Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fri, Feb 9 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Friday, February 9th; Stars say that phone calls, messages, general business interferes with plans today horse lovers. So if we want uninterrupted time with the ponies, leave the phone at home. (Like that's going to happen ...)

Monday, January 8, 2018

TMAstrology for January 7-January 14

TMAstrology for Jan 7-Jan 14: The astrological news of the moment is Venus's superior conjunction with the Sun. Venus is exactly opposite Earth, on the far side of the Sun (thus, the "superior" body--the Sun--between us and Venus, so, "superior" conjunction). At Superior conjunction, Venus is thought to have ascended to the heavens and thus her more spiritual qualities are emphasized. Higher love, beauty, art, grace under pressure. Venus's Earthly emphasis on carnal attraction and filthy lucre are de-emphasized. At least, that's how this conjunction is supposed to work. I say, with all the Capricorn energy going on right now--Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn, and Mars aligned with Jupiter in obsessive Scorpio--don't bet on it. Venus may have joined with the Sun god but we still have to keep body and soul together the old fashioned way. Plus hope we're not driven mad either by our significant other or by obsessing on the lack of one.
Perhaps the trick at this time is to balance Venus's higher aims and her lower. Look for ways to love and create while also keeping the cats' litter box cleaned, getting the utility bill check out on time, and appreciating our partner or independence from one. If that sounds exhausting, well, Venus rules indulgence too, after all. Keeping our favorite evening treat on hand for the unwinding hour should prove especially soothing at this time. (Fantastic photo by Gratisography--check them out!)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Capricorn weather

Thinking about the crazy cold gripping much of the nation: the Solstice chart has Sun in Capricorn exactly aligned with Saturn in Capricorn at zero degrees Cappy (as noted in a previous post). Saturn is a cold, dry planet. Capricorn is a cold, dry sign. The Sun is hot and dry, but in Capricorn its fires are cooled. A weather astrologer would tell us that Sun with Saturn in Capricorn at the solstice chart indicates unusually cold and dry weather ... and that's exactly what we're getting. Boo. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tues Jan 2 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Tues January 2: In her wonderful short story "Peppy the Wonder Horse," Vicki Hearne writes, "I got his chart done by a horse astrologer. She called me back in a state of high alarm. She said, 'You know he's an Aquarian? Well, that's *all* he is. Everything in his chart is air signs. That horse is no good. The only thing he'll ever understand is about for feet of air under him.'" This kind of energy is very strong right now riders. Be prepared for unexpected changes of direction and try to stay grounded. Yes, even if this means keeping our feet ON the ground. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 1 Full Moon

A full moon on New Year's Day must mean something right? Especially since it's a super Moon (closer to the Earth than most full moons). Yes, it means astrologers are busy being asked what's it all mean? Good god, don't ask us--our lives are as messy as yours. That said, this Full Moon holds two primary messages. First there's serious thinking, thoughts of separation or farewell. Second, it enhances influential speech. Positively, this is good news for anyone whose career involves communication. Negatively, it's expressed as a propaganda campaign. Combine the two and maybe we're trying to talk something into leaving our life. Good luck with that--the Full Moon is in Cancer, sign of the crab. Crabs have claws and they do not let go easily. We can always leave a can of Old Bay Seasoning out and see if the unwanted person, place or thing takes the hint.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Winter Solstice, no ho ho ho here

Was going to apologize for not posting lately--then I see other astrologers posting that exact message! It's not just me then. Maybe--it's the stars. Here is the Winter Solstice chart. This is a chart showing the general "flavor" of the upcoming quarter (until Spring Equinox); some astrologers consider it a "general" chart for the entire year. 
Note the Sun is exactly aligned with Saturn at zero degrees ce). Saturn enters his own sign of Capricorn once every 29 years. They both enter Capricorn together rarely, and be glad--because this indicates a year (or at least quarter) of frustration, delays, hard work, difficult progress. In astrology, as in life, there's always an upside: the up side here is perseverance and indefatigability reap rewards (the movie "Darkest Hour," about Churchill during WWII just came out--should do well under these aspects). The downside of Sun-Saturn is ... well, where do we start? 

Jupiter, ruling the government in this chart aligns with the fixed star Zuben Elgenubi, called by the ancients the star of the "insufficient price." (It's twin star, Zuben Eschamali is "the price which covers,"). A hard fought (Jupiter is with war planet Mars) tax bill (Mars rules the 2nd house of money, Jupiter the 10th house of government, both are in the 8th house of taxes) passes (Jupiter trines the Ascendant) but it's not paid for and will prove costly (aligns with the star of the insufficient price). 
Neptune aligns with the Ascendant and there's a whole lot of delusion, confusion, and trickery going on. Scandal. Gossip. Eh, then again, maybe Jesus shows up to remind certain people that He said to take care of the poor and welcome the stranger. Neptune can indicate that water will be a problem, either its lack or abundance. Just another year in the age of Climate Change.
A whole lot more could be discussed here but we'll leave with, so what should we do? Work hard (Saturn likes that), stay engaged, be open to do-overs and have patience. Patience will be the key quality to cultivate. At best, Sun/Saturn is success due to steady, patient, willing work. Think Churchill's "Never, never, never give in ....". On days that doesn't help, well, Churchill drank for a reason, right? Keep our favorite spirit on hand and raise a glass to Saturn. Poor old Saturn doesn't get toasted often enough (probably why he's so grumpy).

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thur Dec 21 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Thur Dec 21: Today the Sun enters dour Capricorn and immediately aligns with even dour-er Saturn, kind of a downer aspect. It's good to remind ourselves of the upside of Saturn/Capricorn: excellence via perseverance and hard work. And the fun that comes with that: