Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Voids, Politics, Mercury Retrograde and other horrorscopes

This astrologer spent the weekend as Equine-Astrologer-in-Residence at the Metamora Celebration of the Horse, a local, small-town festival that beats all those Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon-Seed-Spitting, Corn-On-The-Cob, Apple, Pumpkin and whatever-else small town America festivals held all over the country by a long shot (at least if one if a horse lover it does).

A lot of folks visited my booth and signed up for the astrology newsletter, so a brief explanation of the Void Moon is in order (if we already know about a-Voiding the Void, skip ahead): As the closest cosmic body to the Earth, the Moon "carries the light" or energy of all the other planets and stars. All astrological influences must pass the Moon's boundary before reaching the Earth. At certain times on a regular basis the Moon is said to "enter the Void"--that is, the Moon is making no contact by aspect with any other planet and will not make any before she leaves her current sign. At these times energy is drifting aimless (like the Moon) and actions taken, or important items bought at such times are much more liable to "fail of their purpose" than actions taken/items purchased when the Moon is not Void.

Astrology is not so much "fate" as probabilities. When we begin new projects or buy important items under a Void Moon period, there is a much higher probability that what we want to happen will not happen. It's as simple as that. (Already begun projects can proceed as planned under voids, btw--though avoid bringing a project to its conclusion under a Void if possible). ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE A MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THE VOID OF COURSE MOON, please e-mail and I'll send it to you!

And--folks who signed up for this newsletter at the horse celebration thinking they were going to be getting free equestrian advice; I have some for you. Don't buy a horse under a Void of Course Moon! (Here's some more: How should one deal with a horse who is prone to be a runaway?--learn to ride faster!). There, now that we've satisfied the horse fanatics in the audience--on to the Voids!

All times given in Eastern or Pacific Daylight Saving time. The rest of you've gotta convert, 'cause your astrologer can only handle so much math at a time ...

The MOON IS IN SCORPIO on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1st and she's not Void. (Well--mostly--she leaves the Void at 0:26 am EDT, and if we're up beginning new projects and buying important items at that hour of the night, we're waayyy too busy anyway and need some of our projects to go no where).
Mercury, the cosmic mailman went retrograde (moving backwards in apparent motion) September 24th and will remain so until October 15th. Don't sign important papers, don't initiate important contracts, don't buy expensive communication or office equipment or electronics in general, don't mail stuff at the last minute expecting it to get there in time. DO review, rewrite, reconsider, repair, re-anything. Mercury retrogrades are good times to go back over old territory, just like Mercury is doing. DO keep extra flexibility in our schedules because Mercury, when retrograde, loves to shred schedules. (By the way, it is especially important to not make rushed decisions when Mercury is retrograde! Mercury retrograde is a time when review is favored and careful consideration of options is important. Especially when Mercury is retrograde in the wishy-washy sign of Libra, whose symbol is the balance scale that tilts back and forth between options. HELLO CONGRESS--get a clue!--this is NOT a good time to be quickly deciding on whether or not to throw billions of dollars at a problem. Where is a good astrologer in congress when you need one? Sheesh.)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd at 6:47 pm EDT (3:47 pm PDT). She's Void the rest of the day. Scorpio is a sign very interested in the uses of power, Moon Void of Course in Scorpio is a time when quests for power lead into unexpected (and generally unsought) territory. The first Vice Presidential debate will be held under this intriguing "mis-directed power" aspect. It's well known that Vice Presidential candidate Sara Palin can not only bring home the bacon (she kept the "pork"--federal money--given her by the U.S. government for the "Bridge to Nowhere" that she supported before deciding she didn't support it) but she can also bring down, chop up, and bring home a moose. Less well known is that gun-totin' Sara also supports killing wolves by chasing and shooting them from low flying airplanes. She says it's because the wolves like to hunt moose too, thereby competing with humans. (Note to Governor Palin: wolves don't "like" to hunt moose--they need to hunt them, not having money with which to buy Big Macs). But what I really want to know is--does Senator Biden know about his opponent's preferred method of eliminating the competition?

Luna (aka "the Moon") leaves the Void on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd at 11:14 am EDT (8:14 am PDT) when she canters into horsey SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius is the sign that disables the brain-to-mouth filter which prevents most of us from telling our best friend that yes, that dress does make her look fat. Much has been made of Senator Joe Biden's verbal gaffs--well, the man has Sagittarius Rising in his birth chart so he tends to say pretty much what he thinks as he thinks it. Those of us with Sagittarian Suns, Moons, or Rising signs can empathize. (Note to the politically interested; more in-depth astrological analysis of all candidates to come in a separate post).

