Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Born in 1959, in for a hard time?

I'm a poet and don't even know it. (I always have to say that whenever I make a rhyme). Consultation with a client this morning, and she mentioned that a co-worker of hers was going through a difficult time. Co-worker is interested in astrology and discusses it with my client, so I'm given a birthday and place. Without even having to erect a chart the problem becomes evident; a 1959 baby! It was a very good year (if this 1959 baby does say so herself--October was particularly nice, ha!). But every vintage must periodically be put to the test--to see how well it's aging and all that.

It's the slow-moving outer planets that do the inspecting and it works like this: patterns form in the sky that can last for weeks, months, even affect essentially an entire year. These patterns will be shared by everyone born at that time. In 1962-63 Saturn and Neptune danced in and out of a square pattern to each other. This pattern in a birth chart can suggest a periodic dissolving of structures in our life due to misplaced faith, along with martyrish tendencies. In 2006 Saturn in Leo and Uranus in early to mid Aquarius teamed up to stress the Saturn/Neptune square shared by the '62-'63 babies and people born then began ringing up their astrologers, therapists, friends and financial advisers in order to vent (as well as, you know, be advised).

Well, of course the '62/'63 generation got through it all, the clouds part, the rain ends, the birds begin singing and we all rush into the street to sing in choreographed harmony with our neighbors our our version thereof.

So, THIS year the two Big Bad Boys of the horoscope, Saturn and Pluto, team up to put the squeeze on the 1959 Vintage. One of the most difficult transits a person can have (so the books say) is transit Pluto over natal Saturn. Saturn represents the structures that hold up as well as confine our lives--it is that which we fear and approach with caution or insecurity, as well as that which we rely upon. (Interesting mix, no?). Pluto represents an energy that uproots and destroys in order to begin anew. Many of us don't particularly relish having structures in our lives--jobs, relationship, finances and the like pulverized--even if that means we get to begin fresh. So this transit has earned a reputation for difficulty--a reputation it really doesn't deserve ('cause it's rarely as bad as it's made out to be), but that's another story.

Another transit with an unenviable reputation is the exact opposite; transit Saturn crossing over birth Pluto. Pluto represents our power base, the inner resources we use to influence outer resources. This can be fortitude combined with sang-froid, or unconscious control needs and issues. Saturn restricts and this transit suggests the need to consolidate our resources, to focus on that which is essential. "Getting by with less" (never mind "getting by with mostly the essentials") is not something humans in general, and Americans in particular like to do. And we want to feel that we're in at least reasonable control of the way events unfold in our lives. Transit Saturn over Pluto often upsets that illusion.

Either of these transits, all by themselves, can be No Fun. But lucky 1959'ers! Due to a specific alignment of Saturn in early Capricorn and Pluto in early Virgo that occurred in '59, and because Pluto in the sky is now in early Capricorn and Saturn now in early Virgo, we get BOTH of these transits all at once! Off and on throughout this year.

When I saw this double whammy coming for 1959 babies, I figured I'd be getting a lot of calls this year from clients born in '59 and sure enough, it's happening.

Best way to deal with this double-trouble transit, if we happen to be my age? We'll like this advice or not (depending on our own chart and how much control it inspires us to desire) but the best advice is, "Let go and let God." Or, go with the flow if that terminology suits us better. Be the reed that bends in the flood; not the dam that tries to defy it.

An even better way to deal with this transit is really digging in and using our natal Saturn-Pluto trine (because if we've Saturn in early Capricorn and Pluto in early Virgo, of course they must be in trine). Some great gifts of this trine, ours if we care to use them are; the ability to aid other people through the use of their own resources (financial advisers, counselors, life coaches, etc); making great strides physically (endurance) or spiritually; great powers of concentration; research; the capacity to turn a situation completely on its head--in other words, a gift for turning a situation or thing that really sucks into a situation or thing that's really useful.

When we take a look around this world, turning sucky situations into productive platforms for ourselves and others is a quality the planet needs more of and 59'ers, this is our year! Let's go get 'em!

Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28th through 30th

The MOON IS IN AQUARIUS on MONDAY, APRIL 28th and she is NOT VOID. Mercury, the cosmic secretary, trines Jupiter, ruler of Big Plans. We may arrive at work with our brain on fire, and if that's the case we should stick our head in a bucket of water (and have someone dial 911). If we simply encounter piles of paperwork today's aspects help us slog through it all.

