Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 10th through 17th

My barn
Having burned to the ground
I can now see the Moon.

Perhaps the leaders of Detroit's Big Three and the United Auto Workers should write haiku. Give them some perspective, because if one of the definitions of a leader is the ability to hide your panic from others, these guys are failing. Some of them looked as freaked out as a bicycle commuter on a road full of Hummers. Thing is, the stars are bigger even than the steel behemoths Detroit has been churning out and the stars, for quite some time now, have been saying, "embrace Change, because Change is about to embrace you." The embrace happens strong and swift this week with a turbulent Full Moon and if we hate to be bored we'll be happy with the current alignments.

On to the Voids! All times given in Eastern or Pacific Standard times--everyone else, convert!

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 5:23 pm EST (2:23 pm PST). She leaves the Void on the West Coast at 11:33 pm PST when she glides into GEMINI.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11th at 2:33 am EST. Italian automobile manufacturer and race car driver Enzo Ferrari, responding to complaints that the brakes on his cars were less than ideal, said "What do I say to complaints that my brakes are no good? I'll tell you this: Anyone can stop. But it takes a genius to go fast." We may need some of that attitude as the energy of tomorrow's Full Moon breaks over our heads--although I wouldn't imitate Ferrari and drive too fast; a highly accident-prone energy is part of the lunar line up.

The MOON IS FULL in GEMINI on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12th. This is a SUPER MOON. No, the Moon won't be wearing a cape (although masquerading as a mild-mannered something it isn't is possible); a Super Moon is a Full (or New) Moon that is both at perigee (at closest approach to Earth) and syzygy (directly aligned with the Sun and the Earth). The Moon is also locked into a Grand Cross as well as a Grand Square.

Back in the '60's the Beatles were talking about a revolution (and got it, when Yoko showed up). Then as now Saturn, the planet that represents the status quo opposed Uranus, the Great Breaker, the lopsided planet that loves to shake things up and change them. Sudden breaks (from routine, people, places, things) are possible--and the Moon is involved, so our emotions will be shaken up and our sense of security likewise. Mercury is hanging out with Pluto, an aspect that says persuade or be persuaded. We can state our case under aspects like this, or be mesmerized by someone else stating theirs so write those letters to the editor and congressman but change the television channel fast if any "But wait! There's more!" style infomercials come on. Collective anxiety has its virtues (just ask any pharmaceutical salesman) but rather than succumbing to the nail-biting energy of these alignments far more productive to take Captain Jean-Luc Picard's advice and engage. Embrace change! (Because if we embrace enough of it, you know, that can add up to a lot of money--).

The MOON ALSO ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY (yes, same day as the full Moon), DECEMBER 12th at 1:01 pm EST (10:01 am PST). LUNA LEAVES THE VOID at 10:40 pm PST when she sidles her way into CANCER.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th at 1:40 am EST (already left, PST) when she enters CANCER. Astrologer Michael Lutin says that sugar is the drug with which Cancer's coat their inner rage, but it won't just be the Cancerians feeding pent up emotions in this Full Moon's wake. A lot of folks may feel the urge to stock up on comfort foods like dairy and starches, which is fine and dandy as far as it goes--but rather than cart home frigid cartons of ice cream and cumbersome bags of potatoes, it can be quicker and more convenient to kick back a few White Russians. (Vodka being such a clever way of packaging potatoes ...)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14th at 5:27 pm EST (2:27 pm PST). The Moon's major aspect today is an opposition to Jupiter--an aspect that can cause us to question or doubt some aspect of our faith. More than one youngster tonight is going to do the math and realize that the whole Santa story just doesn't add up. The MOON LEAVES THE VOID at 10:22 pm PST when she strides into proud LEO.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on MONDAY, DECEMBER 15TH at 1:22 am EST when she strides into proud LEO. (Is there an echo in here?) Mars, planet of go, go, go squares Saturn, planet of stop! Stop! Stop! Road rage is more likely under aspects like these and we could try and avoid it by just not going out. The energy of the transits will not be denied however, and if Mars square Saturn can't manifest in road rage it may just come out as wrap rage--the impotence we all feel when confronted with an item we want that's buried inside packaging we can't get through. Of course, we could use this energy constructively--patiently working towards a goal and dealing with dealing with obstacles as the lessons in mastery that they actually are, but you know, sometimes it's just more satisfying to let the blood pressure skyrocket as we teach a piece of plastic to never get between us and our new (software, CD, ballpoint pen, etc.) ever again.

LUNA ENTERS THE VOID on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16th at 7:45 pm EST (4:45 pm PST). She's there the rest of the evening. Void Moons can be annoying in our impatient, consumer driven culture because Void times are better used for introspection and activities that bring non-materialistic gains. But the Voids do have very practical, real world uses--cutting anything we wish to stay cut goes especially well if #1, the Moon is decreasing in light; #2. the Moon is in a Fixed sign, and #3. the Moon is Void of Course. Now if it were only safe to shave one's legs whilst also meditating we could use the Void for multitasking ...

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17th at 3:36 am EST (0:36 am PST) when she moves into dedicated VIRGO. This Virgo Moon links Mercury with Pluto, and if we like to write, here's our sign. If we have any nagging little health problems that have been eluding diagnosis this day's energy could facilitate one as well. Whenever I have nagging little health problems I simply drink more water. Not because water is good for us (though they say it is) but because with all the residual drugs that are ending up in our aquifers anymore, I figure at least one of them has got to help.

More to come ...
Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac.
The zodiac is well worth flirting with.
-D.H. Lawrence-

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 1 through 8th

Venus, Jupiter and the waxing crescent Moon have been putting on quite the show in the western sky just after sunset. Tonight (Monday, December 1st) is their encore so get outside and enjoy it. If all we see is slate gray covering the sky we're advised to stop straining our eyes--our stellar show finished early due to clouds. (If all the world were as cloudy as Michigan, there'd be no astrology--folks here tend to freak out rather than wax philosophic whenever we see an unobstructed sky, the event being so rare ...).

ON to the Voids. All times are given in Eastern and Pacific Standard time--all other zones convert!

The MOON IS IN THE VOID now, frankly--MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st. She entered the Void at 10:44 am EST (7:44 am PST). Moon, Venus and Jupiter all together in the sunset sky suggests a sharing of power between a crown prince and an important woman and President-Elect Obama announced his intention to nominate Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. He announced this under today's Void Moon and events are unlikely to turn out as expected. For the rest of us, sharing our power--or at least showing appreciation for those who aid our efforts--could pay great dividends (but unlike the President Elect, I wouldn't go announcing any promotions until after the Void unless we are really comfortable with uncertainty). Luna LEAVES THE VOID at 10:45 pm PST when she enters AQUARIUS.

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2nd at 1:45 am EST when she enters AQUARIUS. The Moon joined yesterday's Venus-Jupiter party as a baton-passer in North America (the Moon was part of the alignment), but in Europe Luna stole part of the show, actually occulting (passing in front of and obscuring) Venus. This suggests power given and then suddenly taken away and if we've ever marveled at the power our computers grant us--only to have our awe replaced with frustration at an error message that refuses to go away--we will be able to empathize.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3rd at 9:15 pm EST (6:15 pm PST). She's void the rest of the evening, but that still leaves most of the day to do Aquarian things like buy electronics, start 3 new Internet discussion groups, and stay out of the sticky waters of intimacy by losing ourselves to the demands of a cause. Wanna go save the whales anyone? (Because if we don't do that, we'll have to deal with our relationship issues, and you know, throwing oneself in front of a Japanese harpoon might be less scary).

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 1:23 pm EST (10:23 pm PST) when she slips into the sensitive waters of PISCES. The stellar aspects suggest that over the next few days we may see necessary changes that may be very loudly protested by some, but I say we should stick to our guns and go ahead and order the Chinese take-out with tofu instead of meat. We can eat our dinner whilst perusing yet another round of letter-to-the-editor rants from Neo-Cons who can't believe the party is over.

It is a FIRST QUARTER PISCES MOON on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5th. The Moon isn't Void but she is confused; a first quarter Moon is looking for a fight, or at least decisive, ego-driven action but Moon-in-Pisces wants to go with the flow. What to do? Take Xanax, I say!--why fight anxiety when we can drug it into submission? But if that option is not available or we'd like to actually get some use out of the Moon's First Quarter (it is a useful phase) then the Lassie Effect will produce results. The Lassie Effect is selective bravery; Lassie didn't try to save ALL the kids in town, she just got Timmy out of the well.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th at 7:43 pm EST (4:43 pm PST). She LEAVES THE VOID when she charges into ARIES at 9:44 pm EST (6:44 pm PST). Aspects suggest demands may be made on our nervous or emotional energy prior to the Moon's entry into Aries. Why wait for the boom to fall? Call up the annoying people we know and annoy them FIRST.

The MOON IS IN ARIES on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7th. She's not Void. "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" This line from Disney's "Snow White" could be a theme chant for the day as aspects to the Moon's South Node, currently in Leo, inspire Narcissistic tendencies. If the Internet seems to be running slowly today it's probably due to the hoards of people compulsively Googling themselves.

LUNA ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, DECEMBER 8th at 4:35 pm EST (1:35 pm PST). She's void the rest of the day. Venus and Jupiter continue enchant the western sky after sunset, and off to the East, Saturn sits at station (making no apparent motion against the background stars) a bit before sunrise. Saturn forms the apex of a triangle filled out by the bright stars Arcturus (Alpha Bootes) and Spica (Alpha Virgo).
Mercury and Mars are not to be seen in the sky at all. They are aligned with the Sun and thus rising and setting with it, lost to view in the powerful glare of Sol's rays. Mercury lost to the Sun can lead to strange communication issues, and empower thieves and liars (so don't believe everything we hear and keep an eye on our purse while holiday shopping) but Mars lost to the Sun is another matter entirely.
Mars is the ancient god of war. When in the sky with other planets attending, Mars is the citizen soldier , never happier than when playing the hero. But just as in Eden, the mythology of Mars throws a woman into the mix and things get a lot more complicated: Mars is a warrior but with a lover waiting in the wings, the goddess Erishkegal. Erishkegal is the elder sister of Ishtar (Venus) and represents the dark and seductive side of feminine nature. Superman can't resist Lois Lane, SpiderMan can't resist Mary Jane, Sampson falls to Delilah's charms, King David risks his kingdom for Bathsheba--the dang story never changes and the ancient Babylonians have their version; Erishkegal lives in the underworld guarded by fearsome gatekeepers. But for love of her Mars (whom the Babylonians called Nergal) descends into the underworld, and in the throws of passion and rage slays all the gatekeepers to join with Erishkegal. It could be a movie (and in fact, it's already been--many times over) but the point of it all right now is that Mars in the rays of the Sun IS Mars descending into the underworld, and this is not a citizen soldier Mars, but a wild, passionate, angry Mars, slaying gatekeepers right and left to get to the object of his desire.
Mars began his descent into the underworld (entered the beams of the Sun and became more violent) right before the Full Moon on November 13th. By the New Moon of November 27th Mars is in full "slay the gatekeepers" mode (remind me never to take a job as a gatekeeper). On my astrological calendar, under the New Moon I'd written "volatile," and woke to CNN reports of a terrorist attack in Mumbai. Mars remains in the underworld until about mid February, when Mars reappears in the pre-dawn sky.
The bad news is that Mars is out there slaying gatekeepers and keeping things generally riled up right now. The good news is that when Mars reappears he'll be a heck of a lot happier, having just returned from a hot date with Erishkegal.
What to do? There's always a good way to use even difficult energy and Mars in the underworld may be violent, but he is also motivated, focused, and passionate. If we've got a goal in mind, this energy can help us get there. Just make sure we don't leave any bodies behind (metaphorical or otherwise) in our rush to our goal, and it'll probably help to have a clear goal as well--otherwise we could end up like the guy I drove behind yesterday, who had a bumper sticker on his car that read "I took the road less traveled by. Now where the hell am I?"

Never Give Your Birthdate to an Astrologer,
Responsibility, n. A detachable burden easily shifted to the shoulders of God, Fate, Fortune, Luck or one’s neighbor. In the days of astrology it was customary to unload it upon a star.Ambrose Bierce
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grammies vs Oscars is Neptune vs the Sun

It used to be that I'd find astrology in the most unlikely places--or so it seemed to me. Now I find astrology everywhere and it is no surprise. Reading Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals by Karen Dawn (profound book btw). In it she mentions that one year, watching the Oscars and the Grammies, she noticed that at the Grammies everybody thanked God, while at the Oscars, no one did.

And there, I mused, is the difference between Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune, and Leo and its ruling planet the Sun: musicians tend to be Neptunian ... usually have a Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising Sign or Neptune aligned with a personal planet or in some other way prominent. Hollywood and it's inhabitants, on the other hand, are much more Leo-Sun influenced.

How that plays into Karen Dawn's observation is simply this: Neptune and Pisces are associated with the concept of God, of forces much bigger than us and beyond our control or even imagining. Leo and the Sun are associated with the concept of self, of being the center around which everything else revolves and to whom everyone looks.

Ms. Dawn mentions that she is a musician and gives thanks in the book to Higher Powers. No surprise there either; Neptune's is the energy associated with compassion and the idea that All is One. Some folks are offended by the evolutionary idea that we come from monkeys (which of course is not at all what Darwin said but then I've yet to meet a creationist who has actually read Darwin), but as far as Neptune is concerned, it's not so much that we come from monkeys; it's that we are monkeys, at least in the context that if we subjected humans to the kinds of experiments we subject monkeys to, it would be as painful to us as it is to them. "Animal lovers" frequently have very strong Jupiters, but it is Neptune that dissolves personal boundaries to the point that love becomes empathy, and empathy impells action. Tofurkey for Thankgiving dinner anyone?

I don't usually watch either the Grammies or the Oscars, but next time I think I'll pay attention.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Void Moons through November 14th

On this Presidential Election day in 2008 we're about to head out and engage in every American's patriotic duty: shopping. As the Moon is currently Void, we'll wisely confine our "shopping" to a light meal and drinks at a local restaurant. And--oh, we'll also vote. Regardless of whom you support, we urge you to too. (Vote that is--not shop. Moon is Void! And in Capricorn. Very bad shopping juju, that).

Also note: THIS ASTROLOGER WILL BE OUT OF TOWN from THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6th THROUGH TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11th. If your stars are giving you grief, calibrate two telescopes and then call me in the morning (of November 12th that is).

On to the Voids--all times are given in Eastern or Pacific Standard time. The rest of you have to convert, because your astrologer can't handle the math!

LUNA enters the Void at 1:47 am EST on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th. SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 7:01 pm EST (4:01 pm PST) when she glides into the clarity of AQUARIUS. Aquarians think they see things clearly, at any rate--the same way that teenagers think they see and know all. It's a youthful-natured but inflexible sign. What we all want to know is which Presidential candidate ultimately ends up on top when the "Begun under a Void of Course Moon" election is over! This astrologer has a bottle of bubbly waiting for celebration--or consolation--whichever the case may be.

The MOON IS IN AQUARIUS ON WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5th. She is not Void. It's a First Quarter Moon--the phase that favors boldly going where no one has gone before (taking calculated risks, changing direction.) The stars now favor dragging ourselves away from CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Rush, Sean, Huffington and all the rest, and actually getting on with our lives.

The MOON REMAINS IN AQUARIUS on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6th. The Moon occults (passes in front of, thus obscuring) nebulous Neptune, planet of delusion, fantasy, and escape. If our candidate is not the one who won, and we're planning a trip away to get away from the gloating of the other side, better make it a long trip; Astrologer Bernadette Brady says that whichever side wins the election will likely remain in power for 12 years.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th at 4:33 am EST (1:33 am PST). SHE LEAVES THE VOID when she drifts into delusional waters of PISCES at 5:43 am EST (2:43 am PST). It's TGIF and the stars favor fantasy. Movies are fantasy. Make popcorn and margaritas. Watch movies, like Walt Disney's Bambi. Make sure we invite all our hunter friends.

The MOON IS IN PISCES on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8th and she is not Void. You know how in the Harry Potter stories, Potter and his friends would board the train to Hogwarts Castle by running at a brick wall and just disappearing into it? That's what life is like the Moon is in Pisces. You know how sometimes it wouldn't work, and instead of finding himself on the Hogwarts train Harry would instead run smack-dab into a brick wall? That's what happens when the Moon leaves Pisces. When engaged with Pisces, whether by Moon or because that's whom we married it pays to remember that flying cars and enchanted trains make great fiction, but brick walls will stop us dead, every time.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9th at 11:28 am EST. (8:28 am PST). She LEAVES THE VOID at 12:26 pm EST (9:26 am PST) when she charges into ARIES. While Pisces can carry us off into a fantasy, Aries will sweep us away with enthusiasm. Either that, or run us down. Pushy energy dominates the day so drive slowly just to make sure the tailgater types get full value from their blood pressure medication.

The MOON IS IN ARIES on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10th and she is not Void. Venus, goddess of love and money is closing in on Pluto, god of unquenchable desire. This aspect builds in strength right through the upcoming FULL MOON (Nov. 12/13) and it should be a good week for astrologers, because what most people want to know when they ring up their astrologer involves money or sex (i.e., When am I gonna get more money? And when am I gonna get more sex? Yes, in that order). The Full Moon and Venus-Pluto bash will stimulate these as well as the third most frequently desired bit of information--how to get rid of the lunatic boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse we wanted so badly when we were single. (Funny how no one ever says they'd like to go back to being broke ...).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11th at 2:17 pm EST (11:17 am PST). She LEAVES THE VOID at 3:05 pm EST (12:05 pm PST) when she enters TAURUS. Taureans are supposed to be placid people, and when the Moon is in Taurus it's supposed to be a placid time--but those rules are gone with the wind when we're building up towards a Taurus Full Super Moon. A "Super Moon" occurs when the Moon is both Full and at Perigee (making her closest approach to Earth). Super Moons are like Full Moons on steroids. Sun is in obsessive, creative, power-hungry Scorpio. Moon is in sensual, stable, money-hungry Taurus. Scorpio (and thus this Sun's) ruler is Pluto. Taurus (and thus this Moon's) ruler is Venus. Pluto and Venus have slipped the planetary party and hooked up together amongst the stars of Sagittarius. Sun and Moon oppose one another (Sun sets as Moon rises and vice versa) but their ruler's are locked together trying to decide if this is True Love or another future private war. This is the Taurus-Scorpio axis in full flower and we're all about to be subjec--er, I mean, treated to the show. "The argument between wives and whores," feminist Andrea Dworkin has written, "is an old one, each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other." This is the Taurus-Scorpio axis in a nutshell, and if we think it's about sex, we're missing the point.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12th sees the TAURUS FULL MOON. Sun in Scorpio opposes Moon in Taurus (see November 11th). The Ferengi are the fictional race of Uber-Capitalists in the world of Star Trek. Anyone who has watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has encountered the concept of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, such as rule number 109; "Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack." Less well known is that the Ferengi also recognize the Five Stages of Acquisition;
#1. Infatuation--I want it. (Taurus).
#2. Justification--I must have it. (Scorpio).
#3. Appropriation--IT'S MINE AT LAST! (Taurus and Scorpio).
#4. Obsession--"Precious." (Scorpio and Taurus).
#5. Resale--Make me an offer. (Taurus)
(The stages are Wikipedia's, the astrological connotations, mine).
This Full Moon will highlight which stage we are going through, and whether or not it's the same stage our sweetie is at (if applicable), and whether or not we'd be better served by moving on to the next stage. If the Universe is saying "move to next stage" and we don't want to, it will pay to remember Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #236: You can't buy fate.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID at 12:13 pm EST (9:13 am PST) on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH.. She LEAVES THE VOID at 3:11 pm EST (12:11 pm PST) when she skips into GEMINI. Typically a light hearted sign that doesn't believe in taking life Too Seriously, this Gemini Moon may find jokes trampled under the hooves of yesterday's rampaging Taurus Full Moon. My advice? Tofu. Lots of Tofu. The less real Bull, the better.