The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS and she is not VOID on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th. That brain-to-mouth-with-no-pause-for-reflection-in-between energy remains strong, not only through today and tommorow's Sagittarian Moon, but right through the early next week as well (Jupiter, planet of excess, in square to retrograde Mercury, planet of yak, yak, yak.) It's aspects like these that remind us that the trouble with talking too fast is that we might say something we haven't thought of yet.

LUNA enters the VOID on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5th at 9:08 pm EDT (6:08 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 11:48 pm EDT (8:48 pm PDT) when she climbs into ambitious CAPRICORN. Venus, goddess of love and money is stressed for the next few days, and dissatisfaction within relationships or with a financial picture is in the air. (When I don't like my financial picture, I take it down and put up a floral still-life, or horse picture or something. Why be depressed?).

The MOON IS IN CAPRICORN on MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th and she is not Void. Jupiter and the Moon sit together in the constellation of the Archer (they're in the zodical sign of Capricorn, but in the actual constellation of Sagittarius the Archer--signs and constellations are two different things in Western Astrology. Confusing? Sure. That's why people pay astrologers to make sense of the chaos for them. And why astrologers seem so dazed when asked easy questions, like "What do you want for lunch?") You can read in astrology books that Sagittarius is the happy-go-lucky sign of optimism and adventure and sticking its foot in its mouth through being too eager to share thoughts. All true as far as it goes. But to the ancients, Sagittarius had a much more difficult, even malevolent side; the constellation is an archer with a horse's body. Two of the most feared "weapons" in ancient times were the mounted warrior and the archer ... a mounted warrior is bigger and faster than you are and can run you down. Even worse was the archer, who can strike from a distance and target you without your even being aware of it.
Whenever planets crossed the constellation of Sagittarius, the ancients thought, uh oh--that's trouble. What's it mean for us? A really lively 2nd Presidential debate, with few (if any) holds barred. So lay in a supply of popcorn ahead of time (see, ain't astrology useful?).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID at 3:37 pm EDT (12:37 pm PDT) on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7th. She's Void the rest of the day. It's also a First Quarter Moon and a good time to step outside of our comfort zones. If we're stepping outside of our comfort zones verbally or financially however, expect an equal and opposite reaction. (My advice; t-shirts with messages! Let's us mouth off without actually mouthing off. Maybe politicians in Washington should make the switch--instead of suits, t-shirts with messages. In fact, I might send my congressman one to get the ball rolling).

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID at 12:03 pm EDT (9:03 am PDT) on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th when she enters the "high, clear" of AQUARIUS. Aquarius rules very high places, places above mountaintops even, the air and sky. If we're looking for something, and do a horoscope to help us locate that thing (Yes, we can do that), and the planet that signifies the lost item is in Aquarius, better start looking up (or near a fountain ... Aquarius also rules places where clean water emerges; it isn't called the "water-bearer" for nothing you know).

THE MOON REMAINS IN AQUARIUS on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9th and she is not Void. On days when the Moon is in the emotionally detached but socially conscious sign of Aquarius, people are prone to being very friendly, but in an impersonal manner. So if we walk around warmly grabbing the hand of anyone who so much as nods at us, and gushing as if we've just met a long-lost best friend, we can have a lot of fun! (Note; my legal department informs me that I should inform readers that using astrology to freak people out is naughty.)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10TH at 7:13 pm EDT (4:13 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID AT 9:31 pm EDT (6:31 pm PDT) when she drifts into foggy PISCES. Escapist tendencies will be strong today, so start the weekend early (hey, if Fridays off work for our Congress--people supposedly running the country--why should we stress?)

The MOON IS IN PISCES on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11th. She is not Void. Venus, goddess of love is in aspect to Neptune, planet of fantasy and if we don't know what to do with an aspect like this, our astrologer probably can't help us.

The MOON IS IN PISCES on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12th. She'll enter the Void at 10:02 pm, PACIFIC DAYLIGHT time.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID at 1:02 am EDT (already there, PDT) on MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th. She LEAVES THE VOID AT 3:07 am EDT (0:07 am PDT) when she sashays into exuberant ARIES. Aries is the sign ruled by the planet Mars, god of weapons. What can we do with this information?--well, for one thing, if we need to buy (or sharpen) knives of any kind, an Aries Moon is a favorable time. (I get more favorable comments whenever I mention that Aries Moons are good for sharpening knives than any other repeated suggestion I make in this newsletter. Have no idea why this is so, and frankly it kind of worries me ...).

