Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wed, June 20,Equine Astrology TOD

Aspects Wednesday, June 20, favor smooth escapes and quick getaways ... assuming that's what we're looking for. We advise remembering to close the gates. (Easy for equestrians, right?--but after 34 years of being married to a horsewoman, hubby still has to be reminded ... it's why I see so much advantage in bicycles).

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Equine Astrology TOD for Thursday June 7

Stars say co-operation may be difficult to come by Thursday and Friday (June 7-8) riders. This is especially true of we or our horse is an Aquarius or Leo (or, to a lesser extent, Taurus or Scorpio). It's days like these we remember that god invented bicycles for a reason.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thur, May 17 Equine Astrology TOD

So get a call from a client--the pricey horse they just bought won't jump! Or won't jump as high as the rider wishes to jump. Look at the chart and .. everything is in Earth signs! You know, Earth sign folks (and horses) like to keep their feet on the ground. And while you can of course find exceptions, if we want a jumper, we're looking ponies with lots of air and fire in the chart. Todays equine tip is, better to call the astrologer before the purchase, rather than after. Because, you know, we can't change the chart--we can only read it. 

Uranus in Taurus

Did you feel a shift in the Force this week? Maybe near Tuesday's New Moon? ... No? Eh, me either. But if we were Sun or Ascendant or even Moon Taurus folks, we may have as Uranus, god of sudden change has now entered this sign (there to stay until 2025!). Taurus, and to a lesser extent Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius may feel the whispers of big changes to come. Or maybe it's actually a shout because sometimes these fixed signs hear rather selectively. (Friends and family of fixed sign folks will say, "sometimes?!")

Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday, April 23 Equine Astrology TOD

Equine Astrology Tip of the Day for Monday, April 23: Hey equestrians! the Moon in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio this afternoon/evening, a pattern that inclines us to be both opinionated and over confident. Best *know* our horse can do it, and (as important) WILL, before taking on that oxer in the exercise ring this afternoon. Moon square Jupiter is a good aspect for pleasure too, so me, I'd set up with lemonade and a book in a chair outside the ring, and watch the show.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Equine Astrology TOD for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th (April) Equine Astrology TOD: Things actually look fairly good for Friday the 13th, primary caution being the Moon void all day (7:27 am-11:26 pm EDT; 4:27 am-8:26 pm PDT). Moon Void means, don't sign (important documents) don't buy (important items), don't begin important projects, a good excuse to just go ride our horse! (Don't sweat the small stuff though). Moon void in Pisces, the sign of the ocean ... if we have a "dolphin proof" horse, that might be the one to take!

Friday the 13th TMAstrology

I'd promised last week I'd get astrological updates out more frequently--but Mercury retrograde had other ideas! Caught up now (sound of clapping in distance)-(so watch someone contact me and say, wait ... you forgot my chart ...) so hopefully, more regular updates. Astro for FRIDAY THE 13TH (of April) looks ... you know, not too bad. Other than the Moon being Void of Course from 7:27 am EDT to 11:26 pm EDT (don't buy important or expensive items or begin important new projects), and Mercury moving very slow in the sky (continuing transportation delays and communication flub-ups) everything else should proceed great!--except for the things that don't. There, aren't you glad you have an astrologer here to help you plan?