Monday, June 30, 2008

June 26th through July 6th

The planet Saturn rules boundaries, that which limits, that which confines, stops, and blocks. Saturn in our natal charts represents a life area where we feel something is seriously lacking and we have to work hard to make up for that lack. Saturn in the sky now (transit Saturn) represents areas subject to a lack or limitations in the everyday world.

Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo since September 2007. The constellation from which the sign draws its name represents a virgin goddess holding a sheaf of wheat (nowadays she'd hold a pizza) and Virgo represents the harvest. Then we get drought in Australia, severe floods in the American midwest, ethanol subsidies feeding corn to cars rather than people and voilá--food shortages are in the news everywhere. Here in my home state of Michigan, Traverse City's much celebrated cherry crop is suffering from a cold spring, too few bees and too much stormy weather and Detroit's truck and SUV crop from too much short-term thinking and too few buyers. Shortages of honest crops like corn and cherries one can understand, but it seems that even the horseshoe crab harvest is in trouble! (Who knew that horseshoe crabs were even "harvested?" Personally I can't imagine eating a horseshoe crab. Seems no one else can either--they're not caught for the table, but rather because the "gravid," or egg-carrying females make the best bait for eels and conchs. Which brings us back to: personally I can't imagine eating an eel or a giant snail. And people say tofu is gross ...).

On to the Voids! All times are given in Eastern and Pacific Daylight Saving Time. Everyone else, remember to convert!

The MOON IS IN ARIES on THURSDAY, JUNE 26th. She is not Void. Today is author Walter Farley's birthday (now sadly deceased). "What! Walter Farley is a Cancer?" I thought to myself (not being a telepath, "to myself" is the only person I think to) when I saw the name on my astrological calendar. Readers un-afflicted with an irrational adoration of all things equine are probably thinking, huh? Who is Walter Farley? But to those poor souls hit early with horsemania the name is revered: Mr. Farley wrote The Black Stallion series of horse stories for young people and many a horse loving girl and boy spent summer afternoons riding with Alex and the wild black Arabian stallion known simply as "the Black." The astrological sign of Cancer is known to produce writers but while many Cancerians do love horses, it's not a sign typically associated with the horsey type (Cancerians tend to be homebodies, whilst horses carry us away from home ...). A look at Mr. Farley's chart explains it all--his natal Moon is in Sagittarius, the centaur-sign and the horsey-est of the lot, and the Fixed Star Castor (Alpha Gemini), the famed horseman of the Gemini Twins and a star much connected with a love of horses as well as a love of language (writing specifically), danced with Mercury at the time and location of his birth. Cancer rules the shoreline (where crabs live), the liminal space between two states of being (water/earth) and isn't it fascinating that much of the story inThe Black Stallion, Walter Farley's first and most famous book, unfolds along an island shoreline?

The MOON IS IN ARIES on FRIDAY, JUNE 27th. She's not Void at all EDT, but THE MOON WILL ENTER THE VOID AT 11:13 PM PDT. SHE'LL LEAVE THE VOID AT 11;50 PM PDT WHEN SHE TROTS INTO TAURUS. If we've any knives that need sharpening, and this includes chainsaw blades as well as the more obvious kitchen knives, axes, Samurai swords, etc., today's a grand day to do that. Aries Moons are great days to buy sharp things as well (Aries rules weapons--including any tool we use to challenge kitchen vegetables), but we've got to watch the impulse: I was at a Renaissance Festival a couple of years ago, it was an Aries Moon and the swords of a master sword smith there proved nearly irresistible. I came very close to walking away with a $300 broadsword and what I would have ended up doing with the thing I'll never know. Slice tomatoes maybe? The sword smith was doing brisk business on that day with the Moon transiting the sign that rules swords. The carving of the Thanksgiving turkey must be an interesting event in some homes, is all I can think.

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID AT 2:13 AM EDT on SATURDAY, JUNE 28th (already there and already left the void PDT, see above). SHE LEAVES THE VOID AT 2:50 AM EDT when she trots into TAURUS. Harmonious transits between Luna, Saturn and Pluto support either work or play on this Saturday but a building opposition between Venus, the goddess of desire and Jupiter, the god of excess may see us wanting to go overboard in whatever we do. THIS VENUS-JUPITER OPPOSITION IS IN EFFECT THE ENTIRE UPCOMING WEEK; we can either approach it as a heads-up ("no, I don't *really* need that chartreuse margarita blender, I just want it but that's Venus-Jupiter speaking and I'm gonna resist")--OR we can give the transits what they want, but productively. Area newspaper just ran a story about a local senior who rode his bicycle to the Mackinaw Bridge (it separates Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas). Not such a big deal, one thinks--until we read that the bridge is over 200 miles away from here and this 64 year old adventurer did the ride IN ONE DAY. With Venus-Jupiter it's all about an excess of desire and whether that ends up being a good or bad thing depends on which desire we let ourselves scratch.

THE MOON IS IN TAURUS on SUNDAY, JUNE 29th. She is not Void EXCEPT for late on the West Coast (MOON ENTERS THE VOID AT 11:43 pm PDT). Later in the day Luna will trigger the waning Mars (ego, action) and Neptune (dissolution, leaks) opposition. This combination can trigger "failures caused by lack of planning," so if we've decided to imitate the 200 mile bicycle rider and only make it a fraction of the distance, let's hope we don't end up slapping ourselves when we realize we forgot to get on the bike before setting out.

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID AT 2:43 am EDT (already there PDT) on MONDAY, JUNE 30th. SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 4:03 am EDT (1:03 am PDT) when she skips her way into gregarious GEMINI. If we go outside just after dusk and look west, low on the horizon there will be a close grouping of three bright "stars." This is actually two planets (Mars and Saturn) and a star, the Royal star Regulus (Alpha Leo, the heart of the lion). The lion (Leo) is the King of Beasts and Regulus is one of the Royal stars, thus we'd expect this star to be connected to the idea of rulership, royalty, power--and it is! Which is just great, but you know this star is also connected to the idea of sudden and disastrous fall from grace should power be misused. "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped," wrote Elbert Hubbard. That's what these planets and stars are saying too.

The MOON IS IN GEMINI on TUESDAY, THE FIRST OF JULY. She's not Void. Mars enters Virgo and for the next month and a half Virgos (Sun, Rising, Moon) will be even jumpier than usual.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, JULY 2nd at 3:08 am EDT (0:08 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 3:53 am EDT (0:53 am PDT) WHEN SHE SIDLES INTO CANCER. If we have something important to buy or a new project to begin (shouldn't do these things under a Void Moon remember) in the wee hours of a July morning, then we've definitely got our summertime priorities screwed up. It is also the night of the CANCER NEW MOON. The Sun and Moon align together in Cancer also closely conjoin the small planet CERES. Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest, particularly cereal grains. We get the word "cereal" from Ceres Astrologically Ceres represents how we feed and cloth ourselves. It's "mother hen" energy, clucking over its brood--it can feel caring, or smothering and overpowering. Wal-Mart was born with Sun and Moon in Cancer and conjoined Ceres. Since its birth on July 2nd, 1962 Wal-Mart began to be the dominate force in the way Americans feed and cloth themselves. This should be an interesting New Moon for this corporate behemoth, and the New Moon at 11 degrees Cancer falls nearly dead on Wal-Mart's Sun at 10 degrees Cancer. What will happen? All this astrologer can say with certainty is that she won't be seen shopping there (because I never once have, and records like that are worth holding on to).
FOR THE REST OF US (including those who WILL be shopping at Wal-Mart) this Moon portends an excess of emotionality and feelings of loneliness OR wishing everyone would just leave us alone. If we're one of lonely, we can go hang out with those wishing to be left alone and bug 'em.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, JULY 3rd at 4:13 pm EDT 91:13 pm PDT). She's there the rest of the day. Venus (desire) and Jupiter (excess) are at exact opposition, and our eyes really are bigger than our stomachs (or pocketbooks) right now. Something to keep in mind while shopping for tomorrow's 4th of July celebration, lest we end up with more Veggie-dogs than we know what to do with. (It's possible that for some of us ONE veggie dog would probably be more than we know what to do with ...).

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on FRIDAY, THE FOURTH OF JULY at 4:15 am EDT (1:15 am PDT) WHEN SHE MARCHES INTO MAGNIFICENT LEO. If we love looking up at the sky on the 4th of July and saying, "Ohhhh, Ahhhh, Wow!" at the sparkly sky-shows dominating the heavens, we ought to consider taking up astrology. Why? Well, because the 4th of July reminds astrologers we're among the luckiest people of all--most folks wait for Holiday fireworks to look up and be amazed. Astrologers get to do so every night of the year.

The MOON IS IN LEO on SATURDAY, JULY 5th and she is not Void. Leo is one of the four "fixed" signs and doesn't really like a change of plans. Leo particularly dislikes it if the plans changed are ones they came up with; only the king can change the king's agenda don'tcha know. Too bad today, because Mercury, god of schedules is being distracted by Uranus, god of chaos. Sudden and abrupt changes of plans, opinions, schedules and clothing are possible today. I'd bring a spare suit.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, JULY 6th at 6:04 am EDT (3:04 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID *EXACTLY* ONE HOUR LATER. (Oh, all right, I'll do the math ... grumble ...SHE LEAVES THE VOID AT 7:04 AM EDT, 4:04 am PDT) when she finds herself in nervous VIRGO (doubtless looking for her anti-anxiety meds). Luna aligns with Mars and Saturn, a combination that can incline towards depression. But Mars and Saturn are still hanging out with Regulus, a heroic star--if we're playing the hero then we won't have time to get depressed. Myself, I'm wearing a red cape all day long.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

June Void Moons through the Full

This astrologer has recently returned from the UAC (United Astrology Conference) in Denver, Colorado. Over 1700 astrologers were in attendance and every morning, lunch, and evening at cafes and restaurants all along Denver's fabulous downtown area conversations involving planets and stars and retrogrades bumped into talk about teeth (no, it wasn't Saturn--planetary ruler of teeth--making an appearance; there was also a convention of Orthodontists in town. The Orthodontists had cooler conference-issued bags; bi-colored, with more pockets than the astrology conference bags and including a water-bottle carrier. Conference-bag envy, it's a terrible thing!)

Ah well, we astrologers had the more interesting conversations, based on how many people this astrologer observed in discrete (or overt) listening-in. (I think the orthodontists were even boring themselves, frankly ...).

Among the things I learned is that orthodontists really like bagels and don't drink as much as astrologers (probably a good thing too: a drunk astrologer being a less frightening vision than a drunk doctor with dental tools). Absorbed a lot of enlightening astrology too; for instance, astrology suggests that the best way to deal with a mid-life crisis is to have been born before 1939 or after 1988 (now they tell us ...). Love and money are always popular topics and in a particularly fascinating astrology session, astrologer Michael Lutin explained to a packed room why anyone can tell what major themes are going to play out in the course of a relationship based on what occurred in the first 5 or 10 minutes of the first date. (What a time saver this one is going to be! "Let's see--he was late for the 1st date and it bugs you because you're a punctual person? You can either ditch him now or we'll schedule an appointment for this same day, 7 years from now when you want to talk to me about how his inattention to detail is driving you stark, raving, mad ..."). As far as money goes, the hippies were right all along it seems (go hippies!) and I'm sure we all had a sneaking suspicion that this was so.

Before we move on to the Void times, it must be mentioned that MERCURY IS RETROGRADE. Yes, the god of communication, thought, talk and commerce is dragging his butt backwards through the sky, and mucking up words, schedules, and delivery times as he does so. I have 8 pair of (leather free) thong sandals to prove it (I wanted TWO). A communication glitch and the on-line order got repeated several times. Thank you Mercury!

Mercury went retrograde on May 26th and will be in reverse motion until June 19th. The usual rules apply: keep schedules flexible (Mercury retrograde shreds schedules), don't sign major contracts or buy pricey electronics or vehicles if we don't have to, do expect to see old friends. Objects get lost more easily under Mercury retrogrades--but the upside of that is, previously lost objects often reappear under Merc retros too. Just the Universe's way of playing hide and seek (with our car keys as bait--and with the price of gasoline these days, losing the car keys might be counted as no loss!).

On to the Voids! All times are given in Eastern or Pacific Daylight Saving time. If you live elsewhere, remember to convert! (Mercury is retrograde, so double check your conversions too).

