Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spock's home world found!

Epsilon Eridani is the star around which Vulcan is rumored to be located.

Art imitates life so often that everything has to be connected and in yet another example of that, Epsilon Eridani is located on the midpoint of Leonard Nimoy's Sun-Moon.

Astronomically, Eridanus is a constellation that twists and turns in a long ribbon across the sky, much like a river--and that's what our ancestors saw when looking at it. Mythologically Eridanus, the celestial river, is said to be the source of all water (and thus is literally the river of life). What's interesting about that is that astrologically, the water element relates to emotions (fire is action, air is intellect, earth is the material realm). So Vulcan is located in the river of emotion ...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Political Astrology

It's been said that when God wants to punish you, he answers your prayers. Something to remember whenever we get too worried that our candidate might not win in the US Presidential election! Speaking of which, if this astrologer had a dollar for every person who has asked me whom I think, astrologically, is going to win the election, I could move to New Zealand and no longer have to worry about it.

Right now, Senator Obama is narrowly ahead in the polls and some Obama supporters are predicting that this 1% margin will translate into a landslide victory for him. You have to love their enthusiasm, for as Henry Chester wrote, enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world, beating money, and power, and influence. It might, however, not beat the ultimate vote totals: Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president under a Void of Course Moon. When we begin something under a Void of Course Moon, the typical result is that "nothing comes of it,"--we get no concrete result, or if we do get a result, it is not at all the result we expected.

Senator Obama also announced his running mate choice of Joe Biden under a Void of Course Moon (and astrologers as a unit thought, Obama really ought to get himself a descent astrologer ...). Supporters of Senator McCain are doubtless rejoicing at the news--except, not so fast; just as one shouldn't count their chickens before they're hatched (or in the McCain ticket's case, count their dead moose before they are gunned down) counting one's victory because the opposition has picked some unfortunate astrological times to begin things could lead to serious disappointment. Announcing one's candidacy under a Void Moon doesn't necessarily mean one will not get elected. It means ... well, we'll get to that ...

The Moon was not Void of Course when McCain announced his candidacy on April 25, 2007. It was in unfortunate alignment with the planet Saturn though, an emotionally oppressive aspect that can make us feel like the kid who gets all the chores and rules and none of the indulgent adulation given to the new kid on the block. Not satisfied to be oppressed by cheerless Saturn, the chart's Moon also opposes Neptune, the planet connected with disillusion (as well as illusion), disappointment, and things which vanish. The Moon in the announcement chart is in the sign of Capricorn, a sign it dislikes. Neither the Moon nor the candidate feels at home in this enterprise, and it may show. The Moon in a chart represents the sympathies of the people and Capricorn is an unsympathetic sign; someone isn't feeling the love and it might be McCain.

It's more than just the announcement chart which plays into the astrological energies of an election though. There are the charts of the candidates, and transits to those charts, the chart of the day of the election, the chart of the inauguration, the country's chart itself.

In this astrologer's opinion, the transits to the candidate's charts on election day is overplayed and perhaps even pointless to bother with. Here is why: some astrologer's say that the candidate with the transits that produce the most prominence will win the election. Problem with this is that all of the candidates will have transits that project public prominence at election time; they are individuals who are running for President of the United States for crying out loud--one doesn't get to that point under transits that proclaim "this is going to be a period of obscurity for you." Both candidate's transits are going to proclaim significant elevation. Other astrologers take the opposite track, and say that the candidate with the worst transits will win, inference being that it's actually the lucky guy (or gal) who looses the election (take a look at "before he was President" and "after" photos of ex-Presidents, you see what these people mean). Problem with this theory is that both candidates will also have some pretty sucky transits going on as well--after all, they're both in a battle to the metaphorical death as it were, both are under vicious attack from the other side, both have their lives held to a microscope, both have people wishing them the worst of luck in their quest. (I know I've a few clients out there thinking, what?!--there's actually something other than sucky transits? Really, there is, and the good transits will come your way as soon as the folks who have 'em now get done using them ...).

Many astrologers look at the charts of the candidate's themselves. Problem here being that there is some uncertainty as to the time of each Presidential candidate's birth. Obama has even quipped that rather than being born in a manger (thus astrologers can rule out any barns as birth location in his home state of Hawaii) he was actually born on another planet (effectively screwing up Earth based astrological analysis). McCain's mother said he was born at 11 am, but John says he remember being told it was "happy hour" (which explains a lot when you think about it). Happy Hour in the Navy refers to the time when Navy men and women gather in the mess for drinks after completion of the day's work, usually around 6 or 7 pm. A birth certificate for McCain finally surfaced, and it looks as if mother doesn't always know best; it gives McCain's birth time as 6:25 pm (Happy Hour).

Barack Obama, a Friday's child born on August 4th, 1961 at 7:24 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii has Sun in the regal (you could even say elitist) sign of Leo, his Moon in intellectual and gab-gifted Gemini, and Aquarius rising. Aquarius has been described as the "Mr.Spock" sign and as the Rising sign describes our appearance, looking at a photo of Star Trek's Spock and then Obama, we believe it. The Moon is our security blanket and when threatened, Gemini Moon people retreat into the realms of the intellect (that, or throw spit wads at the opposition) and this along with that Vulcan-ish Aquarius Rising is the source of Obama's perceived "calm, cool, collected"-ness under fire.

