Monday, December 17, 2007

If we have an envelope, good day to push it

The Moon will be Void from 1:27 pm EST to 1:52 pm EST when she enters Aries. It's also the first quarter phase of the Moon--a good phase under which to push the envelope. Which the Post Office is likely to be doing literally, one-week-before-Christmas-Eve Monday (a 275 million cards, letters, and packages are expected to go out today--that's a lot of forests. Whew).

Jupiter remains teetering at the very edge of the 29th degree of Sagittarius. If our envelope-pushing seems to be hitting walls, it's probably just that Jupiter in the degree of endings. We don't have to beat our head against the wall--Jupiter is going to be moving on into Capricorn without our help just fine thank you. We may, however, have to watch out for inflated emotions, especially this evening. Hot baths, good food, nice wine are recommended.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Uranus says Surprise!

"Mother, what's all that white stuff?" I always think of Bambi's question whenever I get up and see a newly-laid layer of snow. Appropriate to the Moon's alignment with planet of sudden surprises, Uranus, sections of the Midwest and East awoke to a surprise blizzard this morning. (Well, suprising to those of us who didn't pay any attention to the weather report at any rate).

Luna in alignment with Uranus may give an electric, overly-stimulated flavor to the morning. This alignment trines Venus (sitting, appropriately enough, at the 13th degree of Scorpio; Sabian symbol for Venus's current position is "Telephone Linemen at work." The way the snow's coming down, looks like they will be!). We're liable to fall rapidly in or out of situations involving love or money today, which doesn't mean we'll say "I do" or "I don't" impulsively (though yes, there is that risk)--it may simply mean we go to the Christmas Tree Farm and come back with a Sequoia wanna-be. Then we get home with our towering evergreen and wonder, "what were we thinking?"

"Breakages" are favored, so be careful decorating that fir tree (unless we hate our ornaments and want a reason to buy new ones).

The Moon is not Void so we can shop or begin new projects with relative confidence.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vegan astrology

The Moon is in Pisces and she is not Void. Moon in idealistic but unrealistic Pisces opposing Saturn, lord of hard, cold reality in practical Virgo suggests actions that swing between fantasy and reality, between the wildly hopeful and the boring-but-at-least-stands-good-odds-of-accomplishing-something. Henry David Thoreau said, "Do not despair that you have build your castles in the clouds; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." (Words to that effect). Maybe doing our grocery shopping--by dogsled--would satisfy the partially playful, partially let's-get-real story being writ in the sky.

Yesterday's occulatation of Neptune by the Moon heralded the accomplishment of a goal by this astrologer. For some time now I've wanted to "go Vegan." Yesterday, without intending it, not a single animal product passed my lips. Neptune in a birth horoscope represents a life area into which we each bring spiritual, empathetic, compassionate values. For instance, with Neptune in the 2nd house (house of money) we are inclined to bring spiritual values to how we get or use our money. Neptune in the 10th house (career) brings spiritual values into the career realm. I've got Neptune in the 6th house and that rules what we eat. Was vegan as a teenager, then became vegetarian, then for the past many, many years lapsed vegetarian (included fish in my diet) but Neptune's call has been growing stronger again.

There's a fly (or rather Scorpion) in the ointment here though. Although I've got the planet Neptune in the 6th house (house of diet) and Neptune is empathy and spirituality, I've got the astrological sign of Scorpio on the 6th house cusp. Scorpio is a carnivorous sign--which does not mean that Scorpios cannot become vegetarians. You'd be surprised at how many Scorpios (and people with Mars, Scorpio's traditional ruler, prominent in the horoscope) exist on big hunks of meat (rare or semi-rare please). Well, the Scorpion is a predator, after all. But if one has Neptune in the 6th house, but Scorpio ruling the 6h cusp, there's a conflict between the desire for protein and the desire to eat without harming others. In my chart, expressed mainly as a huge love of seafood (Neptune rules the sea and fish).

Charts of vegetarians who've made the switch easily and with no trouble show little conflict between Neptune and Mars and the signs and the houses that rule habit and diet. Charts of vegetarians who struggle with the diet do show a conflict, and the more intense the struggle often the more dynamic the conflict shown. These are anecdotal observations but I've been collecting charts and I hope to make the time to look into the phenomenon more thoroughly.

I always tell people that the energy of the transits and the energy of our natal alignments can't be ignored; it is going to "out," somehow. We can however give this energy a positive channel, we can express the energy in a productive way and then it won't just "out" any old way. Neptune rules ghosts, delusion, that-which-is-not-what-it-seems and idealism and spirituality. Since I can't get ghosts to start preparing my meals for me (and don't have access to a castle such as exists in the Harry Potter books, with ghosts sweeping through the dining room, and since I don't want to delude myself about my diet (my daughter tells me there are places in India where the people eat fish, yet consider themselves fully vegetarian; they've simply classified the fish as "vegetables of the sea." ) it looks like veganism is the best option. (The scorpion at the door says, "Yeah, right, it's going to work great right up until the first time you're driving by Red Lobster at lunch time ...).