THURSDAY, JUNE 5th the MOON IS IN CANCER and she is not Void. I read somewhere once that planting a tomato is an act of revolution and if we're feeling revolutionary (or just want some really nice summer tomatoes to dig into later) there's no better time to plant than under a waxing Cancer Moon.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, JUNE 6th at 5:32 am EDT (2:32 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 6:00 pm EDT (3:00 pm PDT) when she strides into proud LEO. Venus is in the beams of the Sun (rising and setting with the Sun and thus invisible) so no one knows what it is they really want (Venus is desire). Mercury is in the beams of the Sun too so we wouldn't know what to think of what we wanted even if we knew what we wanted. This Mercury/Venus/Sun alignment sits in the zodiacal sign of Gemini (fickle) but visually are riding the horns of the Celestial Bull. If we think we really, really want something, just gotta have it, we might want to think again. (I think ...). At the very least, patience is advised ...

LUNA is in LEO on SATURDAY, JUNE 7th and she is not Void. The Moon skims under Mars, and the god of war gets persnickety. Further ramping up the volatile energy is the Sun's relationship with the Fixed Star El Nath (Beta Taurus)--the star at the tip of the horn of the Celestial Bull, a point of attack. The energy of the transits must be expressed--that is not an option, but how that energy gets expressed is partially up to us. Making love, not war is always good advice (the hippies were right again!), and working up a good, old fashioned sweat doing anything else that's active will help defuse Mars too.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, JUNE 8th at 11:41 am EDT (8:41 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 10:01 pm EDT (7:01 pm PDT) when she whisks her way into obsessive-compulsive VIRGO. Mercury retrograde may have Virgos obsessing even more than usual (especially about career or personal or professional status). If we have a Virgo friend or relative who seems a tad more stressed than usual, here's a sure fire way to distract them from their cares for a few hours: invite them over for dinner and before they arrive tilt all your picture frames just a fraction off kilter. Make sure the rugs aren't centered as well, leave drawers and cupboards open, leave jars and boxes out with the tops off. Make sure every clock in your home reads a few minutes different from every others (and that none of them are exactly correct). It'll drive them mad as they sit there and try to make polite conversation, and they'll forget all their problems for at least as long as it takes them to discreetly (or overtly, if they know you well) set everything to rights in your home.

The MOON IS IN VIRGO on MONDAY, JUNE 9th and she is not Void. She aligns with Saturn, which can add a somber note to the day--especially for Virgos (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) so we might want to sneak over to our Virgo friend's house and covertly do the tilting the picture frames, off-kiltering the rugs, resetting the clocks a minute or two off thing at their home. So nice to have friends who will help us relax! (I used to have lots of Virgo friends and used to help them out this way all the time ...)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON TUESDAY, JUNE 10th AT 3:42 pm EDT (12:42 pm PDT). She's void the rest of the day. Luna opposes the god of Chaos, Uranus and squares the Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunction. Venus has been walking hand in hand with the Sun all month long. She's rising and setting with the Sun, and thus invisible. Venus is female energy, and the Sun represents important males. This could be interpreted as a woman obscured by a brilliant male, but today's Moon-Uranus trigger may bring an upset or surprise to the mix. People react to other people in surprising or unexpected ways under alignments like this--especially if you do as I do under Uranian aspects and dust off the aluminum foil beanie to keep the alien brain wave messages out.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th at 5:55 am EDT (2:55 am PDT) when she lounges her way into LIBRA. The Moon's square with Pluto early in the morning may get the day off to an intense start. A breakfast of raw meat might head Pluto off at the pass and vegetarians in the family won't be salivating guiltily over the aroma of frying bacon ("Bacon; the gateway meat!").

The MOON IS IN LIBRA on THURSDAY, JUNE 12th and she is not Void. Luna forms a grand trine with the Sun/Mercury/Venus party and the Moon's North Node joins the trine as well. In the meantime, Mars is camped out on the Moon's South Node. What it all means is that events proceed without hindrance in areas that are not family related but domestic issues may feel draining. My advice? Socialize joyfully while away from home, but when back in the domestic arena--make brownies! (Throwing chocolate at problematic transits is an old and venerated astrological technique).

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON FRIDAY, JUNE 13th (Friday the 13th, did we get that?) at 5:16 am EDT (2:16 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID AT 4:53 pm EDT (1:53 pm PDT) when she drifts into SCORPIO's dark realm. Great, as if Friday the 13th isn't frightening enough without carrying along a Scorpio Moon as well. The Moon is in Grand Trine with Sun/Mercury/Venus as well as Neptune, ruler of fantasy, film, escapism. Rent some good old fashioned scary movies and go with the astrological flow. (I've been watching the old "Dark Shadows" soap opera, and god, what fun! Barnabas Collins rocks!)