John McCain was born on Saturday (as his mother said) but most likely at 6:25 pm (as his birth certificate says) in Colon, Panama on the August 29th, 1936 a generation and a half ahead of Obama. His Sun is in the sign of non-regal but certainly dedicated Virgo and his Moon is in Aquarius. Aquarians like to think of themselves as being rebels and mavericks, and while they can certainly seem weir--er, I mean "mavericky" on the outside, at the core they're usually surprisingly conservative, traditional people. Pisces, the sign of the suffering, wounded, and confined or imprisoned (I am not making this up) Rises in McCain's chart. (Eeyore the Donkey has Pisces Rising as well, so maybe McCain is actually in the wrong party). Aquarius is the sign of friendship, bonding with our compatriots and blood-brothers and Aquarian Moons aren't secure unless they can feel like they're among friends (ever notice how McCain begins every speech by befriending us all? "My friends ...").

Sarah Palin was born on Tuesday, the day belonging to warrior Mars (are we surprised?). It was at 4:40 pm on February 11th, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho that this future animal love(to kill them)er came into the world. Palin was born near an Aquarius New Moon which means that both Sun and Moon are in the sign of Aquarius. When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign the Moon is rising and setting with the Sun and thus we don't see it--it's lost to the brilliance of the Sun. Astrology is an ancient and originally visual art and to the ancients, when you couldn't see the Moon, it in effect "wasn't there." It's not that people born when the Moon was "invisible" don't have feelings (though if wolves could talk, they might argue the point in Palin's case), it's that they confuse what they need (the Moon) with what they want (the Sun). Because they don't let their feelings get in the way, these folks usually get what they want--and then discover the wisdom of Mr. Spock when he said, "You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true." (Now I'm going to get a bunch of e-mails from New Moon people telling me I've hurt their non-existe, er, I mean, misunderstood feelings).

Joe Biden; a Friday's child like Obama, Biden was born on November 20th, 1942 at 8:30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With Sun is in the sign of Scorpio (the gods put Scorpio in the sky to bring down Orion, the stellar hunter, because he was killing too many animals ... Sarah might want to take note) and his Moon in bull-headed Taurus. Scorpio may have been put in the sky to punish Orion the hunter, but visually, the hunter is whumping Taurus with a club (in case we haven't noticed, it's a relatively violent sky, which is probably why we humans have created so much light pollution to blot it all out ...). Thankfully Palin and Biden confined themselves to verbal battle in their debate (though secretly I'm sure they really wanted to duke it out--their two Suns are locked in a competitive square: my money would've been on Palin ... don't mess with women who can field dress a moose, I always say). Biden was born when the Moon was gibbous waxing towards full. Unlike Palin, with no Moon gracing her birth night, for Biden the Moon filled the sky, blotting out details (like those pesky stars). Biden has big plans and sees the big picture (and with mouthy Sagittarius rising, will tell you so) but he trips up on the details--like whether or not the microphone has been turned off yet.

During astrological consultations a few of you have asked me which candidate's chart suggested they are more likely to become President. Modern astrology isn't much help here, because it has dispensed with the unpleasant notion (accepted in ancient astrology) that some people are "fated" to be dishwashers, whilst others are destined for kingship. Modern astrology is psychology based, and concerned with motivation: Why does my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse keep doing things that they know will piss me off?--well, maybe their Moon squares their Mars and the only time they ever got undivided attention from their mother was when they'd pissed her off; go with what worked with mama, sayeth the Moon and so they go with it not realizing that there are more productive ways to direct the Moon-Mars energy.

Ancient astrologers were a lot less concerned with motivation and a lot more concerned with actual results than we moderns. The ancients recognized that one way to achieve wedded bliss was to not marry someone who was fated to be frustrated by their career as a dishwasher. Carrying this idea into the realm of political struggles, once upon a time if we bet on the losing party, we didn't just risk having to face the smirks of the other side for weeks on end--we risked facing the gallows. So it was a matter of some importance knowing which contender stood a better chance of achieving highest prominence. Using ancient techniques, Barack Obama's is a more "royal" chart than John McCain; the stars say he will ultimately achieve higher rank. At least, that's what I thought (and mentioned to many of you) when using a 9 am birth time for John McCain. In light of an apparently authentic birth certificate showing up giving a happy hour birth time of 6:25 PM, a lot changes. The princely planet Jupiter, ruler of McCain's Mid Heaven (career) is very favorably positioned in his horoscope--the Mid Heaven ruler "beholds" the Mid Heaven suggesting a person who is destined to achieve tremendous eminence. But Obama's Mid Heaven (career) aligns with the bright star Toliman (Alpha Centaurus), a star whose name means "heretofore and hereafter" and grants "beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor." His Sun is in a royal, masculine sign while McCain's Sun is in a servile, feminine sign (sorry feminists, but in ancient astrology masculine signs trump feminine ones because Gloria Steinem hadn't yet been born) and McCain better hope that he was born in the evening, rather than at the time his mother remembers because without that elevated Jupiter in his evening chart, according to ancient astrology he's a goner. With the elevated Jupiter it's a near toss up.

