Thursday, March 27, 2008

Astro influences for March 27th and 28th

LUNA (the Moon I mean) is cantering around in horsey SAGITTARIUS on THURSDAY, MARCH 27th. Mercury, god of thought, aligns with Uranus, god of lightning (bolts from the blue). Inspiration and intuition saturate the ethers, and creativity reigns--especially as the Moon slides right underneath the Royal Fixed Star Antares during the early morning hours. Antares is a star of great intensity and passion which is best channeled into creative pursuits--though if we'd rather channel it by obsessing pointlessly over a situation we want to control, but can't, we're free to do so. Back in Mercury's corner, the alignment with Uranus (ruler of chaos) may make a mockery of any carefully crafted schedules.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, MARCH 28th at 9:21 am EDT (6:21 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 10: 43 pm EDT (7:43 pm PDT) when she climbs into ambitious CAPRICORN. Venus, goddess of desire, aligns with Uranus, ruler of all that is quirky. Uranus rules advanced technology too, and falling in love with robots is a distinct possibility.

Friday, March 21, 2008

More Saturn and harvest blues

The Moon is in the Void until 11:45 am EDT, when she enters Libra. The big old beautiful Moon rising above the horses's paddock yesterday evening also reminds me that today is the day of the Libra Full Moon. Though she looks beautiful and harmonious, today's Full Moon forms a cardinal Grand Square with Mars, the god of war, and Pluto, god of traumatic transformation. Full Moon looniness may be in full swing, yet as this energy favors purging as well as beginnings we can sweep our metaphorical desks clean of clutter and take charge of projects with renewed vigor.

Yesterday it was mentioned that Saturn in Virgo represents restriction (Saturn) of grain supplies (Virgo represents the harvest). Saturn entered Virgo in the arms of2007's September 11th Solar Eclipse, strengthening the effects of Saturn in Virgo. Astrologer Celeste Teal (say it fast), in her excellent book on Eclipses, writes of this eclipse:

"Virgo emphasises health and environmental concerns. Grand Cross and Uranus in opposition to eclipse suggests social unrest and unusual emergencies, perhaps food shortages, crop problems, a virus or fever."

Then comes this story from Tom Philbott, writing in Grist about a new wheat virus. Between high demand, short supply and the virus, some of those in the know feel that widespread famine may not be out of the question. Saturn is going to be in tropical Virgo until October of 2009, and we'll certainly keep an eye on developments.

In the meantime, every time we pick up a loaf of bread at the local bakery we'll be thanking our lucky stars that we can.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saturn in Virgo is hard on pizza

Watching CNN this morning the news was on wheat--or rather, lack of it. The demand for ethanol and subsidies for its production have inspired many farmers to convert wheat fields to corn, just as the demand for wheat itself is spiking to unprecedented levels as increasingly affluent China, India and other countries develop a taste for pizza and pastries. What it all amounts to is that there aren't enough amber fields of grain waving under purple mountains majesty to meet the demand. What that amounts to is the classic equation of supply and demand: more demand, less supply= we pay more. Who is going to get hurt, as always, are the poor who can't respond to the crisis by bitching but coughing up a few more bucks for their Saturday night pizza even so.

So what the CNN story gets me thinking about isn't wheat, or even pizza (which they mentioned several times; seems pizza producers are being particularly hard hit, for cheese, produced by enslaved cows that are fed grain, is also going up, up, up in price, as is food in general)--no, I'm thinking about Saturn.

Saturn, that beautiful ringed planet that rules such difficult conditions; hard work, gloom, restrictions, boundaries, stoppages, lack. Saturn entered Virgo in September of 2007. Virgo is the sign that rules the harvest and food, amongst other things (the constellation Virgo is a goddess holding a shaft of wheat). Saturn brings restriction and in Virgo, a restriction of grain could've been and in fact was expected by many astrologers but still!--who would have expected us to have to pay more for pizza, for crying out loud?! It's enough to make one switch to, I don't know--tofu salads, or something.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Break Through or Break Away

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on THURSDAY, MARCH 6th at 5:53 am EST (2:53 am PST) when she drifts into PISCES. The Moon might be drifting but the stream is anything but harmonious (more like white water) as the turbulence of tomorrow's "break through or break away" New Moon is already being felt.

FRIDAY, MARCH 7th sees a NEW MOON IN PISCES. The Sun and Moon together joins hands with the "great breaker," rebel Uranus and Mars, god of war, makes faces at Pluto, god of irrevocable change. Break through or break away is the theme of this New Moon (is there an echo in here?). As we know, Mars was retrograde through much of the Fall and Winter. This is the third time Mars faces off with Pluto in this cycle; Mars first opposed Pluto on September 21st, 2007, repeated the opposition while going retrograde January 2nd, and this final opposition at the time of a New Moon (new beginnings) in a sign of endings (Pisces) suggests a resolution and new start can be had. The MOON ENTERS THE VOID at 2:03 pm EST (11:03 am PST), to stay for the rest of the day.

These New Moon transits do not have to represent major life alterations folks! (Though they can, of course). Often I'll mention "triple strike" transits like this to clients, and say, "Something first occurred at the first pass of this transits, it repeated itself in some fashion during it's 2nd pass, and now at this final transit the issue can be resolved or finalized in some fashion. Frequently clients tell me "You know, I don't have any idea what might've been happening during the first (or 2nd) dates ... I mean, I dunno, maybe it has something to do with (insert vaguely remembered incident), but I can't really say." (Then again, sometimes clients say, "Oh yeah, that was my first date with the psycho boy/girlfriend I just broke up with ..."). This is where keeping a diary or journal comes in really handy people! ("I never travel without my notebook. One should always have something sensational to read in the train."--Oscar Wilde, who recognized another benefit of journaling!).