The MOON IS IN SCORPIO on SATURDAY, JUNE 14th. She is not Void. Neptune, ruler of imagination remains in trine with the Sun and artsy Venus. Chest-thumping Mars is trying to pick a fight though. Mars rules fire (heat, passion, temper)--Neptune rules the deep blue sea (water, intuition, altruism, compassion--and yes, delusion too). In a contest between water and fire though, I'd bet on the water--artsy, altruistic types rule the day while egotists need an umbrella.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, JUNE 15th at 5:30 pm EDT (2:30 pm PDT). So if we haven't gotten dad a gift for FATHER'S DAY yet, better do it before the void.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on MONDAY, JUNE 16th at 5:19 am EDT (2:19 am PDT) when she trots into SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarian Moons have a reputation for light-heartedness but this particular Sadgy Moon is building to Full and hugging the Royal Star Antares, the heart of the Celestial Scorpion. Think a snorting, ground-pawing temperamental black stallion rather than "my friend Flicka" for this Sadge Moon. If we have such a horse then go out and ride him (give the transit a literal expression, hey, why not?). If not we could always try faking it and "canter" whilst on our errands, hands held up in "I'm holding reins" position. People looking at us oddly? Hey, that won't kill ya and will delight their kids. (If we show up at home with grass stains on our mouth though, we are taking the fantasy too far ...).

The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS and she is not Void on TUESDAY, JUNE 17th. The unusually intense Sadge Moon of yesterday continues building towards full and building towards unusual intensity. If there are any werewolves in the family, better buy a flea collar and try to keep them as comfy as possible, because I think they're gonna be growling. Venus, goddess of love and money is at 29 degrees of Gemini. The 29th degree of ANY sign is a degree of stress. It is the last degree in any sign, a degree of endings and represents an energy that is "at the end of its rope." Venus also opposes Pluto, ruler of traumatic transformations. Pluto is about improvement (just like all the planets are) but Pluto improves things by saying--can't fix that, it's too far gone. Burn it down and we'll start fresh! As if having the goddess of love and money at the end of her rope and thinking about matches isn't bad enough, we've got Foot-in-Mouth Sagittarius opposing a stationing but still retrograde Mercury in "I'm talking and I can't shut up" Gemini. My advice? Well, vino (and lots of it) is the first thing that comes to mind (Xanax is the second ...) but it'd probably be safer, more responsible, and ultimately more fun and enlightening to plan a minor adventure. (If we're really pressed for time and duty interferes, eating someplace new and totally strange will do ...).

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18th at 5:37 pm EDT (2:37 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID just minutes later when she climbs into CAPRICORN at 5:52 pm EDT (2:52 pm PDT). Before she hits Cappy though, we have a SAGITTARIAN FULL MOON. Sagittarius rules horses and how best to ride this Sag Full Moon to come ... until then,

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
Voids Summary:
Thursday, June 5th: Moon in Cancer, not Void.
Friday, June 6th: Moon is Void from 5:32 am EDT until 6:00 pm EDT (2:32 am PDT until 3:00 pm PDT).
Saturday, June 7th: Moon in Leo, not Void.
Sunday, June 8th: Moon is Void from 11:41 am EDT until 10:01 pm EDt (8:41 am PDT until 7:01 pm PDT).
Monday, June 9th: Moon in Virgo, not Void.
Tuesday, June 10th: Moon is Void from 3:42 pm EDT through the rest of the evening. (12:42 pm PDT through the rest of the evening).
Wednesday, June 11th: Moon leaves the Void at 5:55 am EDT (2:55 am PDT). She enters Libra.
Thursday, June 12th: Moon in Libra, not Void.
Friday, June 13th: Moon is Void from 5:16 am until 4:53 pm EDT. (2:16 am until 1:53 pm PDT).
Saturday, June 14th: Moon in Scorpio, not Void.
Sunday, June 15th: Moon is Void from 5:30 pm EDT through the rest of the evening (2:30 pm PDT through the rest of the evening).
Monday, June 16th: Moon leaves the Void at 5:19 am EDT (2:19 am PDT), she enters Sagittarius.
Tuesday, June 17th: Moon is in Sagittarius, not Void.
Wednesday, June 18th: Full Moon. Moon is Void from 5:37 pm until 5:52 pm EDT (2:37 pm until 2:52 pm PDT).