LUNA IS IN GEMINI on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14th. She is not Void. Astrological aspects favor feelings of rebelliousness and a desire to upset the status-quo. "My very first day on the job," Phyllis Hilliard tells us, "the boss asked me to make a fresh pot of coffee. Of course I walked right out the door." She probably did so under aspects like these. She adds, "He and the other sexist pigs at Starbucks can kiss my ass!" My advice? If the rebel urge strikes hard, first contemplate Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #117: You can't free a fish from water." Then decide if it's rebellion, or liberation we're really seeking.

More to come,
Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total eradication. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.
-Allen Konigsberg-
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).© 2008 Trish Marie--all rights reserved.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

But Biden, er, I mean Mr. Ed, gave good advice!

Even comedy talk show hosts "get" astrology, in effect if not in substance: Last night (Halloween) Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report compared Senator Joe Biden (who has horsey Sagittarius Rising) to Mr. Ed the talking horse. The Rising Sign is the image we initially project, the "clothes" that may or may not make the man, but that we are often judged on anyway. And while it is true that judging a book by its cover--or a person by their clothes--is an error, it's not entirely an error. Naked people (as Mark Twain observed) have little or no influence on society.

As I recall, while Mr. Ed frequently got his human companion, Wilbur, into trouble--he also proved to be a great wing man, er, I mean, horse. Obama sure could have made McCain's mistaken, and chosen worse!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spock's home world found!

Epsilon Eridani is the star around which Vulcan is rumored to be located.

Art imitates life so often that everything has to be connected and in yet another example of that, Epsilon Eridani is located on the midpoint of Leonard Nimoy's Sun-Moon.

Astronomically, Eridanus is a constellation that twists and turns in a long ribbon across the sky, much like a river--and that's what our ancestors saw when looking at it. Mythologically Eridanus, the celestial river, is said to be the source of all water (and thus is literally the river of life). What's interesting about that is that astrologically, the water element relates to emotions (fire is action, air is intellect, earth is the material realm). So Vulcan is located in the river of emotion ...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Political Astrology

It's been said that when God wants to punish you, he answers your prayers. Something to remember whenever we get too worried that our candidate might not win in the US Presidential election! Speaking of which, if this astrologer had a dollar for every person who has asked me whom I think, astrologically, is going to win the election, I could move to New Zealand and no longer have to worry about it.

Right now, Senator Obama is narrowly ahead in the polls and some Obama supporters are predicting that this 1% margin will translate into a landslide victory for him. You have to love their enthusiasm, for as Henry Chester wrote, enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world, beating money, and power, and influence. It might, however, not beat the ultimate vote totals: Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president under a Void of Course Moon. When we begin something under a Void of Course Moon, the typical result is that "nothing comes of it,"--we get no concrete result, or if we do get a result, it is not at all the result we expected.

Senator Obama also announced his running mate choice of Joe Biden under a Void of Course Moon (and astrologers as a unit thought, Obama really ought to get himself a descent astrologer ...). Supporters of Senator McCain are doubtless rejoicing at the news--except, not so fast; just as one shouldn't count their chickens before they're hatched (or in the McCain ticket's case, count their dead moose before they are gunned down) counting one's victory because the opposition has picked some unfortunate astrological times to begin things could lead to serious disappointment. Announcing one's candidacy under a Void Moon doesn't necessarily mean one will not get elected. It means ... well, we'll get to that ...

The Moon was not Void of Course when McCain announced his candidacy on April 25, 2007. It was in unfortunate alignment with the planet Saturn though, an emotionally oppressive aspect that can make us feel like the kid who gets all the chores and rules and none of the indulgent adulation given to the new kid on the block. Not satisfied to be oppressed by cheerless Saturn, the chart's Moon also opposes Neptune, the planet connected with disillusion (as well as illusion), disappointment, and things which vanish. The Moon in the announcement chart is in the sign of Capricorn, a sign it dislikes. Neither the Moon nor the candidate feels at home in this enterprise, and it may show. The Moon in a chart represents the sympathies of the people and Capricorn is an unsympathetic sign; someone isn't feeling the love and it might be McCain.

It's more than just the announcement chart which plays into the astrological energies of an election though. There are the charts of the candidates, and transits to those charts, the chart of the day of the election, the chart of the inauguration, the country's chart itself.

In this astrologer's opinion, the transits to the candidate's charts on election day is overplayed and perhaps even pointless to bother with. Here is why: some astrologer's say that the candidate with the transits that produce the most prominence will win the election. Problem with this is that all of the candidates will have transits that project public prominence at election time; they are individuals who are running for President of the United States for crying out loud--one doesn't get to that point under transits that proclaim "this is going to be a period of obscurity for you." Both candidate's transits are going to proclaim significant elevation. Other astrologers take the opposite track, and say that the candidate with the worst transits will win, inference being that it's actually the lucky guy (or gal) who looses the election (take a look at "before he was President" and "after" photos of ex-Presidents, you see what these people mean). Problem with this theory is that both candidates will also have some pretty sucky transits going on as well--after all, they're both in a battle to the metaphorical death as it were, both are under vicious attack from the other side, both have their lives held to a microscope, both have people wishing them the worst of luck in their quest. (I know I've a few clients out there thinking, what?!--there's actually something other than sucky transits? Really, there is, and the good transits will come your way as soon as the folks who have 'em now get done using them ...).

Many astrologers look at the charts of the candidate's themselves. Problem here being that there is some uncertainty as to the time of each Presidential candidate's birth. Obama has even quipped that rather than being born in a manger (thus astrologers can rule out any barns as birth location in his home state of Hawaii) he was actually born on another planet (effectively screwing up Earth based astrological analysis). McCain's mother said he was born at 11 am, but John says he remember being told it was "happy hour" (which explains a lot when you think about it). Happy Hour in the Navy refers to the time when Navy men and women gather in the mess for drinks after completion of the day's work, usually around 6 or 7 pm. A birth certificate for McCain finally surfaced, and it looks as if mother doesn't always know best; it gives McCain's birth time as 6:25 pm (Happy Hour).

Barack Obama, a Friday's child born on August 4th, 1961 at 7:24 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii has Sun in the regal (you could even say elitist) sign of Leo, his Moon in intellectual and gab-gifted Gemini, and Aquarius rising. Aquarius has been described as the "Mr.Spock" sign and as the Rising sign describes our appearance, looking at a photo of Star Trek's Spock and then Obama, we believe it. The Moon is our security blanket and when threatened, Gemini Moon people retreat into the realms of the intellect (that, or throw spit wads at the opposition) and this along with that Vulcan-ish Aquarius Rising is the source of Obama's perceived "calm, cool, collected"-ness under fire.

John McCain was born on Saturday (as his mother said) but most likely at 6:25 pm (as his birth certificate says) in Colon, Panama on the August 29th, 1936 a generation and a half ahead of Obama. His Sun is in the sign of non-regal but certainly dedicated Virgo and his Moon is in Aquarius. Aquarians like to think of themselves as being rebels and mavericks, and while they can certainly seem weir--er, I mean "mavericky" on the outside, at the core they're usually surprisingly conservative, traditional people. Pisces, the sign of the suffering, wounded, and confined or imprisoned (I am not making this up) Rises in McCain's chart. (Eeyore the Donkey has Pisces Rising as well, so maybe McCain is actually in the wrong party). Aquarius is the sign of friendship, bonding with our compatriots and blood-brothers and Aquarian Moons aren't secure unless they can feel like they're among friends (ever notice how McCain begins every speech by befriending us all? "My friends ...").

Sarah Palin was born on Tuesday, the day belonging to warrior Mars (are we surprised?). It was at 4:40 pm on February 11th, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho that this future animal love(to kill them)er came into the world. Palin was born near an Aquarius New Moon which means that both Sun and Moon are in the sign of Aquarius. When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign the Moon is rising and setting with the Sun and thus we don't see it--it's lost to the brilliance of the Sun. Astrology is an ancient and originally visual art and to the ancients, when you couldn't see the Moon, it in effect "wasn't there." It's not that people born when the Moon was "invisible" don't have feelings (though if wolves could talk, they might argue the point in Palin's case), it's that they confuse what they need (the Moon) with what they want (the Sun). Because they don't let their feelings get in the way, these folks usually get what they want--and then discover the wisdom of Mr. Spock when he said, "You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true." (Now I'm going to get a bunch of e-mails from New Moon people telling me I've hurt their non-existe, er, I mean, misunderstood feelings).

Joe Biden; a Friday's child like Obama, Biden was born on November 20th, 1942 at 8:30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With Sun is in the sign of Scorpio (the gods put Scorpio in the sky to bring down Orion, the stellar hunter, because he was killing too many animals ... Sarah might want to take note) and his Moon in bull-headed Taurus. Scorpio may have been put in the sky to punish Orion the hunter, but visually, the hunter is whumping Taurus with a club (in case we haven't noticed, it's a relatively violent sky, which is probably why we humans have created so much light pollution to blot it all out ...). Thankfully Palin and Biden confined themselves to verbal battle in their debate (though secretly I'm sure they really wanted to duke it out--their two Suns are locked in a competitive square: my money would've been on Palin ... don't mess with women who can field dress a moose, I always say). Biden was born when the Moon was gibbous waxing towards full. Unlike Palin, with no Moon gracing her birth night, for Biden the Moon filled the sky, blotting out details (like those pesky stars). Biden has big plans and sees the big picture (and with mouthy Sagittarius rising, will tell you so) but he trips up on the details--like whether or not the microphone has been turned off yet.