Veganism didn't work well for me when I was a teenager, but then a diet composed largely of oatmeal and Doritoes chips never will (no matter what you call it) ...

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Moon occults Neptune

Moon is in Aquarius and she is not Void. Luna will occult (pass in front of, obscure) Neptune today. Intuition and imagination may run strong, and with the Moon's helpful sextiles to Mercury, planet of communication and the Sun which governs how we each choose to "shine" in this world, intuitive and imaginative insights can be put to work advancing our personal life paths.

Neptune rules drugs and anything that alters our state of consciousness, Mercury is commerce--so picking out a nice wine to help that old intuition along is favored by these alignments also (and if we need an actual reason to celebrate today is National Energy Conservation Day in India). Be advised that too much intuition-enhancement will lead to aimless drifting--always a risk when Neptune is involved (either in our natal charts--then it's a personal risk for our own life; or by transit which will flavor the day). Then again, Neptune tells us that driven forward progress is not always all its cracked up to be (it's not even always progress).

The Geminids were a wash-out, or rather a cloud-out here in SE Michigan. It's gotten windy so there's a chance the skies may clear and we'll be able to see a few meteors tonight. Sentiment and sentimental greetings can be another result when Mercury and Neptune mix it up in friendly fashion. If we haven't picked out or mailed holiday cards yet, today is an excellent day to do so. I also need to get myself over to the local bicycle shop and find a tire pump. Not sure about the value of doing this today--Neptune rules leakages; but the Moon's occultation may be "covering up" leakages. Sometimes taking the transits very literally pays big dividends!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiredness, turtles and meteor showers

The Moon is in Zodiacal sign of Aquarius (amongst the actual stars of the constellation Capricorn) She is not Void.

Luna squares Venus, goddess of love and money, later this afternoon/evening. Venus is in Scorpio and in the mood to obsess or purge, and the Moon's square will accentuate these feelings. Here's a tip: if it's the purging Venus is inspiring in us, we don't have to get rid of our sweetie themselves--we can just get rid of some of their stuff (something they no longer use, obviously). Tell 'em we need to make room for in coming Christmas gifts, there's and ours. This will satisfy the Venus-in-Scorpio "anything that annoys me is dead" urge.

I'm getting the feeling that one of the main results of the Jupiter-Pluto alignment on Tuesday (December 11th) was a day or two of frantic activity followed by crashing. I know I felt driven to work like a maniac on Monday and Tuesday, hardly slept at all Tuesday night (was up at 4 am working after retiring after 10 pm ...), and then began dragging by Noon Wednesday. Ended up taking a nap, a rarity for me (I always look back fondly on my mid-20's to early 30's when I used to be able to take deep, refreshing naps every afternoon ... sometimes not waking until dusk was falling. Those days are long gone--I haven't really been able to nap since my late 30's). The kid was up all night Sunday and Monday, working on college homework and we didn't see her down from her bedroom 'til afternoon Wednesday, and even the animals were playing like mad or restless the beginning of the week, with everyone sleeping all day Wednesday.

Talk about your big bang of energy. But you know, that's the thing about Jupiter--ruler of Sagittarius, a fiery mutable sign that does nothing by half-measures (well, unless it involves something the Sag deems boring or pointless ... then even quarter measures can be hard to get out of them!). But though Jupiter and it's ruled sign Sagittarius may do things in a BIG way, without the help from stable planetary influences (think "Saturn") the energy doesn't last and often results in exhaustion from over-activity. I always tell people to enjoy the energy but resist the urge to over do it when a Jupiter transit comes along (advice I tend to forget to follow myself ...).

Jupiter rules animals, especially large animals (planet of the Big Picture don'tcha know--and Big things in general), and Pluto represents crisis, death, sex, and transformation. It's always fascinating to watch consider the news of the day and week in light of the planetary influences because we can see how the stories being reported are "ripped from the skies" (to paraphrase "ripped from the headlines" that some TV show--what is it, CSI? Dunno ...uses in their ads). Lots of news stories have been reflecting the energy of Jupiter-Pluto lately. For instance: Brazil announces find of massive oil field--Jupiter rules size, Pluto rules underground wealth as well as toxins; Japan announces they'll now add humpback whales to the list of those they'll kill ... Jupiter is whales, Pluto is death, the discovery of a giant spitting cobra in Kenya, the discover of the fossil remains of a prehistoric, giant undersea scorpion (how literal is that image?). But none of these I think are more poignant--or appropriate, than the one from China of the very last two Yangtze giant soft shell turtles. The species is the largest freshwater turtle known to exist and there are two left. (Why is it that humans always particularly target the mega-flora and fauna? The largest mammals, reptiles, birds and plants have always been the preferred targets the acquisitive urge so many humans find so difficult to resist). Well, there are still two. It's not much, but Jupiter is connected with optimism and increase, and while Pluto is the god of death he is also the god of sex and transformation. I'll be pulling for these turtles and anyone trying to help them. (Seems like they could start by getting that female turtle a more natural type of environment, ya know?)