We're left with the chart for election day itself, and this is the chart I like best; we only have to deal with one chart, we can easily find the day, place, and time and we don't have to listen to inane banter between a candidate and his mother to get the timing of the chart.

So here's the scoop: the horoscope for Election Day 2008 says that (drum roll please) ... Nobody will win. And even though I'm always telling people that I'm an astrologer, not a psychic (you'd be surprised at how many folks confuse the two; I once even had a librarian, upon finding out I'm an astrologer, extend her open palm and ask if I could read it)--in this case I know what you're thinking: "Oh yeah, take the easy way out; just say that whether the Democrat or Republican wins, the rest of us lose." So here's the explanation to the scoop:

First thing that jumps out at one about the election day chart is that the Moon will be Void of Course at the opening of the polls for the entire country, and remain Void most of the day. Events begun under Void of Course Moons fail of their purpose, become moot, decisions made under Void Moons prove unrealistic, actions initiated under Void Moons do not produce the consequence intended.

It gets worse. You see, some Void Moons are worse than other Void Moons (because some Moons are worse than other Moons, just like the band Credence Clearwater Revival sang they were). Capricorn is the sign of the Moon's detriment; it's like you or I when we're in clothes we really hate--often all we can think about is how much we hate our clothes, not where we are or what we're supposed to be doing. Astrology is probabilities, essentially; when we take actions under a Void Moon, we increase the probability that something is going to go wrong. When we take actions under a Void of Course Moon and she's also in a sign she doesn't like, we vastly increase the probability that something's going to go wrong because this Moon is not only going no where, she's obsessing on how uncomfortable she is.

It gets worse. Mars, the planet that rules goals and how we direct our efforts to achieve those goals, is arguing with Neptune, the planet that rules dissolution, disappointment, and deception. Mars in poor aspect to Neptune is "misdirected action," or action that fizzles (Mars is fire, Neptune rules the sea, rain, fog and every fireman counts on the fact that fire and water do not mix).

It gets worse. Mercury begins the day at 29 degrees of Libra. Mercury is the cosmic accountant as well as cosmic secretary, ruling numbers, counting, paperwork, and process. The 29th degree (of any sign) is called the "anaretic" degree, which means the killing degree. It is a degree of crisis, endings, obstacles, karma, the necessity to pay dues before moving on, it represents a pause--and then a radical shift of direction (because the planet is about to move into an entirely new sign). If this sounds like it's good news for the Democrats (and it could be) we might want to remember that radical shifts inspired by the 29th degree tend to happen due to unforeseen events or crisis. Maybe Joe the Plumber gets enough write in votes. (At least his aides won't have to worry about White House leaks ...).

It gets worse. Saturn, the planet that rules law and order, structure and boundaries exactly opposes Uranus, the Great Breaker, whose function is to destroy structure and move beyond boundaries. In mythology, Saturn castrated his father Uranus (Ouranus) with an iron sickle and threw his private parts into the sea (and you thought you had problems with your kids). It's a tense aspect of complete opposites at odds with each other with little room for compromise. Historically it corresponds with times when cultural paradigms are remade. The last time Saturn and Uranus were in opposition was 1965 through 1967, a period when America was divided over a prolonged and ill-conceived war and issues of race. (The more things change ...) Saturn and Uranus will dance in and out of opposition from now through 2010, with the first exact opposition occurring the day of the election with the second exact opposition to form on February 5th, 2009--or just after the Presidential inauguration.

Speaking of that Inauguration--on January 20th, 2009, at Noon in Washington D.C., (the time and place for the Presidential Inauguration) the Moon will be Void of Course. The Moon will be in Scorpio, a sign she dislikes. The Moon will be at the 29th degree of Scorpio. Presidents within living memory who were inaugurated under Void Moons are Franklin D. Roosevelt (died in office April 12, 1945); John F. Kennedy (died in office November 22, 1963); Richard Nixon's second Inauguration occurred under a VoC (Void of Course) Moon, as did that of his VP, Gerald R. Ford who took over when Nixon resigned. Nothing happened to Ford (thankfully!) but nothing much came of his presidency either (the author of The Zen of Zombie suggests that Mr. Ford was actually an unusually animate Zombie, which explains a lot when you think about it ...). Bill Clinton's 2nd Inauguration also occurred while the Moon was VoC, and along came Monica.

So what's gonna happen?! Well if you want specifics, that's why they make Ouija boards. But I can say this--worse case scenario, the election and inauguration charts suggest that the person elected may not be the person inaugurated. Let's not focus on worse case scenarios though, because, number one, they rarely happen (best case scenarios rarely happen too, so all you Pollyannas out there, just slap yourselves out of your giggling), and number two, in dire times it helps to be optimistic; save the morbid pessimism as a treat to dole out periodically to the Capricorns in our life during jolly eras--too much cheerfulness depresses them. The charts suggest to me that what we see is not what we'll get. As we knew exactly what we were getting in 2004, and a majority voted for Bush anyway, this can only be a good thing.

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