The MOON IS IN AQUARIUS on TUESDAY, APRIL 29th and she is NOT VOID (until late on the West Coast). Neptune, planet of sleep, dreams, imagination, intuition and all-that-is-not-what-it-seems is highly stimulated today. Strange and vivid dreams are likely, and we made need an extra shot of espresso in our soy milk latté before the world coalesces back into high definition. (The Moon enters the Void at 10:25 pm PDT. She leaves the Void at 11:11 PDT when she drifts into Pisces).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30th at 1:25 am EDT. She LEAVES THE VOID at 2:11 am EDT when she drifts into PISCES. Venus enters Taurus, sign of the Celestial Bull and those with Sun in Taurus or Taurus Rising get hugs and kisses for the next few weeks. The rest of us might want to try faking it (being a Taurus that is) and see if Venus is fooled into throwing a few perks our way as well. (Act placid, dress in comfortable clothes, and always order potatoes as a side with your entree. Talk about how much you dislike change. Venus just might be fooled!)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23-25th

Mars opposes Jupiter and squares Venus. Under this aspect, desire often outruns means and our pocket book comes out on the loosing end of it all. From now (actually, from yesterday!) through about April 26th impulse spending is on the agenda. My advice? Go hiking. Moon in Sagittarius is a nature-loving Moon, and I've yet to encounter a tree that tried to sell me anything. (At the very least, leaving the credit cards at home can help us resist temptation).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, APRIL 24th at 5:38 pm EDT (2:38 pm PDT). She's there the rest of the day! The early morning through noon hours sees the Moon square Uranus and team up with the Mars-Jupiter opposition to produce accidental conditions. Forewarned is forearmed--let everyone else give in to the madness (and run into each other) whilst we stay calm, cool and collected and avoid a date with our insurance rep.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on FRIDAY, APRIL 25th at 5:47 am EDT (2:47 am PDT) when she climbs into CAPRICORN. Venus, goddess of desire, flirts with Neptune, the planet that rules that which is far away and idealized. A good aspect under which to make a temporary escape and if the actual place of our dreams is too distant for a day trip we can at least treat ourselves to dinner at whichever local restaurant most inspires us. (If we find ourselves at McDonald's at the end of the day then this aspect is saying, "dude, you really have to get out and try more places!").

Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 18th and 19th

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, APRIL 17th at 1:59 am EDT (already there, PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 6:10 pm EDT (3:10 pm PDT) when she drifts into LIBRA. God of thought and talk, Mercury, moves from fiery Aries into placid Taurus; attention turns to practical matters and the pace of conversation slows down. (Geminis and Sagittarians are bored by Mercury in this sign and I'd suggest they hang out with each other for awhile except that Sagittarius is annoyed by Gems focus on endless, trivial details and--god forbid--gossip, while Gemini wishes Sagittarius would get off their high horse, figuratively, if not literally).

FRIDAY, APRIL 18th the MOON IS IN LIBRA and she is not Void. Mercury trines Pluto and then Saturn, and the planet of thought in an Earth Grand Trine with Pluto and Saturn will produce productive ideas and advance projects if we give it half a chance. Mercury in trine to Pluto is a good aspect under which to practice the art of persuasion, and especially so with the Moon in Libra, as people are a bit wishy-washy under this Moon anyway. Mercury in trine to Saturn encourages focused, productive thought and aids the flow of serious messages. This trine also favors channeling trauma or crisis (Pluto) in a productive direction (Saturn). Holly Black, who wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles once said that a traumatic childhood is the gift that keeps on giving to a writer and everyone's got some angst somewhere that can be polished up and put to use. I mean, why waste it?

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SATURDAY, APRIL 19th at 4:55 pm EDT (1:55 pm PDT), there to stay for the rest of the day. The SUN ENTERS TAURUS, and bull-headedne, er, I mean, steady, determined action prevails for the next month.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The pen is mightier than the sword, or maybe, the pen IS the sword

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, APRIL 10th at 12:11 pm EDT (9:11 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 10:43 pm EDT (7:43 pm PDT) when she sidesteps her way into CANCER. Mercury (god of talk) squares Mars (god of war); John Andrews Holmes said that "speech is conveniently located between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both," and this is that kind of aspect. We can productively channel this by chewing on our pencils (fiber, you know), or using aggressive looking writing equipment (a red pen will do it), or that old standby, firing off a letter to our legislators--maybe using the red pen.

The MOON IS IN CANCER on FRIDAY, APRIL 11th and she is not Void. Luna occults (passes directly in front of) Mars, and this represents emotions or self-protective instincts burying aggressive energy. If we're an emotional eater, we might want to make sure only rice cakes are in the house--then again, if we've comfort food available for attack perhaps we'll feel less of a need to chew on our angst.