During astrological consultations a few of you have asked me which candidate's chart suggested they are more likely to become President. Modern astrology isn't much help here, because it has dispensed with the unpleasant notion (accepted in ancient astrology) that some people are "fated" to be dishwashers, whilst others are destined for kingship. Modern astrology is psychology based, and concerned with motivation: Why does my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse keep doing things that they know will piss me off?--well, maybe their Moon squares their Mars and the only time they ever got undivided attention from their mother was when they'd pissed her off; go with what worked with mama, sayeth the Moon and so they go with it not realizing that there are more productive ways to direct the Moon-Mars energy.

Ancient astrologers were a lot less concerned with motivation and a lot more concerned with actual results than we moderns. The ancients recognized that one way to achieve wedded bliss was to not marry someone who was fated to be frustrated by their career as a dishwasher. Carrying this idea into the realm of political struggles, once upon a time if we bet on the losing party, we didn't just risk having to face the smirks of the other side for weeks on end--we risked facing the gallows. So it was a matter of some importance knowing which contender stood a better chance of achieving highest prominence. Using ancient techniques, Barack Obama's is a more "royal" chart than John McCain; the stars say he will ultimately achieve higher rank. At least, that's what I thought (and mentioned to many of you) when using a 9 am birth time for John McCain. In light of an apparently authentic birth certificate showing up giving a happy hour birth time of 6:25 PM, a lot changes. The princely planet Jupiter, ruler of McCain's Mid Heaven (career) is very favorably positioned in his horoscope--the Mid Heaven ruler "beholds" the Mid Heaven suggesting a person who is destined to achieve tremendous eminence. But Obama's Mid Heaven (career) aligns with the bright star Toliman (Alpha Centaurus), a star whose name means "heretofore and hereafter" and grants "beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor." His Sun is in a royal, masculine sign while McCain's Sun is in a servile, feminine sign (sorry feminists, but in ancient astrology masculine signs trump feminine ones because Gloria Steinem hadn't yet been born) and McCain better hope that he was born in the evening, rather than at the time his mother remembers because without that elevated Jupiter in his evening chart, according to ancient astrology he's a goner. With the elevated Jupiter it's a near toss up.

We're left with the chart for election day itself, and this is the chart I like best; we only have to deal with one chart, we can easily find the day, place, and time and we don't have to listen to inane banter between a candidate and his mother to get the timing of the chart.

So here's the scoop: the horoscope for Election Day 2008 says that (drum roll please) ... Nobody will win. And even though I'm always telling people that I'm an astrologer, not a psychic (you'd be surprised at how many folks confuse the two; I once even had a librarian, upon finding out I'm an astrologer, extend her open palm and ask if I could read it)--in this case I know what you're thinking: "Oh yeah, take the easy way out; just say that whether the Democrat or Republican wins, the rest of us lose." So here's the explanation to the scoop:

First thing that jumps out at one about the election day chart is that the Moon will be Void of Course at the opening of the polls for the entire country, and remain Void most of the day. Events begun under Void of Course Moons fail of their purpose, become moot, decisions made under Void Moons prove unrealistic, actions initiated under Void Moons do not produce the consequence intended.

It gets worse. You see, some Void Moons are worse than other Void Moons (because some Moons are worse than other Moons, just like the band Credence Clearwater Revival sang they were). Capricorn is the sign of the Moon's detriment; it's like you or I when we're in clothes we really hate--often all we can think about is how much we hate our clothes, not where we are or what we're supposed to be doing. Astrology is probabilities, essentially; when we take actions under a Void Moon, we increase the probability that something is going to go wrong. When we take actions under a Void of Course Moon and she's also in a sign she doesn't like, we vastly increase the probability that something's going to go wrong because this Moon is not only going no where, she's obsessing on how uncomfortable she is.

It gets worse. Mars, the planet that rules goals and how we direct our efforts to achieve those goals, is arguing with Neptune, the planet that rules dissolution, disappointment, and deception. Mars in poor aspect to Neptune is "misdirected action," or action that fizzles (Mars is fire, Neptune rules the sea, rain, fog and every fireman counts on the fact that fire and water do not mix).

It gets worse. Mercury begins the day at 29 degrees of Libra. Mercury is the cosmic accountant as well as cosmic secretary, ruling numbers, counting, paperwork, and process. The 29th degree (of any sign) is called the "anaretic" degree, which means the killing degree. It is a degree of crisis, endings, obstacles, karma, the necessity to pay dues before moving on, it represents a pause--and then a radical shift of direction (because the planet is about to move into an entirely new sign). If this sounds like it's good news for the Democrats (and it could be) we might want to remember that radical shifts inspired by the 29th degree tend to happen due to unforeseen events or crisis. Maybe Joe the Plumber gets enough write in votes. (At least his aides won't have to worry about White House leaks ...).

It gets worse. Saturn, the planet that rules law and order, structure and boundaries exactly opposes Uranus, the Great Breaker, whose function is to destroy structure and move beyond boundaries. In mythology, Saturn castrated his father Uranus (Ouranus) with an iron sickle and threw his private parts into the sea (and you thought you had problems with your kids). It's a tense aspect of complete opposites at odds with each other with little room for compromise. Historically it corresponds with times when cultural paradigms are remade. The last time Saturn and Uranus were in opposition was 1965 through 1967, a period when America was divided over a prolonged and ill-conceived war and issues of race. (The more things change ...) Saturn and Uranus will dance in and out of opposition from now through 2010, with the first exact opposition occurring the day of the election with the second exact opposition to form on February 5th, 2009--or just after the Presidential inauguration.

Speaking of that Inauguration--on January 20th, 2009, at Noon in Washington D.C., (the time and place for the Presidential Inauguration) the Moon will be Void of Course. The Moon will be in Scorpio, a sign she dislikes. The Moon will be at the 29th degree of Scorpio. Presidents within living memory who were inaugurated under Void Moons are Franklin D. Roosevelt (died in office April 12, 1945); John F. Kennedy (died in office November 22, 1963); Richard Nixon's second Inauguration occurred under a VoC (Void of Course) Moon, as did that of his VP, Gerald R. Ford who took over when Nixon resigned. Nothing happened to Ford (thankfully!) but nothing much came of his presidency either (the author of The Zen of Zombie suggests that Mr. Ford was actually an unusually animate Zombie, which explains a lot when you think about it ...). Bill Clinton's 2nd Inauguration also occurred while the Moon was VoC, and along came Monica.

So what's gonna happen?! Well if you want specifics, that's why they make Ouija boards. But I can say this--worse case scenario, the election and inauguration charts suggest that the person elected may not be the person inaugurated. Let's not focus on worse case scenarios though, because, number one, they rarely happen (best case scenarios rarely happen too, so all you Pollyannas out there, just slap yourselves out of your giggling), and number two, in dire times it helps to be optimistic; save the morbid pessimism as a treat to dole out periodically to the Capricorns in our life during jolly eras--too much cheerfulness depresses them. The charts suggest to me that what we see is not what we'll get. As we knew exactly what we were getting in 2004, and a majority voted for Bush anyway, this can only be a good thing.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
I'm nobody. Nobody at all. But the secrets of the Universe don't mind.
They reveal themselves to nobodies that care.
-Outer Limits (Galaxy Being)-
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).© 2008 Trish Marie--all rights reserved.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Voids, Politics, Mercury Retrograde and other horrorscopes

This astrologer spent the weekend as Equine-Astrologer-in-Residence at the Metamora Celebration of the Horse, a local, small-town festival that beats all those Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon-Seed-Spitting, Corn-On-The-Cob, Apple, Pumpkin and whatever-else small town America festivals held all over the country by a long shot (at least if one if a horse lover it does).

A lot of folks visited my booth and signed up for the astrology newsletter, so a brief explanation of the Void Moon is in order (if we already know about a-Voiding the Void, skip ahead): As the closest cosmic body to the Earth, the Moon "carries the light" or energy of all the other planets and stars. All astrological influences must pass the Moon's boundary before reaching the Earth. At certain times on a regular basis the Moon is said to "enter the Void"--that is, the Moon is making no contact by aspect with any other planet and will not make any before she leaves her current sign. At these times energy is drifting aimless (like the Moon) and actions taken, or important items bought at such times are much more liable to "fail of their purpose" than actions taken/items purchased when the Moon is not Void.

Astrology is not so much "fate" as probabilities. When we begin new projects or buy important items under a Void Moon period, there is a much higher probability that what we want to happen will not happen. It's as simple as that. (Already begun projects can proceed as planned under voids, btw--though avoid bringing a project to its conclusion under a Void if possible). ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE A MORE DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THE VOID OF COURSE MOON, please e-mail and I'll send it to you!

And--folks who signed up for this newsletter at the horse celebration thinking they were going to be getting free equestrian advice; I have some for you. Don't buy a horse under a Void of Course Moon! (Here's some more: How should one deal with a horse who is prone to be a runaway?--learn to ride faster!). There, now that we've satisfied the horse fanatics in the audience--on to the Voids!

All times given in Eastern or Pacific Daylight Saving time. The rest of you've gotta convert, 'cause your astrologer can only handle so much math at a time ...