GEMINID METEOR SHOWERS are tonight! I'm debating between taking my lounge chair and sleeping bag out to the pasture (where I can get away from my neighbor's extremely annoying light-trespassing, light-polluting dual yard lights as well as the parking lot lights from the golf course club house a quarter mile down the road), or just attempting my meteor watching from the more comfortable location of the house's deck. An additional advantage of the pasture--the horses will come over and hang out with me (they're always interested in my pasture-based sky watching activity). A very attractive advantage of the deck--easy access to hot cocoa. Horses or hot-cocoa? Tough call.

If the over cast doesn't clear of course it will all be moot.

People often ask me what is the significance of this or that astronomical phenomena, such as meteor showers. I can say with some authority that the significance of the Geminid Meteor Showers for northern-latitude sky watchers is being cold, because it's, you know, December.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drifting with Venus

The Moon is Void of Course in Capricorn until one minute after midnight. She'll enter Aquarius at 0:1 am Thursday, December 13th.

The Jupiter-Pluto alignment is past exact aspect (though still darn close--these planets don't move fast) and there was no drum roll from the Heavens. I found myself working frantically yesterday though, leading to exhaustion today. Couldn't get my mind still at all--fell into a restless sleep at 10:30 pm, woke frequently and finally for good sometime between 3 and 4 am. Hopefully Jupiter-Pluto didn't inspire similar obsession in other's lives (though I'm thinking Sagittarians ... Sun/Moon/Ascendant all may have gotten hit kind of hard; the other mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces too. Especially Gem.)

Venus is in sextile to Saturn, after trining retrograde Mars yesterday evening. An alignment that should support productive work, and it just may (as soon as I've had a nap!). The goddess of love and money is in between constellations right now, poised between the feet of Virgo and Libra's scales. (She's in the zodiac sign of Scorpio). Perhaps this in-between Venus and the VoC Moon explains why I feel so tired. (Nah--I think it was that getting up hours before I'm accustomed to. Lay the blame at Jupiter and Pluto's feet and leave this drifty Venus alone).

Routine tasks go well under Void Moons. Was going to clean the bathroom today but housework is not really a "routine" task for me, so we've got out of that one. Whew. Whatever's a routine "routine" in our life, good day to get it done. That way when the Moon's no longer Void we can move on to the more interesting stuff (the Earth signs are muttering, "whatd'ya mean--routines are interesting stuff ...).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Born in '61. (Or '62)

The Jupiter-Pluto alignment is nearly exact and when the god of "I want it to be BIG" joins hands with the god of "I want it to transform (through crisis if necessary)" we can really feel the pressure. Several people have mentioned that they feel as if something is about to burst in their life, or as if they're on the edge of something. Hopefully it's not a cliff, but you know, even that can be liberating.

Another influence we're dealing with is Saturn's station (stopping in apparent motion in the sky preparatory to moving backwards) in opposition to Uranus. Saturn represents structure and permanence. Uranus cracks structure (rules Earthquakes, Lightning strikes and other natural disasters). Saturn opposite Uranus sets up a conflict between responsibility and freedom, or between a set struture and a new direction.

Some lucky people born in 1961-'62 have their natal Pluto at 08 degrees of Virgo, which puts a stationing Saturn right on top of their Pluto. Anyone actually experiencing this transit might think that this kind of luck, no one needs. Saturn is restriction, privation and Pluto is deep crisis, together they can represent a crisis caused by loss or lack. But Pluto is also "what lies beneath" (God of the Undeworld)--subconscious motivations. Saturn forces us to focus our attention. Paying attention to the subconscious is a good thing, because as Jung observed it is that which we don't recognize which most controls us. Subconcious motivations are often laid bare under this transit and this process can be just about as comfortable as that kind of dream where we're at work or school and suddenly realize we're naked.

Saturn's transit over Pluto forces us to narrow the life areas where we're possessive or controlling. Hard to maintain relationship dramas, for instance, when we've got to take a second job because the bank's about to take the house and car. Who has the energy? In the process, we may discover how ridiculous our stirring the relationship drama pot was to begin with. Hard to control whether or not we get that promotion if the company has downsized and we've found out we're considered expendible. Now we're free to establish a more authentic self on freshly plowed ground.

"You have a problem? Great. More grist for the mill. Rejoice. Dive in, investigate." So says Bhante Henepola Gunaratuna in "Mindfulness in Plain English." It's the essense of problematic transits, and they rarely get as problematic as Saturn to Pluto.

One last note; if giving this advice to someone who is actually in the middle of a Saturn to Pluto transit ... best give it from the opposite side of a locked door. Safer that way. Ha.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto are all piled up together in the last degrees of Sagittarius and the whole bunch is sitting on top of this astrologer's natal Moon, an alignment which asks one to seek greater public influence, so rather than stand up on a soap box I begin this blog. I'm not really sure where to find a soapbox anyway (you know, other than the kind that holds one's laundry detergent) so there's another convenient excuse to begin.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon-Jupiter-Pluto alignment is "A fat boy mowing the lawn." Suggests to me the stars are saying high time to get up off whatever one has been sitting on and start doing something productive with all that energy. At least, I hope it's saying that because if the stars want us to take the Sabians literally I've got a lot of snow to shovel first.