Having a simpatico experience with my clients in that I also can't remember what happened on September 21st and January 2nd, I turned to my diary. Alton Brown's Good Eats Foot Network program had recently taken the mystique out of the French classic omelet, so on September 21st I attempted to produce the genuine article myself. Following Alton's technique a beautiful, creamy on the inside and just slightly crisp on the outside, omelet soon slides from pan to plate. Was so excited that this became the diary entry for that day. (Yes, I have no life ...)

Chickens don't like jostling cheek to jowl any more than humans do, so I only buy pasture raised (or, when not available, at least cage-free) eggs. Still, being born a male chick guarantees a real short life, so I limit my egg consumption period. Thus, it was with some amazement (and much astrological delight) that I see on January 2nd (Mar's second, retrograde opposition to Pluto; the first being September 21st) I note that I again made omelets-this time for both myself and my husband. First time I attempted a two-fer!

How's this significant to this last opposition of Mars to Pluto? Monday, March 3rd, I find myself out of bread and not feeling like oatmeal (I mean, I didn't feel like eating it--during this cold, wet, gray, phlegmatic late winter season in Michigan one often actually feels like they're oatmeal--cold, coagulated oatmeal that's been left out so long even Goldilock's bears wouldn't want it). An omelet sounds, well, wonderful! Luckily, I've some organic, cage-free eggs in the fridge. Soon I'm doing my best Julia Child (er, Alton Brown actually) imitation. The omelet turned out perfectly. Assuming one defines "perfect" as "My immune system would just love to challenge salmonella to a throw down!" The omelet was overcooked on the outside and essentially raw inside. (For which the barn cats are thankful). 2nd attempt is equally disappointing (and my poultry karma is taking hits).

Gosh darn it all, me thinks, I need to see that Alton Brown omelet episode again, because obviously I've forgotten my French! Neptune has been such a prominent actor on so many important astrological alignment stages of late, that synchronicity seems to have become practically commonplace the last several months. Turn on Alton's show while chopping veggies for dinner and my jaw drops when I see, it's the Omelet episode!

Sometimes it seems as if the planets are just not on our side (and looking at the mess we've made of our own planet's once pristine condition, it's hard to blame them). But when our desires fall into our lap as easily as Alton's omelet episode did, it's easy to think, "they like me, they really like me!" Benevolent planetary intervention or no, the episode set me straight, and I again turned out a near-perfect omelet, just as I did under Mar's 1st opposition to Pluto, and under it's 2nd opposition, and now under it's 3rd.

Nothing earth shattering of course (eggs are another thing) and in hindsight--Pluto rules my 6th house cusp, and the 6th house rules food!

(So the next time Mars forms a hard aspect with Pluto, maybe we'll be setting up a chicken coop so I can have completely cruelty free eggs. Husband thinks it's more likely to turn into a retirement home for geriatric hens and freeloader roosters).
Thus the last opposition of Mars to Pluto during this current cycle may see some of us breaking free of jobs, dusty relationships, locations or previous goals--or maybe we'll just be breaking a few eggs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw

The MOON IS IN AQUARIUS on TUESDAY, MARCH 4th. Mars enters Cancer, there to stay until May 9th. A potentially passive-aggressive placement for the god of war, Mars in Cancer is best channeled by taking initiative in area of home and hearth. Here's a tip for decluttering the home environment: throw out the TV and see who follows it. Then throw out whatever those people were sitting on and lock the doors. Voilá! If this step is too extreme we can always channel this war-god-in-the-kitchen placement of Mars by sinking our knives into some brand new recipes.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on Wednesday, March 5th AT 4:46 pm EST. (1:46 pm PST). She's void the rest of the day. Luna occults, or passes directly in front of Mercury, Venus, and Neptune. This alignment sensitizes us to images, words, beauty and nature. The energy of the transits must be expressed, that is not an option; but how that energy is channeled can be up to us: this occultation supports artistic success, and also light hearted living. It supports the constructive power of imagination or self-delusion. So we can either work on our novel (or equivalent), or head down to the local watering hole and talk about the novel we're writing. The transits push both inclinations, but we are free to take either channel. (If we head to the local watering hole to work on our novel, and find everyone there talking to us--all I can say is, there are no perfect transits. Paint polka dots on our face and sniffle a lot, maybe it'll keep the curious at bay ...).

These transits support speaking out on behalf of the arts and nature as well. I'm going to spend the morning writing a few legislators on environmental issues. (Which ones? Egads, the environment and animals are under assault on so many fronts, it's like, take your pick!) I just finished a new book, and an absolute page-turner. The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird, by Bruce Barcott. I'll say little about it for fear of spoiling the drama for others, other than revealing it kept me up half the night reading it (truth is stranger--and more thrilling--than fiction; this is a non-fiction book).

I'd love to have the birthdate of Sharon Matola, the amazing woman profiled in this book (and am willing to bet there are significant Neptune contacts; it so often gives an empathy for other living things) and there must be a well aspected Mars and fixed signs as well, for tenaciousness. Mars in the sky (transit) has just entered Cancer, and the impulse to approach goals obliquely is part of this placement, but preferring the direct approach I may just e-mail and ask her.