The MOON IS IN SCORPIO on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1st and she's not Void. (Well--mostly--she leaves the Void at 0:26 am EDT, and if we're up beginning new projects and buying important items at that hour of the night, we're waayyy too busy anyway and need some of our projects to go no where).
Mercury, the cosmic mailman went retrograde (moving backwards in apparent motion) September 24th and will remain so until October 15th. Don't sign important papers, don't initiate important contracts, don't buy expensive communication or office equipment or electronics in general, don't mail stuff at the last minute expecting it to get there in time. DO review, rewrite, reconsider, repair, re-anything. Mercury retrogrades are good times to go back over old territory, just like Mercury is doing. DO keep extra flexibility in our schedules because Mercury, when retrograde, loves to shred schedules. (By the way, it is especially important to not make rushed decisions when Mercury is retrograde! Mercury retrograde is a time when review is favored and careful consideration of options is important. Especially when Mercury is retrograde in the wishy-washy sign of Libra, whose symbol is the balance scale that tilts back and forth between options. HELLO CONGRESS--get a clue!--this is NOT a good time to be quickly deciding on whether or not to throw billions of dollars at a problem. Where is a good astrologer in congress when you need one? Sheesh.)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2nd at 6:47 pm EDT (3:47 pm PDT). She's Void the rest of the day. Scorpio is a sign very interested in the uses of power, Moon Void of Course in Scorpio is a time when quests for power lead into unexpected (and generally unsought) territory. The first Vice Presidential debate will be held under this intriguing "mis-directed power" aspect. It's well known that Vice Presidential candidate Sara Palin can not only bring home the bacon (she kept the "pork"--federal money--given her by the U.S. government for the "Bridge to Nowhere" that she supported before deciding she didn't support it) but she can also bring down, chop up, and bring home a moose. Less well known is that gun-totin' Sara also supports killing wolves by chasing and shooting them from low flying airplanes. She says it's because the wolves like to hunt moose too, thereby competing with humans. (Note to Governor Palin: wolves don't "like" to hunt moose--they need to hunt them, not having money with which to buy Big Macs). But what I really want to know is--does Senator Biden know about his opponent's preferred method of eliminating the competition?

Luna (aka "the Moon") leaves the Void on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd at 11:14 am EDT (8:14 am PDT) when she canters into horsey SAGITTARIUS. Sagittarius is the sign that disables the brain-to-mouth filter which prevents most of us from telling our best friend that yes, that dress does make her look fat. Much has been made of Senator Joe Biden's verbal gaffs--well, the man has Sagittarius Rising in his birth chart so he tends to say pretty much what he thinks as he thinks it. Those of us with Sagittarian Suns, Moons, or Rising signs can empathize. (Note to the politically interested; more in-depth astrological analysis of all candidates to come in a separate post).

The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS and she is not VOID on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th. That brain-to-mouth-with-no-pause-for-reflection-in-between energy remains strong, not only through today and tommorow's Sagittarian Moon, but right through the early next week as well (Jupiter, planet of excess, in square to retrograde Mercury, planet of yak, yak, yak.) It's aspects like these that remind us that the trouble with talking too fast is that we might say something we haven't thought of yet.

LUNA enters the VOID on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5th at 9:08 pm EDT (6:08 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 11:48 pm EDT (8:48 pm PDT) when she climbs into ambitious CAPRICORN. Venus, goddess of love and money is stressed for the next few days, and dissatisfaction within relationships or with a financial picture is in the air. (When I don't like my financial picture, I take it down and put up a floral still-life, or horse picture or something. Why be depressed?).

The MOON IS IN CAPRICORN on MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th and she is not Void. Jupiter and the Moon sit together in the constellation of the Archer (they're in the zodical sign of Capricorn, but in the actual constellation of Sagittarius the Archer--signs and constellations are two different things in Western Astrology. Confusing? Sure. That's why people pay astrologers to make sense of the chaos for them. And why astrologers seem so dazed when asked easy questions, like "What do you want for lunch?") You can read in astrology books that Sagittarius is the happy-go-lucky sign of optimism and adventure and sticking its foot in its mouth through being too eager to share thoughts. All true as far as it goes. But to the ancients, Sagittarius had a much more difficult, even malevolent side; the constellation is an archer with a horse's body. Two of the most feared "weapons" in ancient times were the mounted warrior and the archer ... a mounted warrior is bigger and faster than you are and can run you down. Even worse was the archer, who can strike from a distance and target you without your even being aware of it.
Whenever planets crossed the constellation of Sagittarius, the ancients thought, uh oh--that's trouble. What's it mean for us? A really lively 2nd Presidential debate, with few (if any) holds barred. So lay in a supply of popcorn ahead of time (see, ain't astrology useful?).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID at 3:37 pm EDT (12:37 pm PDT) on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7th. She's Void the rest of the day. It's also a First Quarter Moon and a good time to step outside of our comfort zones. If we're stepping outside of our comfort zones verbally or financially however, expect an equal and opposite reaction. (My advice; t-shirts with messages! Let's us mouth off without actually mouthing off. Maybe politicians in Washington should make the switch--instead of suits, t-shirts with messages. In fact, I might send my congressman one to get the ball rolling).

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID at 12:03 pm EDT (9:03 am PDT) on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th when she enters the "high, clear" of AQUARIUS. Aquarius rules very high places, places above mountaintops even, the air and sky. If we're looking for something, and do a horoscope to help us locate that thing (Yes, we can do that), and the planet that signifies the lost item is in Aquarius, better start looking up (or near a fountain ... Aquarius also rules places where clean water emerges; it isn't called the "water-bearer" for nothing you know).

THE MOON REMAINS IN AQUARIUS on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9th and she is not Void. On days when the Moon is in the emotionally detached but socially conscious sign of Aquarius, people are prone to being very friendly, but in an impersonal manner. So if we walk around warmly grabbing the hand of anyone who so much as nods at us, and gushing as if we've just met a long-lost best friend, we can have a lot of fun! (Note; my legal department informs me that I should inform readers that using astrology to freak people out is naughty.)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10TH at 7:13 pm EDT (4:13 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID AT 9:31 pm EDT (6:31 pm PDT) when she drifts into foggy PISCES. Escapist tendencies will be strong today, so start the weekend early (hey, if Fridays off work for our Congress--people supposedly running the country--why should we stress?)

The MOON IS IN PISCES on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11th. She is not Void. Venus, goddess of love is in aspect to Neptune, planet of fantasy and if we don't know what to do with an aspect like this, our astrologer probably can't help us.

The MOON IS IN PISCES on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12th. She'll enter the Void at 10:02 pm, PACIFIC DAYLIGHT time.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID at 1:02 am EDT (already there, PDT) on MONDAY, OCTOBER 13th. She LEAVES THE VOID AT 3:07 am EDT (0:07 am PDT) when she sashays into exuberant ARIES. Aries is the sign ruled by the planet Mars, god of weapons. What can we do with this information?--well, for one thing, if we need to buy (or sharpen) knives of any kind, an Aries Moon is a favorable time. (I get more favorable comments whenever I mention that Aries Moons are good for sharpening knives than any other repeated suggestion I make in this newsletter. Have no idea why this is so, and frankly it kind of worries me ...).

FULL MOON IN ARIES on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th. Full Moons shed light on a situation, metaphorically as well as literally. When this Full Moon perfects (when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon) the Moon will be in the 2nd house at the location of Washington, D.C. and the Sun will be in the 8th house. The 2nd house is the house of one's own money, money one makes themselves; the 8th is the house of other people's money, money one gets from or owes to others. The planet Mars, ruler of the sign Aries and thus of this Full Moon, forms a relationship with Sualocin (Alpha Delphinus), the dolphin star. This star is connected with the energy of intelligent playfulness and a certain mastery of the use of energy. Well, money is simply congealed energy. Mars is connected to Sualocin in the birth chart of Charles Henry Dow, who founded the Dow Jones Company and the Wall Street Journal. Whenever someone blasts past my bicycle in their car, endangering life and limb (mine, mostly) as well as taking out any butterflies in their path I always think, "Where's a cop when you need one?" Well, right now folks are thinking "Where's a financial expert when you need one?" Perhaps this Full Moon will find one for us. MERCURY is about to go direct (forward motion) again, and solutions can be found.

And right now this astrologer has to find a solution to a client's tangled stars,
more to come later.

Void Moon time summary:
October 1st, Wed: Moon in Scorpio, Void until 0:26 am EDT.
October 2nd, Thur: Moon enters Void 6:47 pm EDT (3:47 pm PDT)
October 3rd, Fri: Moon leaves Void 11:14 am EDT (8:14 am PDT). Moon enters Sagittarius.
October 4th, Sat: Moon in Sagittarius, not Void.
October 5th, Sun: Moon enters Void 9:08 pm EDT (6:08 pm PDT). Moon leaves Void 11:48 pm EDT (8:48 pm PDT). Moon enters Capricorn.
October 6th, Mon: Moon in Capricorn, not Void.
October 7th, Tues: Moon enters Void at 3:37 pm EDT (12:37 pm PDT).
October 8th, Wed: Moon leaves Void at 12:03 pm EDT (9:03 am PDT). Moon enters Aquarius.
October 9th, Thur: Moon in Aquarius, not Void.
October 10th, Fri: Moon enters Void at 7:13 pm EDT (4:13 pm PDT). Moon leaves Void at 9:31 pm EDT (6:31 pm PDT). Moon enters Pisces.
October 11th, Sat: Moon in Pisces, not Void.
October 12th, Sun: Moon in Pisces, enters Void 10:02 pm PDT.
October 13th, Mon: Moon enters Void 1:02 am EDT. Moon leaves Void 3:07 am EDT (0:07 am PDT). Moon enters Aries.
October 14th, FULL MOON IN ARIES. Moon is not Void.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
(Unless we really do want to know what all those crazy planets were doing at the time we were born ...)
A good cook always has friends.
-Emeril Lagasse (who, like Charles Henry Dow, has the dolphin star in contact with his Mars; Mars rules sharp objects as well as things that produce heat; Sualocin the dolphin star grants intelligent playfulness mixed with confidence and mastery; Playfulness, confidence, and mastery in a realm that involves sharp objects and heat? Describes Chef Emeril? You decide!)
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).© 2008 Trish Marie--all rights reserved.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes it isn't Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the cosmic mailman, is deep in his retrograde shadow. This means that Mercury is already in the territory it's going to recross when it turns retrograde (backwards in apparent motion) on September 24th. Mercury retrograde is sort of like when one's mailman isn't paying attention; messages get misdelivered, mail can get lost, sometimes the mailman doesn't show up at all. Astrologers love to blame Mercury Retrogrades for communication failures, and communication equipment failures (better to blame Mercury than your mailman, because really--he or she has a hard job. Try it sometime. I did!--it's tough! Those people perform miracles daily. Plus, Mercury can't spit on your mail before it gets to the mailbox--don't get on the bad side of your postal carrier. Take it from someone who knows ...).

