize.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3rd at 9:15 pm EST (6:15 pm PST). She's void the rest of the evening, but that still leaves most of the day to do Aquarian things like buy electronics, start 3 new Internet discussion groups, and stay out of the sticky waters of intimacy by losing ourselves to the demands of a cause. Wanna go save the whales anyone? (Because if we don't do that, we'll have to deal with our relationship issues, and you know, throwing oneself in front of a Japanese harpoon might be less scary).

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 1:23 pm EST (10:23 pm PST) when she slips into the sensitive waters of PISCES. The stellar aspects suggest that over the next few days we may see necessary changes that may be very loudly protested by some, but I say we should stick to our guns and go ahead and order the Chinese take-out with tofu instead of meat. We can eat our dinner whilst perusing yet another round of letter-to-the-editor rants from Neo-Cons who can't believe the party is over.

It is a FIRST QUARTER PISCES MOON on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5th. The Moon isn't Void but she is confused; a first quarter Moon is looking for a fight, or at least decisive, ego-driven action but Moon-in-Pisces wants to go with the flow. What to do? Take Xanax, I say!--why fight anxiety when we can drug it into submission? But if that option is not available or we'd like to actually get some use out of the Moon's First Quarter (it is a useful phase) then the Lassie Effect will produce results. The Lassie Effect is selective bravery; Lassie didn't try to save ALL the kids in town, she just got Timmy out of the well.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th at 7:43 pm EST (4:43 pm PST). She LEAVES THE VOID when she charges into ARIES at 9:44 pm EST (6:44 pm PST). Aspects suggest demands may be made on our nervous or emotional energy prior to the Moon's entry into Aries. Why wait for the boom to fall? Call up the annoying people we know and annoy them FIRST.

The MOON IS IN ARIES on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7th. She's not Void. "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" This line from Disney's "Snow White" could be a theme chant for the day as aspects to the Moon's South Node, currently in Leo, inspire Narcissistic tendencies. If the Internet seems to be running slowly today it's probably due to the hoards of people compulsively Googling themselves.

LUNA ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, DECEMBER 8th at 4:35 pm EST (1:35 pm PST). She's void the rest of the day. Venus and Jupiter continue enchant the western sky after sunset, and off to the East, Saturn sits at station (making no apparent motion against the background stars) a bit before sunrise. Saturn forms the apex of a triangle filled out by the bright stars Arcturus (Alpha Bootes) and Spica (Alpha Virgo).
Mercury and Mars are not to be seen in the sky at all. They are aligned with the Sun and thus rising and setting with it, lost to view in the powerful glare of Sol's rays. Mercury lost to the Sun can lead to strange communication issues, and empower thieves and liars (so don't believe everything we hear and keep an eye on our purse while holiday shopping) but Mars lost to the Sun is another matter entirely.
Mars is the ancient god of war. When in the sky with other planets attending, Mars is the citizen soldier , never happier than when playing the hero. But just as in Eden, the mythology of Mars throws a woman into the mix and things get a lot more complicated: Mars is a warrior but with a lover waiting in the wings, the goddess Erishkegal. Erishkegal is the elder sister of Ishtar (Venus) and represents the dark and seductive side of feminine nature. Superman can't resist Lois Lane, SpiderMan can't resist Mary Jane, Sampson falls to Delilah's charms, King David risks his kingdom for Bathsheba--the dang story never changes and the ancient Babylonians have their version; Erishkegal lives in the underworld guarded by fearsome gatekeepers. But for love of her Mars (whom the Babylonians called Nergal) descends into the underworld, and in the throws of passion and rage slays all the gatekeepers to join with Erishkegal. It could be a movie (and in fact, it's already been--many times over) but the point of it all right now is that Mars in the rays of the Sun IS Mars descending into the underworld, and this is not a citizen soldier Mars, but a wild, passionate, angry Mars, slaying gatekeepers right and left to get to the object of his desire.
Mars began his descent into the underworld (entered the beams of the Sun and became more violent) right before the Full Moon on November 13th. By the New Moon of November 27th Mars is in full "slay the gatekeepers" mode (remind me never to take a job as a gatekeeper). On my astrological calendar, under the New Moon I'd written "volatile," and woke to CNN reports of a terrorist attack in Mumbai. Mars remains in the underworld until about mid February, when Mars reappears in the pre-dawn sky.
The bad news is that Mars is out there slaying gatekeepers and keeping things generally riled up right now. The good news is that when Mars reappears he'll be a heck of a lot happier, having just returned from a hot date with Erishkegal.
What to do? There's always a good way to use even difficult energy and Mars in the underworld may be violent, but he is also motivated, focused, and passionate. If we've got a goal in mind, this energy can help us get there. Just make sure we don't leave any bodies behind (metaphorical or otherwise) in our rush to our goal, and it'll probably help to have a clear goal as well--otherwise we could end up like the guy I drove behind yesterday, who had a bumper sticker on his car that read "I took the road less traveled by. Now where the hell am I?"

Never Give Your Birthdate to an Astrologer,
Responsibility, n. A detachable burden easily shifted to the shoulders of God, Fate, Fortune, Luck or one’s neighbor. In the days of astrology it was customary to unload it upon a star.Ambrose Bierce
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).
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