FULL MOON IN ARIES on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th. Full Moons shed light on a situation, metaphorically as well as literally. When this Full Moon perfects (when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon) the Moon will be in the 2nd house at the location of Washington, D.C. and the Sun will be in the 8th house. The 2nd house is the house of one's own money, money one makes themselves; the 8th is the house of other people's money, money one gets from or owes to others. The planet Mars, ruler of the sign Aries and thus of this Full Moon, forms a relationship with Sualocin (Alpha Delphinus), the dolphin star. This star is connected with the energy of intelligent playfulness and a certain mastery of the use of energy. Well, money is simply congealed energy. Mars is connected to Sualocin in the birth chart of Charles Henry Dow, who founded the Dow Jones Company and the Wall Street Journal. Whenever someone blasts past my bicycle in their car, endangering life and limb (mine, mostly) as well as taking out any butterflies in their path I always think, "Where's a cop when you need one?" Well, right now folks are thinking "Where's a financial expert when you need one?" Perhaps this Full Moon will find one for us. MERCURY is about to go direct (forward motion) again, and solutions can be found.

And right now this astrologer has to find a solution to a client's tangled stars,
more to come later.

Void Moon time summary:
October 1st, Wed: Moon in Scorpio, Void until 0:26 am EDT.
October 2nd, Thur: Moon enters Void 6:47 pm EDT (3:47 pm PDT)
October 3rd, Fri: Moon leaves Void 11:14 am EDT (8:14 am PDT). Moon enters Sagittarius.
October 4th, Sat: Moon in Sagittarius, not Void.
October 5th, Sun: Moon enters Void 9:08 pm EDT (6:08 pm PDT). Moon leaves Void 11:48 pm EDT (8:48 pm PDT). Moon enters Capricorn.
October 6th, Mon: Moon in Capricorn, not Void.
October 7th, Tues: Moon enters Void at 3:37 pm EDT (12:37 pm PDT).
October 8th, Wed: Moon leaves Void at 12:03 pm EDT (9:03 am PDT). Moon enters Aquarius.
October 9th, Thur: Moon in Aquarius, not Void.
October 10th, Fri: Moon enters Void at 7:13 pm EDT (4:13 pm PDT). Moon leaves Void at 9:31 pm EDT (6:31 pm PDT). Moon enters Pisces.
October 11th, Sat: Moon in Pisces, not Void.
October 12th, Sun: Moon in Pisces, enters Void 10:02 pm PDT.
October 13th, Mon: Moon enters Void 1:02 am EDT. Moon leaves Void 3:07 am EDT (0:07 am PDT). Moon enters Aries.
October 14th, FULL MOON IN ARIES. Moon is not Void.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
(Unless we really do want to know what all those crazy planets were doing at the time we were born ...)
A good cook always has friends.
-Emeril Lagasse (who, like Charles Henry Dow, has the dolphin star in contact with his Mars; Mars rules sharp objects as well as things that produce heat; Sualocin the dolphin star grants intelligent playfulness mixed with confidence and mastery; Playfulness, confidence, and mastery in a realm that involves sharp objects and heat? Describes Chef Emeril? You decide!)
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).© 2008 Trish Marie--all rights reserved.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes it isn't Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the cosmic mailman, is deep in his retrograde shadow. This means that Mercury is already in the territory it's going to recross when it turns retrograde (backwards in apparent motion) on September 24th. Mercury retrograde is sort of like when one's mailman isn't paying attention; messages get misdelivered, mail can get lost, sometimes the mailman doesn't show up at all. Astrologers love to blame Mercury Retrogrades for communication failures, and communication equipment failures (better to blame Mercury than your mailman, because really--he or she has a hard job. Try it sometime. I did!--it's tough! Those people perform miracles daily. Plus, Mercury can't spit on your mail before it gets to the mailbox--don't get on the bad side of your postal carrier. Take it from someone who knows ...).

Being a Mercury ruled person (Gemini Rising; the planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini) it's common for my computer (and phone, and car) to act up under Mercury retrogrades. Mercury-ruled people (Gemini or Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising sign) are particularly susceptible to having the little details of life go backward when Mercury does. So when my computer's mouse began acting up and giving me grief, I chalked it up to Mercury about to go retrograde, and told the mouse it would end up a cat toy if it didn't begin behaving.

Uncowed by the threat, the mouse became even more rebellious. My Taurus daughter took a more practical approach to the problem (leave it to those Earth signs to look for practical, real-world solutions). Taking apart the mouse, she discovered the source of the rebellion.

FILTH! Okay, so sometimes it isn't Mercury Retrograde. (Where'd all that stuff come from anyway?)