Being a Mercury ruled person (Gemini Rising; the planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini) it's common for my computer (and phone, and car) to act up under Mercury retrogrades. Mercury-ruled people (Gemini or Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising sign) are particularly susceptible to having the little details of life go backward when Mercury does. So when my computer's mouse began acting up and giving me grief, I chalked it up to Mercury about to go retrograde, and told the mouse it would end up a cat toy if it didn't begin behaving.

Uncowed by the threat, the mouse became even more rebellious. My Taurus daughter took a more practical approach to the problem (leave it to those Earth signs to look for practical, real-world solutions). Taking apart the mouse, she discovered the source of the rebellion.

FILTH! Okay, so sometimes it isn't Mercury Retrograde. (Where'd all that stuff come from anyway?)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Astro aspects through September 10th

A few folks have written to ask what this astrologer thinks of Barack Obama's chances now. Back in January, I noted that Senator Obama announced his candidacy for President under a Void of Course Moon. Actions begun under Void Moons "fail of their purpose," or "come to nothing," or, if they do come to something, that something will likely be quite a different something than what we had in mind.

At that time, I didn't think much of Obama's chances for securing the nomination, based on his announcing under the Void. Apparently, Senator Obama's chances didn't think much of my prediction--good thing for the Senator. Maybe. Because a Void of Course Moon suggests that either nothing will come of actions begun at that time, or something totally unexpected will come of them. Will Barack Obama become this nation's first black president? Who knows? What I can say is this; whoever wins the election will be inaugurated under a Void of Course Moon (assuming the Inauguration begins at Noon on January 20th, as it is scheduled to).

Presidents within living memory who were inaugurated under Void Moons are Franklin D. Roosevelt (died in office April 12, 1945); John F. Kennedy (died in office November 22, 1963); Richard Nixon's second Inauguration occurred under a VoC (Void of Course) Moon, as did that of his VP, Gerald R. Ford who took over when Nixon resigned. Nothing happened to Ford (thankfully!) but nothing much came of his presidency either (the author of The Zen of Zombie suggests that Mr. Ford was actually an unusually animate Zombie, which explains a lot when you think about it ...). Bill Clinton's 2nd Inauguration also occurred while the Moon was VoC. (If I were the astrologer for whichever candidate wins the election, I'd make sure they showed up for that inauguration late. Moon will leave the Void on Inauguration day at 12:30 pm Eastern time or so. There are times when punctuality is not a virtue.)

Speaking of the Voids, lets get on to the current ones--all times are given in Eastern or Pacific Daylight Saving Time. The rest of you, remember to convert!

The Moon is in CANCER on TUESDAY, AUGUST 26th. She squares impulsive Mars and then opposes expansive Jupiter--in English, this means that our desires may be temporarily larger than our pocketbooks (I know, I know, some of us are thinking, "that transit must be going on every day because my desires are always larger than my pocketbook!"). But I mean, today, particularly. Moon in Cancer is in her balsamic phase--a phase of release (Moon is a waning crescent, rapidly "loosing" or releasing light). Rather than add things to our lives, this alignment suggests active release is the way to go. This astrologer is hoping I get to "release" a large, black dog that wandered into our yard a few days ago. I cast a chart asking if his owners would call soon; chart suggests today (Monday, August 25th). Hopefully I was not just "wishful reading." When I find his owners, I'm going to tell them--dog tags! What a concept! (A tag with phone number would've saved the dog days of confusion, myself a lot of trouble, and my cats from living under the bed for the past 3 days).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27th at 8:13 pm EDT (5:13 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 10:51 pm EDT (7:51 pm PDT) when she marches into proud LEO. Mercury, god of communication is making faces at Pluto, god of obsessiveness and endings. Tense communications or obsessive thoughts may rule the day. I'm going to redirect this energy by using a pen filled with blood (red ink) to write with all day.

LUNA IS IN LEO on THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th and she is not Void. Mercury enters Libra where it's soon to retrograde, so Librans can expect information overload for the next couple of months. Joy.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, AUGUST 29th at 11:44 pm EDT (8:44 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 11:18 pm PACIFIC TIME (Not until early next morn Eastern).

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 30th at 2:18 am EDT (already Un-Void PDT). We also get treated to a VIRGO NEW MOON. So everyone will be correcting everyone else's manners, driving, house cleaning techniques (or lack thereof), grammar (and etc.) instead of leaving this job solely up to the Virgos in the ranks.

The MOON IS IN VIRGO on SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st and she is not Void. Luna opposes Uranus, the Great Breaker. Erratic emotions abound, and hanging out with our unstable friends will help us feel right at home today. If we don't have any unstable friends but instead find that folks want to hang out with us today, just remember that sometimes stability is over rated.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st at 5:01 am EDT (2:01 am PDT). The MOON LEAVES THE VOID at 7:44 am EDT (4:44 am PDT) when she lounges into LIBRA. Luna sets this evening as a beautiful thin crescent, with Mercury, Venus, and Mars dancing just above. (Venus is brightest and Mars has a distinct red tint). Jupiter, still sitting in the ferocious face of Sagittarius the Archer is bright in the south. Who needs the movies when the heavens throw such nightly spectacles our way?

LUNA IS IN LIBRA on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd. She is not Void. That is all I have to say.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd at 1:09 pm EDT (10:09 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 4:02 pm EDT (1:02 pm PDT) when she enters SCORPIO'S intense terrain. Communications, travel and routines begin to get a little shaky as Mercury enters it's retrograde shadow (Mercury will go retro September 24th). Keep back up plans, good wine, and erasers on hand.

The MOON IS IN SCORPIO (eerie music plays) on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th and she is not Void. LUNA is at waxing crescent phase--a phase of distraction. Maybe the Sun's alignment with Saturn, the god-of-we-take-ourselves-very-seriously energy will help us concentrate despite the distraction-is-in-the-air energy of a crescent Moon, and maybe it won't. (Aren't we happy we have astrology to keep things clear for us?)


LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th at 3:11 am EDT (0:11 am PDT) when she trots into SAGITTARIUS. Jupiter, god of excess is motionless in the sky, preparing to change directions. He's in hard aspect to the Venus, Mercury, Mars party (which can be seen in the western sky just after Sunset). This aspect can push us to channel our inner two year old (Mars) to impulsively say (Mercury) or grasp for (Venus) whatever it wants, regardless of consequence. If we want it BAAAD (whatever "it" is), my advice?--wait a week. (If we've already bought the triple-scoop gourmet ice cream in chocolate-dipped cone, don't listen to this advice because that thing is already melting, man! Go ahead, indulge!).

The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th. She's not void and is at both apogee (farthest distance from Earth) and First Quarter phase. Doing something bold is favored, and Sagittarius is a horsey sign, so why not sign up for jousting lessons?

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th at 12:42 pm EDT (9:42 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 3:45 pm EDT (12:45 pm PDT) when she aggressive-acquisitions her way into ambitious CAPRICORN. Jupiter has been retrograde (moving backwards) since May; this gas giant gets his butt moving forward again and if we've felt that somehow over the summer we've lost sight of the target and wandered from the path, now we break through the brush, trip on a root, fall flat on our faces--but squarely in the middle of that lost path again. My advice? Get up and get going! (Remember to wipe the dirt off our nose first).

The MOON IS IN CAPRICORN ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, and she is not Void. Luna joins Jupiter in throwing dirt clods at the Venus, Mercury, Mars clique (the Moon truly is a fickle mistress--she was hanging out with Venus and friends, all tormenting Jupiter this day last week). Naked ambition, lust, legal battles, confrontational paperwork, raw desire, unfettered impulsiveness, saber rattling, and overindulgence may rule the day. And like race-car wrecks, we're all already secretly looking forward to it (come on, admit it ...).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th at 9:15 am EDT (6:15 am PDT). She's Void the rest of the day (so we'll remember not to sign important documents, purchase important items, and begin important projects today, right?). LUNA will LEAVE THE VOID at 3:20 am THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th EDT or 20 minutes after Midnight PDT, when she slips into Aquarius.

A scheduled reading calls but more to come, and here's the summary:
The MOON IS VOID on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27th from 8:13 PM EDT (5:13 pm PDT) until 10:51 pm EDT (7:51 PDT).


The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on FRIDAY, AUGUST 29th at 11:44 pm EDT (8:44 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID ON THE WEST COAST at 11:18 pm.

The MOON LEAVES THE VOID on SATURDAY, AUGUST 30th at 2:18 am EDT. (already left, PDT, previous evening). The Moon is in Virgo after leaving the Void. It is a NEW MOON. (Secrets and beginnings).

The MOON IS IN VIRGO on SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st and she is not Void.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st at 5:01 am EDT (2:01 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 7:44 am EDT (4:44 am PDT) when she'll enter LIBRA.

The MOON IS IN LIBRA ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd and she is not Void.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd at 1:09 pm EDT (10:09 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 4:02 pm EDT (1:02 pm PDT). She'll be in Scorpio after leaving the Void. Mercury enters it's retrograde shadow.




The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th and she is not Void. It is a First Quarter Moon. (Bravery!)

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th at 12:42 pm EDT (9:42 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 3:45 pm EDT (12:45 pm PDT) and enters CAPRICORN.

The MOON IS IN CAPRICORN on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th and she is not Void.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH AT 9:15 am EDT (6:15 am PDT). She's void the rest of the day.

THE MOON LEAVES THE VOID ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th at 3:20 am EDt (0:20 am PDT) when she enters AQUARIUS.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
Drawing on my fine command of language, I said nothing.
-Robert Charles Benchley-
(Good advice for September 1st and 6th through 9th).
This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).© 2008 Trish Marie--all rights reserved.*****************

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Astrological aspects through the Lunar Eclipse

On the way home from Border's Books Sunday evening I almost saw 3 different traffic accidents. I say "almost" because in each instance the participants pulled out of immanent crashes at the last instant (people really ought to brush up on the laws of physics--like the one that says that two different objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time--you see people on the freeway try and ignore this law all the time). "What is going on," the astrologer in me asks--"is the Moon in Aries?" Brain quickly informs that no, Moon is in Virgo. Strange--folks usually drive more carefully when the Moon transits cautious Virgo. It's those fire sign Moons (Aries in particular) that the crazies come out of the garages in droves.

"Must be the eclipse," the inner astrologer advised. Ah yes, Eclipse! What eclipse? Well, last Friday, August 1st's Solar Eclipse. Yep, August marched in with a bang (and a shake, rattle, and roll in Los Angeles), announcing its presence with a perfect alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Venus, goddess of love and money is a key player in this eclipse, suggesting that sudden upsets as well as sudden insights in relationships or finances may occur as well.

We've another eclipse coming, a lunar eclipse, on August 16th so if no insights, hysterics, sudden changes of direction, shake up, shake outs, or rocking and rolling of any kind occurred for us over the weekend, hey--we've another chance yet to join the fun!

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on MONDAY, AUGUST 4th at 8:15 pm EDT (5:15 pm PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID AT 10:28 pm EDT (7:28 pm PDT) when she traipses into LIBRA. Luna is hanging out with Mars, god of anger and impulsiveness, she's saying nyah, nyah, to Uranus, god of stubborn willfulness, and she's kicking sand at Pluto, god of power struggles. Let those poor souls unfortunate enough to not get a head's up on the stellar energies engage in all the road rage and impatient behavior that may be going on today. We can sit back, secure in the knowledge that we, at least, are using these alignments productively. (That would be finding useful ways to release tension ... I'll be out at night sling shotting seeds from the foot high native flowers that pass for much of my lawn into the yard of a distant neighbor who had her entire yard spayed with toxic chemicals last week.)

The MOON IS IN LIBRA and she is not Void on TUESDAY, AUGUST 5th. Oh goodie, another Moon in indecisive Libra day where it takes everyone half an hour just to decide what to have for lunch, never mind eat it.
LUNA REMAINS IN LIBRA on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6th. Mars, god of impulsive behavior opposes Uranus, planetary ruler of unexpected events. This is an explosive combination that leads to accidental conditions; If we've arranged our first hang gliding lesson today, we might want to reschedule. Mercury opposes Neptune: messenger Mercury rules anything to do with communicating; Neptune confuses and clouds the issue. Mercury with Neptune heightens risks of confusion or deception so this would be a bad day to sign important contracts or wire money to Nigerian businessmen. Due to the combination of confused communications and impulsive behavior enhancement it's a good idea to pass in front of windows carefully today, as computers are likely to be flying out of them.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, AUGUST 7th at 5:01 am EDT (2:01 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID AT 7:26 am EDT (4:26 am PDT) when she slips into SCORPIO. Luna makes supportive aspects all day long, and (if we resisted yesterday's urge to use our electronics as exercise equipment) work proceeds well.

The MOON IS IN SCORPIO on FRIDAY, AUGUST 8th and she is not Void. It's also the day of the First Quarter Moon and thus the celestial tide favors bold action. Olympic Games anyone?

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SATURDAY, AUGUST 9th at 5:02 pm EDT. (2:02 pm PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 7:10 pm EDT (4:10 pm PDT) when she trots into SAGITTARIUS.

THE MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS on SUNDAY, AUGUST 10th and she is not Void. The Sun opposes the minor planet Chiron. In mythology, Chiron, the first centaur, was born after his mother had a dalliance with Zeus, who was disguised as a horse at the time (Freud would've had more research material than he knew what to do with, had he lived in ancient Greece). Rejected at birth by his mother (who may have been daunted by the thought of all those diapers a half horse baby might produce) Chiron was raised by Apollo and became a wise and revered teacher and healer. Famed for his compassion Chiron was particularly moved by the plight of the rejected, outcast, and marginalized in society. These transits favor compassionate action--especially that which benefits outcasts of any kind. If we're trying to get a date, personal ads emphasizing our orphanage upbringing could be just the bait.
If we're not trying to get a date but still want to go with the flow of this celestial energy, adopting a pet from an animal shelter (doesn't have to be today if the shelter is closed) or writing a check to one is an ideal way to productively channel this Chiron energy, and good karma to boot.

The MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS on MONDAY, AUGUST 11th and she is not Void. Sagittarian energy is big, bold, and outdoorsey, and any activity that matches that (metaphorically or actually) is favored. The Moon does trigger the Mars-Uranus opposition, so accident energy is also heightened; thus, today's energy inclines towards biting off more than we can chew so we'd better make sure that whatever we bite, it's at least something tasty.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on TUESDAY, AUGUST 12th at 5:04 am EDT (2:04 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID AT 7:42 am EDT (4:42 am PDT) when she climbs into CAPRICORN. If we've been visually following the dance of the planets on the western horizon just after sunset, we've seen Venus closing in on Saturn. If we've been following Venus closing in on Saturn with our hearts, we've noticed that we're sifting and refining the lists of who and what we wish to allow in our life. My advice? Chocolate cake. Now that's something nearly everyone wants in their life and all we have to watch out for is the continuing "bite off more than we can chew" energy. So, you know, don't eat the whole thing.

LUNA is in CAPRICORN on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13th and she is not Void. Capricorns think "god" is a four letter word, and they spell it "w-o-r-k." Venus, goddess of love, money, and sensuality exactly aligns with the planetary ruler of Capricorn, Saturn. Work is favored and much can be accomplished--but the risk of going overboard still exists. Looking for the silver lining, if we sell our soul today, we're at least likely to get a good price.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, AUGUST 14th at 1:09 pm EDT (10:09 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 6:56 pm EDT (3:56 pm PDT) when she enters the clarity of AQUARIUS. Remember that when the Moon is Void-of-Course (in the Void), she's making no connection with any other planet ... she's not carrying any messages, intent, support. Thus it is ill-advised to begin new projects or buy important items under Void Moons. It's also not supportive energy for initiating actions that we wish to end in definite, concrete results. Void Moons are good times for research, meditative energy, actions that don't have a concrete purpose (play, for instance), telling jokes (really),and working on routine matters. If we have something we really HAVE to get off our chest but want to minimize any potential fall out from it, Void Moons are good for that too. (Especially if we're getting our rant out while in hiking along in the middle of a forest, alone; trees tell no tales. At least the trees I talk to don't.)

The MOON IS IN AQUARIUS on FRIDAY, AUGUST 15th and she is not Void. We're right on the cusp of a LUNAR ECLIPSE. Eclipses are pivot points that shine welcome (or Un-) spotlights on our actions or directions, and/or bring dynamic turning points in our lives. They also tend to shine the light on secrets and previously hidden things, so if we followed yesterday's advice and ranted to a friend or co-worker under the void Moon, thinking "nothing would come" of the information, oops. We can be consoled by the thought that the eclipse probably wanted us to look for a new lover or new job (or new town) anyway.

The MOON IS FULL IN AQUARIUS on SATURDAY, AUGUST 16th and she is not Void (except for late on the West Coast--enters the void at 10:14 pm PDT). We also get treated to a LUNAR ECLIPSE. I always say that we shouldn't let people drive us crazy because it's probably within walking distance; these words could easily become the theme song for this eclipse. Nefarious, nebulous Neptune is Lord of this particular eclipse and Neppy has invited his friend Uranus, god of strange and sudden plot twists to the party. "Bizarre estrangements, separations, and culminations," writes the aptly named Celeste Teal in her Eclipse book and I agree. Additionally, emotional outbursts and outbreaks that result in gain (which may not necessarily be a good thing, but of course it all depends on what is gained--if it's weight, most of us would not be pleased); there may also be insights into life areas we've previously preferred to be deluded. (It was under aspects like this that I stopped balancing my checkbook by the "I can't be out of money, I still have checks left," theory of account balance).

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, AUGUST 17th at 1:14 am EDT (already there, PDT, see above). She LEAVES THE VOID at 3:46 am EDT (0:46 am PDT) when she slips into sensitive PISCES. Dilemmas and decisions involving love and money ride the wake of the eclipse energy. I've a friend who never lets her husband leave the house with more than $20 in his pocket, because she says that the cheapest prostitute costs more than that. There's one way to deal with Venus-Saturn dilemmas I guess.

The MOON IS IN PISCES on MONDAY, AUGUST 18th and she is not Void. Normally a placid if somewhat anxious sign, Piscean sang-froid may be shaken by Luna's alignment with Uranus, the Great Breaker. Thoughts of break-outs (or break-ins) arise, and we may find ourselves sympathizing with the famed existentialist Ricky Ricardo when he said, "Wait, lucidity ... lemme 'splain!" (Or did I hear him wrong?)

More to come.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
The Gods only laugh when we ask them for money.
-Japanese proverb-

This newsletter may be freely shared as long as credit and copyright notice are included. ('Cause even we star-struck idealists gotta protect our stuff).© 2008 Trish Marie--all rights reserved.

Monday, June 30, 2008

June 26th through July 6th

The planet Saturn rules boundaries, that which limits, that which confines, stops, and blocks. Saturn in our natal charts represents a life area where we feel something is seriously lacking and we have to work hard to make up for that lack. Saturn in the sky now (transit Saturn) represents areas subject to a lack or limitations in the everyday world.

Saturn has been in the sign of Virgo since September 2007. The constellation from which the sign draws its name represents a virgin goddess holding a sheaf of wheat (nowadays she'd hold a pizza) and Virgo represents the harvest. Then we get drought in Australia, severe floods in the American midwest, ethanol subsidies feeding corn to cars rather than people and voilá--food shortages are in the news everywhere. Here in my home state of Michigan, Traverse City's much celebrated cherry crop is suffering from a cold spring, too few bees and too much stormy weather and Detroit's truck and SUV crop from too much short-term thinking and too few buyers. Shortages of honest crops like corn and cherries one can understand, but it seems that even the horseshoe crab harvest is in trouble! (Who knew that horseshoe crabs were even "harvested?" Personally I can't imagine eating a horseshoe crab. Seems no one else can either--they're not caught for the table, but rather because the "gravid," or egg-carrying females make the best bait for eels and conchs. Which brings us back to: personally I can't imagine eating an eel or a giant snail. And people say tofu is gross ...).

On to the Voids! All times are given in Eastern and Pacific Daylight Saving Time. Everyone else, remember to convert!

The MOON IS IN ARIES on THURSDAY, JUNE 26th. She is not Void. Today is author Walter Farley's birthday (now sadly deceased). "What! Walter Farley is a Cancer?" I thought to myself (not being a telepath, "to myself" is the only person I think to) when I saw the name on my astrological calendar. Readers un-afflicted with an irrational adoration of all things equine are probably thinking, huh? Who is Walter Farley? But to those poor souls hit early with horsemania the name is revered: Mr. Farley wrote The Black Stallion series of horse stories for young people and many a horse loving girl and boy spent summer afternoons riding with Alex and the wild black Arabian stallion known simply as "the Black." The astrological sign of Cancer is known to produce writers but while many Cancerians do love horses, it's not a sign typically associated with the horsey type (Cancerians tend to be homebodies, whilst horses carry us away from home ...). A look at Mr. Farley's chart explains it all--his natal Moon is in Sagittarius, the centaur-sign and the horsey-est of the lot, and the Fixed Star Castor (Alpha Gemini), the famed horseman of the Gemini Twins and a star much connected with a love of horses as well as a love of language (writing specifically), danced with Mercury at the time and location of his birth. Cancer rules the shoreline (where crabs live), the liminal space between two states of being (water/earth) and isn't it fascinating that much of the story inThe Black Stallion, Walter Farley's first and most famous book, unfolds along an island shoreline?

The MOON IS IN ARIES on FRIDAY, JUNE 27th. She's not Void at all EDT, but THE MOON WILL ENTER THE VOID AT 11:13 PM PDT. SHE'LL LEAVE THE VOID AT 11;50 PM PDT WHEN SHE TROTS INTO TAURUS. If we've any knives that need sharpening, and this includes chainsaw blades as well as the more obvious kitchen knives, axes, Samurai swords, etc., today's a grand day to do that. Aries Moons are great days to buy sharp things as well (Aries rules weapons--including any tool we use to challenge kitchen vegetables), but we've got to watch the impulse: I was at a Renaissance Festival a couple of years ago, it was an Aries Moon and the swords of a master sword smith there proved nearly irresistible. I came very close to walking away with a $300 broadsword and what I would have ended up doing with the thing I'll never know. Slice tomatoes maybe? The sword smith was doing brisk business on that day with the Moon transiting the sign that rules swords. The carving of the Thanksgiving turkey must be an interesting event in some homes, is all I can think.

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID AT 2:13 AM EDT on SATURDAY, JUNE 28th (already there and already left the void PDT, see above). SHE LEAVES THE VOID AT 2:50 AM EDT when she trots into TAURUS. Harmonious transits between Luna, Saturn and Pluto support either work or play on this Saturday but a building opposition between Venus, the goddess of desire and Jupiter, the god of excess may see us wanting to go overboard in whatever we do. THIS VENUS-JUPITER OPPOSITION IS IN EFFECT THE ENTIRE UPCOMING WEEK; we can either approach it as a heads-up ("no, I don't *really* need that chartreuse margarita blender, I just want it but that's Venus-Jupiter speaking and I'm gonna resist")--OR we can give the transits what they want, but productively. Area newspaper just ran a story about a local senior who rode his bicycle to the Mackinaw Bridge (it separates Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas). Not such a big deal, one thinks--until we read that the bridge is over 200 miles away from here and this 64 year old adventurer did the ride IN ONE DAY. With Venus-Jupiter it's all about an excess of desire and whether that ends up being a good or bad thing depends on which desire we let ourselves scratch.

THE MOON IS IN TAURUS on SUNDAY, JUNE 29th. She is not Void EXCEPT for late on the West Coast (MOON ENTERS THE VOID AT 11:43 pm PDT). Later in the day Luna will trigger the waning Mars (ego, action) and Neptune (dissolution, leaks) opposition. This combination can trigger "failures caused by lack of planning," so if we've decided to imitate the 200 mile bicycle rider and only make it a fraction of the distance, let's hope we don't end up slapping ourselves when we realize we forgot to get on the bike before setting out.

THE MOON ENTERS THE VOID AT 2:43 am EDT (already there PDT) on MONDAY, JUNE 30th. SHE LEAVES THE VOID at 4:03 am EDT (1:03 am PDT) when she skips her way into gregarious GEMINI. If we go outside just after dusk and look west, low on the horizon there will be a close grouping of three bright "stars." This is actually two planets (Mars and Saturn) and a star, the Royal star Regulus (Alpha Leo, the heart of the lion). The lion (Leo) is the King of Beasts and Regulus is one of the Royal stars, thus we'd expect this star to be connected to the idea of rulership, royalty, power--and it is! Which is just great, but you know this star is also connected to the idea of sudden and disastrous fall from grace should power be misused. "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped," wrote Elbert Hubbard. That's what these planets and stars are saying too.

The MOON IS IN GEMINI on TUESDAY, THE FIRST OF JULY. She's not Void. Mars enters Virgo and for the next month and a half Virgos (Sun, Rising, Moon) will be even jumpier than usual.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on WEDNESDAY, JULY 2nd at 3:08 am EDT (0:08 am PDT). She LEAVES THE VOID at 3:53 am EDT (0:53 am PDT) WHEN SHE SIDLES INTO CANCER. If we have something important to buy or a new project to begin (shouldn't do these things under a Void Moon remember) in the wee hours of a July morning, then we've definitely got our summertime priorities screwed up. It is also the night of the CANCER NEW MOON. The Sun and Moon align together in Cancer also closely conjoin the small planet CERES. Ceres is the Roman goddess of the harvest, particularly cereal grains. We get the word "cereal" from Ceres Astrologically Ceres represents how we feed and cloth ourselves. It's "mother hen" energy, clucking over its brood--it can feel caring, or smothering and overpowering. Wal-Mart was born with Sun and Moon in Cancer and conjoined Ceres. Since its birth on July 2nd, 1962 Wal-Mart began to be the dominate force in the way Americans feed and cloth themselves. This should be an interesting New Moon for this corporate behemoth, and the New Moon at 11 degrees Cancer falls nearly dead on Wal-Mart's Sun at 10 degrees Cancer. What will happen? All this astrologer can say with certainty is that she won't be seen shopping there (because I never once have, and records like that are worth holding on to).
FOR THE REST OF US (including those who WILL be shopping at Wal-Mart) this Moon portends an excess of emotionality and feelings of loneliness OR wishing everyone would just leave us alone. If we're one of lonely, we can go hang out with those wishing to be left alone and bug 'em.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on THURSDAY, JULY 3rd at 4:13 pm EDT 91:13 pm PDT). She's there the rest of the day. Venus (desire) and Jupiter (excess) are at exact opposition, and our eyes really are bigger than our stomachs (or pocketbooks) right now. Something to keep in mind while shopping for tomorrow's 4th of July celebration, lest we end up with more Veggie-dogs than we know what to do with. (It's possible that for some of us ONE veggie dog would probably be more than we know what to do with ...).

LUNA LEAVES THE VOID on FRIDAY, THE FOURTH OF JULY at 4:15 am EDT (1:15 am PDT) WHEN SHE MARCHES INTO MAGNIFICENT LEO. If we love looking up at the sky on the 4th of July and saying, "Ohhhh, Ahhhh, Wow!" at the sparkly sky-shows dominating the heavens, we ought to consider taking up astrology. Why? Well, because the 4th of July reminds astrologers we're among the luckiest people of all--most folks wait for Holiday fireworks to look up and be amazed. Astrologers get to do so every night of the year.

The MOON IS IN LEO on SATURDAY, JULY 5th and she is not Void. Leo is one of the four "fixed" signs and doesn't really like a change of plans. Leo particularly dislikes it if the plans changed are ones they came up with; only the king can change the king's agenda don'tcha know. Too bad today, because Mercury, god of schedules is being distracted by Uranus, god of chaos. Sudden and abrupt changes of plans, opinions, schedules and clothing are possible today. I'd bring a spare suit.

The MOON ENTERS THE VOID on SUNDAY, JULY 6th at 6:04 am EDT (3:04 am PDT). SHE LEAVES THE VOID *EXACTLY* ONE HOUR LATER. (Oh, all right, I'll do the math ... grumble ...SHE LEAVES THE VOID AT 7:04 AM EDT, 4:04 am PDT) when she finds herself in nervous VIRGO (doubtless looking for her anti-anxiety meds). Luna aligns with Mars and Saturn, a combination that can incline towards depression. But Mars and Saturn are still hanging out with Regulus, a heroic star--if we're playing the hero then we won't have time to get depressed. Myself, I'm wearing a red cape all day long.

Never give your birthdate to an astrologer,
A picture is not worth a thousand words on the Internet.
The information is in the text.
-Bill Austin-
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